Living Sacrifice/C9 Perineal Relation
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Living Sacrifice/C9 Perineal Relation
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C9 Perineal Relation

By now, I think I understand what she meant. He could not help but shiver. At the same time, a thought flashed across his mind: Could it be that the thing I saw last night was a ghost?!

The more I thought about Zhao Quan'er's strange face last night, the more I felt that this was a possibility.

The Grand Matriarch said quietly, Now do you know why that donkey would cry when it saw you? It's because you're covered in Zhao Quan'er's ghost aura, and he won't let you off. From yesterday onwards, he'll be here for three consecutive nights, and on the third night, you'll die.

If he wanted to kill me, he would have done it last night. Why did he have to wait for three nights?

Because the night after tomorrow is his first seven!" The ghost didn't even know that he's already dead until the seventh night. Then he'll understand and when he's full of grievances, you're dead. " The Grand Matron's voice was like water, devoid of any flavor. However, I felt a chill as I listened to her words.

My intuition told me that the Grand Matriarch wasn't speaking alarmingly. Furthermore, Zhao Quan'er's situation last night really didn't seem like she was alive.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of the box I stole, and tremblingly asked the nanny if it would be alright to return the box to him.

It's too late. I'll tell you the truth, the box contains Zhao Quan'er's ashes.

Only then did I know that the Grand Matriarch wanted to rely on this teasing Zhao family to keep quiet so that Zhao Wu wouldn't care about us, but who knew that she would be completely screwed by me.

Right now, Zhao Quan'er has his eyes on me, he wants to kill me, and that is the only way to quell his anger.

The matriarch told me, The most important thing now is to find a way to keep you alive.

I asked her if Zhao would attack my father and the others.

The Grand Matriarch said that she wouldn't. When Zhao Wu saw him, he already had concerns in his heart and didn't dare to overdo it.

I believe Grand Matriarch's words. For the time being, nothing will happen to my father.

But at this moment, I suddenly thought of another person, Soo Soo.

Since Zhao Wu's ghost can find me, then I can find Soo Soo. I haven't seen Soo Soo for days. Could something have happened to her?

Thinking of this, I panicked and uneasily asked the Grand Matriarch if anything would happen to Soo Soo.

The old granny looked at me strangely and said, "You're almost at your death's door, yet you're still concerned about her?"

I said yes. The matter of saving Soo Soo this time is the best opportunity to prove my worth. I will not give it up.

The Grand Matriarch thought for a moment and told me that seeing her current state, Soo Soo should be fine. Otherwise, if Zhao Quan'er had really killed someone, his resentment wouldn't be so great.

According to Grand Matriarch's thoughts, Soo Soo should have already escaped from this place.

When I heard this, I felt relieved. It was only then that I remembered that my own life was at stake. I asked the Grand Lady if she had any ideas.

The Grand Matriarch had said that people had no chance of winning against resentful ghosts. If they wanted to preserve their lives, they could only use poison against poison, and find ghosts with even greater grievances to deal with them.

I felt a chill in my heart and asked her how to find it.

The Grand Matriarch thought about it and said she had an adventurous way of letting me go with her.

About twenty minutes later we were in front of a ruined house.

No one had lived in that house for several years. The red lacquer doors were already stained with dust. Through the gap in the door, one could see that the wasteland was extremely desolate.

This is a famous haunted house in our village. A lot of people say it's not peaceful.

I asked her what she meant, and she asked me if I knew what the house was all about.

I said of course I knew, this house is very strange, a few years ago my son married a wife. But the daughter-in-law had a lover, and was preparing to elope with her lover on the night of the wedding, when she was discovered.

The bride didn't manage to leave. She died after drinking the medicine, and her son felt embarrassed. That night, he hanged himself and died as well.

The only person left in his house was his mother. Because of the shock, she died within two days, so her family was no longer in her hands.

I asked her what she meant by coming here. Did she want me to live in this house?

The Grand Matriarch said that she wasn't. She wanted to borrow the bride of this family to make a match for me, and then have the bride's ghost fight to the death with Zhao Quan'er.

When I heard this, my hair stood on end. I said no, this was the reason why this family's son hanged himself. If I marry his wife, he'll fight me to the death.

