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C7 Dylan


In the midst of everything, I thought quick and acted fast. The first thing I did was control the situation, Dylan had the narrative since everyone looked up to him and the lies he had to tell.

I got off the bike immediately, brushing past the students which had just gathered to watch the scene playing out in front of them, they enjoyed it more than dance parties or prom night, especially on issues concerning the school nerd and the player. Take about a dynamic duo not to mention the power couple of the Century.

If only I gave two shits about them, their thoughts, or words. I didn't.

I had bigger fishes to fry, more important things on my mind, I was strictly on the verge of losing him.

I ran towards Kyle who was running in the opposite direction, trying to get as far away from me as humanly possible. With good reasons, his girlfriend now lives with a guy who has a record of screwing half the girls in the school, he saw her butt naked, and the day after she arrived clinging to him on a damn bike. That sounds awful.

"Kyle, wait please."

I begged, either he wasn't a fast walker, or he truly didn't want to run away. I caught up to him in no time, reached out and held his arm.

"I get it, I'm not as popular as him or maybe as handsome, but I thought you wouldn't fall for him, I thought you would be mine. I forced myself to think and believe that you're mine, you're different even though I knew he'd have his way." I sensed the pain behind his words and it was my fault. Well mostly Dylan for being an ass and a jerk at once, but I can't tell him that. I'm acting like the bigger person.

"Kyle, it's nothing like that. He's just dropping me off. That's all that happened, he's just being Dylan and trying to cause a scene, make something up where there's none, I swear nothing happened and nothing will happen."

"Isn't he supposed to drop you a block away or something?"

Kyle turned around and threw at my face. Yup. That's what we agreed on. Dylan must have woken up and threw those things out as well.

"I swear, I have no idea why he did this and I don't care Kyle, I want you. Not him. It's just..."

I reached out for his arm which he brushed off almost immediately. It stung.

I sniffled and went in for a second trail, I succeeded in gaining contact for a split second, he pushed me off this time. My heart sunk.

Kyle. Please. My heart bled, begging within myself as we stood in the hallway.

"Kyle please." I mouthed on the outside, barely able to hold the tears in.

"Look me in the eyes Camilla and tell me you don't want him or have the tiniest feelings for him and I'll forget about everything. I can read your eyes, everything may seem crazy, but they can't lie of deceive me." He said.

I froze staring at him trying to form the words. Cat got my tongue.

"Hesitation." He whispered, audible enough for our hearing and ours alone.

I shuddered and pressed my lips before closing my eyes. I felt that stung again.

Before any other exchange, he turned his entire body towards the class rooms then walked away.

What's worse?, I couldn't reach out nor do a single thing in trying to stop there. I stood at that spot staring blankly into space. Which brings the question;

"Did Kyle just break up with me?" I ask no one in particular rooted to the spot.

It took a while. Minutes passed. The students murmured as they brushed past the statue in the hall. This who witnessed the exchange between Kyle and I struggled to hide their satisfaction, those who didn't made such to compensate with Dylan and I. I'm a mess.

Not sure how much time passed, but I gained my composure and managed to move to my locker, I hadn't done any projects or assignment and now Kyle left me all because of Dylan. He didn't break up, break up, but his body language was it. I hurt him. I hurt us.

"Why couldn't I just say I didn't want him." I muttered then slapped myself across the cheek. I exhaled and checked my face in the mirror about to shut the lockers.


I gulped.

He was right behind me, uttering those words straight into my ears.

The fucking nerve.

I spinned around. He had a fucking smirk over his cheeks, we were close enough for me to inhale his sweet musk. Bad idea.

I pushed him off me, he barely bulged, but I slapped him hard. Good thing no one was in the hallway to see. Wait, that's a bad thing. I need everyone to know how badly this imbecile disgusts me. They need to stop creating silly sceneries in their head.

"Is everything a sick game to you!" I fired noticing the much evident smirk on his cheeks.

He hummed nonchalantly and I nearly break into sobs.

"You said no one should know we live together, you'll drop me off at a distance. I agreed. I didn't have any complaints regardless of the inconvenience it'll bring to me. After that's settled, you decided to go out of your way to do something else entirely. Just for a laugh? Is this what it is? What I am? A sick joke? Source of amusement? If it is, I didn't find any of it funny. You don't even have a clue what it cost me. None!"

I raised a finger at him fuming with anger.

"In fact I do..Yes I do. I just saved myself from being grounded by my parents when you tell them I don't drop you off at school."

His response was without care almost like he skipped half of what I said and moved to the final part.


If he knew how furious I was in this moment, he'd choose those words carefully and not test me for much longer.

"This is unbelievable. That's soemthing people say in moments such as these, but when I think about it, it's not. Not at all. You only care about yourself. That's not surprisingly, it's a well known fact. You only think about yourself when making a decision, just as you did in this one. You didn't stop to think how I would feel about it, did you? Hell no. You and I both know I would've never reported you, you did it because you think you're a freaking King, you acted like I was one of your girls , you presented me in front of the whole school to fuel your stupid ego. I'll say this once and clear, stay the fuck away from me. We might live together but that doesn't mean we should speak." I slammed my locker in fury, stomping my feet against the tiles while heading towards class.

My fists were shaking, all I saw was red and I just wanted to slap him repeatedly. I can't believe Kyle left. Technically, he didn't say we're over but I feel as though even if we did get back together our love life will never be the same. Dylan was just one of those passing guys, I shouldn't even remember what happened between us I mean he doesn't so why couldn't I just tell that to Kyle, why do I have to be so fucking stupid.

"Miss Renee." The teacher called out, snapping me out of my thoughts. When did I get here again? One minute I was in the hallway, the next I'm already seated. Get a grip Camilla. This is what he wants. Don't give him the bragging rights or ruining your day.

"Yes ma'am." I replied curtly.

"I was just teaching on the English revolution and you seemed not to be paying attention, maybe a day in detention would clear you head." I frowned as she wrote me a paper.

"Just great." I mumbled as the bell was rung. Class ended? Terrific.

I got my bag and walked out of class sluggishly. It was recess period and I just wanted to sneak out of school and go home. I knew I couldn't so I sufficed to resting in an empty class to collate my thoughts. I closed my locker shut, trying to keep my balance and not collapse. Three girls appeared out of nowhere. They folded their arms throwing glares at me

"Hey Bitch." The one in the center spat out, she walked towards me and before I could say "Jack" her hands connected with my cheeks.

"First warning, there wouldn't be a second. It'll be actions that are far worse than this. Stay away from Dylan Emerton." She warned. As if they were on cue, the remaining two spinned around throwing mean glances at me before trailing behind her.

Hol'up. Hold it. I clenched my teeth. That did not just happen. It didn't.

I'll kill him. I'll kill Dylan.


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