Living Sacrifice/C7 Dead or Alive
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Living Sacrifice/C7 Dead or Alive
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C7 Dead or Alive

I don't know who was wearing those shoes at the moment, but I remember perfectly well that there was no one there when I got in.

That man only came in after I got under the bed!

Thinking about this, my hair stood on end.

I didn't know if the man had followed me in, or if it was purely a coincidence that I had come under the bed.

But for the moment, he didn't move, and I didn't dare.

For a split-second, I even had an idea that the man would suddenly look down and stick his face under the bed.

Time seemed to stop as he waited anxiously.

My breath caught in my throat.

For a moment I even hoped that the man would find me soon, so that I wouldn't have to suffer like this.

But that man was like a dead man, with no intention of moving at all.

At this moment, a thought suddenly appeared in my mind. After he appeared, he didn't hear anything from the others.

In other words, he came alone.

With a flash of thought, I had already guessed that he was Zhao Wu's man.

Right now, he was standing there motionlessly. Could he be stalling for time? If all the people from Zhao Wu come, then I really won't be able to leave.

I grit my teeth at the thought. I can't wait any longer. I took a deep breath and jumped out from under the bed.

I ducked under the bed and couldn't do much, so I threw myself into the man's lap, hoping to trip him up.

That way we'll both be on the ground, and I won't be beaten up too badly.

However, to my surprise, my pounce didn't land me on anything. All of a sudden, I grabbed onto empty air and uncontrollably snatched it away from her.

I braked and hit my head on the ground with a thud.

I was hit so hard that I felt like I was being struck by stars, but I couldn't care less now. When I turned around to look, I found that the person was already gone.

Astonished, I looked around the room, but still couldn't find the man.

But I found a pair of shoes when he was standing there.

It was a pair of blue silk cloth shoes with a cloth cover. On the shoes, there was even a small word "Lifespan".

Looking at those longevity shoes, I was stunned for a moment. This kind of thing can only be worn by old grandma and grandma.

Judging by the shape of the shoes, they should be a pair of men's shoes. Could it be that the person standing in the room was an old man? But where did he go now?

I couldn't figure it out. At this moment, a thought flashed through my mind, and it suddenly occurred to me that there was a type of person in this world who would wear such shoes, and that was when a person dies.

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but shiver. I suddenly felt that the entire room was filled with a ghastly feeling.

The cold wind blew in from the door, causing me to feel cold all over. Subconsciously, I tightened my grip on my clothes. At that moment, I heard a series of creaking sounds.

The sound was very much like the sound of a door being pushed open that no one had ever heard in years.

When the sound reached my ears, I felt my teeth tingle.

I couldn't help but follow the sound, and in the end I realized that the noise was coming from above me.

When I looked up, I saw a person hanging above my head.

That person was currently hanging from a beam, swaying back and forth in the wind like a ghostly shadow.

The sound I just heard was the sound of the dead man pulling on the beam.

The moment I saw that person who was hanged to death, I felt as though my hair had exploded, and my entire body seemed to have gone overboard. I couldn't help but shiver.

I looked at the dead man before me, his face lost in the darkness.

But that figure gave me a very familiar feeling, making me feel that I definitely recognized this person.

But I had no time to think about it in that extreme atmosphere of oppression and horror.

Could it be that the pair of shoes just now belonged to this dead man? When I got in, the shoe fell off the man's foot and fell to the ground?

But why didn't I hear anything?

Fear came flooding in like a tide, and now my head was a mess, and I felt numb all over.

After a moment of shock, my scared soul finally returned to me.

I took a deep breath and rushed out of the room with the box in my arms.

The entire house was pitch black. When I came out, I panicked and was unable to find my way out. I bumped into the door frame, causing my head to buzz. I almost fainted on the spot.

But even so, I dare not stop and stumble on.

I ran home, still feeling a chill in my back as I entered the house.

When I touched it, I found that my clothes were soaked with cold sweat.

When the Grand Matriarch saw me coming back, she asked me something.

I threw the box wrapped in black paper in front of her and sat down on the floor, breathing hard.

As she unwrapped the black paper from the box, she asked if everything was all right.

I was about to say something, but suddenly my mind jolted, and I realized that there was something wrong with the old woman's words.

I jumped up from the ground, exasperated. Did you know there were dead people in that house, so you let me go?

The old woman glanced at me and asked, Did you see the dead man? Did you see who it was?

I shook my head and said no, I was too scared to see who the dead man was.

I asked her if she knew, and she replied that she did. But when I asked her who she was, she didn't say.

She explained that even if she told me now, I wouldn't believe it. When the time comes, let me see for myself.

I don't think this damned old woman is doing this on purpose. This isn't the first time she's done it.

The old woman was playing tricks on me. I didn't want to bicker with her, so I asked her how I was going to save my father now that the item was back.

The Grand Matriarch turned the box over and over, and answered, "No need to save him. Zhao Wu will send my father back."

I say, isn't she being too delusional? It's just a broken box, what treasure could it contain that people like Zhao Wu would be afraid of?

At this point, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't seen the contents of the box since I got it.

From the looks of it, it couldn't be anything big, so I asked the old woman what was in it.

The Grand Matriarch told me not to ask. I'll leave this thing in her custody tonight. As for the matter of saving people, it'll be ready for discussion tomorrow.

Then she told me to go somewhere else tonight and never go home again.

I promised to stay in town, but in the middle of the night I sneaked back.

Now, I'm a little suspicious of the old woman, and I suspect she was deliberately spending me and then doing something unspeakable.

When I reached the window of the old lady's room and peeped in, I saw that her room was empty.

I wondered where she could go in the middle of the night.

At that moment, I suddenly heard a creaking sound from the door. It was obvious that someone had entered.

Startled, I thought it was the grandma, so I ducked back into my room.

I went to bed and pretended to sleep, thinking that even if she found out, I could still say I hadn't found the right place to go back to sleep.

A few moments later, I saw a figure pass by the window and head for the nanny's room.

The figure's movements were very strange, and one could tell at a glance that he wasn't an old woman.

My heart sank. Could it be a thief?

I got up when I thought about it

He sneaked to the door and sneaked out through the crack in the door.

In the cold moonlight, I saw a lean figure walking towards the room where the Grand Matron lived.

The figure was skinny, but tall, obviously a man.

He pushed open the door to the Grand Matriarch's room and entered without the slightest trace of being a thief.

I picked up the bolt and sneaked the cat under the window, ready to take him by surprise.

However, I temporarily became more cautious and didn't rush straight in. Instead, the cat peeked in through the window.

Moonlight shone in through the open door, and I saw the man rummaging through the Grand Matron's room as if he were looking for something.

His movements were very strange. No matter how large his movements were, they were all silent.

So even though he was rummaging around the room, there was no sound at all. Through the window, I felt like I was watching a pantomime.

That feeling was strange, eerie, and indescribably awkward.

The more I looked, the more strange it seemed to me. When the man turned his face away, the moonlight fell on him, and I saw his face clearly.

In that instant, I was so scared that my teeth nearly broke.

Because what I saw, was Zhao Quan'er's face!

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