The Grand Matriarch said it was alright. The bride died on the night of their wedding. They had yet to consummate their marriage, so they could not be considered husband and wife. Furthermore, Zhao Quan'er's number seven is just around the corner, we don't have time to think of any other methods.

I thought about it. I couldn't care less if I wanted to live, so I agreed.

The Grand Matron told me to walk around the house, memorizing the location and the size, saying it would be useful at night. Then we went home and began to prepare.

She told me to borrow a rooster with a red crown, and when I came back, the grandma was sitting on the kang cutting a piece of paper.

The Grand Matriarch cut many different sized human figures. Some were beating gongs, some were beating drums, some were carrying palm-sized paper sedans, and there was even a pile of paper money.

This looked very much like a party for a wedding, but the strangest thing was that the paper sedan was still stuck with a flag that could only be used when the person was dead.

I asked her if all this was for the night, and she told me not to ask, but to do as she said.

My heart began to pound when it got dark, but the grandma never let me out.

I waited until a little more than one in the evening, and then I got tired. The grandma gave me a pat on the shoulder and said, Wake up, it's time to do something.

I woke up with a start and trembled as I asked the Grand Matriarch what she was going to do.

The Grand Matron stuffed the rooster into my arms and told me to hold it well and not let it run away.

I asked him what would happen if he ran away. The Grand Matriarch gave me a faint glance and replied, The wife died on the night of their marriage. Her grievances are even greater than Zhao Quan'er's.

I shivered all over and didn't dare say anything more.

The grandma tied a red string around my rooster's neck and hung a flower of joy on my chest. However, the flower was white, so white that it gave me goosebumps.

As I was leaving, the Grand Lady told me to follow the directions I had memorized during the day and circle around the house three times.

I'll just stop at the spot at the door, go in the door, put the paper money on the floor, stick the incense in the hole in the middle of the paper money, and then walk back slowly, don't run, or I'll bring the dirt back.

During this period of time, you have to keep your head down, don't look up, and don't look back. If anyone asks me anything, I'll just say it's good.

When I heard this, my heart jumped. I asked her who I would meet. The grandma told me not to ask so many questions, just be obedient.

It was pitch black outside, and I could feel the cool wind blowing all the way down to my bones.

I was frightened. I asked her if I could not do this, but just as I was about to turn around, I heard her yell, "Don't turn back!"

I shivered with fear and turned back. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Grand Matriarch light a fire outside the door and burn the people who had come out to cut the paper.

I forced myself to go to the haunted house and start circling the house.

I walked in the same direction as I did during the day, not daring to make a single wrong move, but circling around me, I realized something was wrong.

After the first lap, he had taken 305 steps, but after the second lap, he only had 270 steps left.

I've been walking around the base of the wall, and even if I made a mistake, I'm not that far off. It occurred to me that the house was shrinking.

By the third lap, I had only two hundred and thirty-seven steps left. I felt a chill run down my spine, and I almost wanted to run away.

I resisted the urge to run and gingerly tried the door.

There was a series of creaking sounds, and then a crack appeared in the door that could fit a person.

Upon entering, I saw that the whole yard was overgrown with weeds that were more than a meter tall. Most of the people I walked in did not even manage to enter the grass.

I made a rustling sound in the grass and felt as if someone was following me.

At last I stopped at the door of the house and, as the matron had instructed, prepared to insert the incense into the paper money hole.

At this moment, a gust of cold wind swept over me, causing me to shiver all over. The rooster in my arms was suddenly frightened and immediately exploded, jumping out of my arms.

The rope around my neck snapped as soon as it was pulled. I couldn't hold on to it for a moment.

If the rooster runs away, I won't be able to go back. My scalp tingled and I reached for it.

But the thing was much more agile than I was, and it jumped up on the windowsill and seemed to be trying to get into the house through the window.

I was immediately startled. That family of three had died inside. If the rooster were to enter, I wouldn't be able to enter.

In the end, I rushed over and grabbed one of the rooster's legs when most of the rooster's body was in the window.

When I came back to the door with the rooster in my arms, I found that the paper money had been divided into two parts and placed neatly on the floor.

I was startled for a moment, thinking, was it the wind, but could the wind cut the paper money into two neat pieces? I shivered, and suddenly felt a chill in my heart. I felt that I couldn't stay in this place any longer.

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