Lonely Heart in Turmoil/C1 Hades Attack(1)
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Lonely Heart in Turmoil/C1 Hades Attack(1)
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C1 Hades Attack(1)

There were powerful protective barriers, and as long as an ordinary Nether Race approached this place, they would immediately disappear into thin air. Legend has it that when they advanced to the dead, they would hide the Deathgod Armor and Hell Blood Scythe that the Death God left behind, and as the number one god of Nether Scythe, he would possess an incomparably powerful death energy. In the ancient times of the War of Gods, when the Death God, the Immortal, the Demon, the Netherwyrm, the Devil, and the Mortal Seven Realms, after the end of the Ancient War of Gods, the Lord of the Myriad Gods would summon the strongest gods to the God Realm and seal them to the other six realms. Therefore, the God of Death sealed the armor and weapons in the dead realm of the underworld. In order to prevent the Nether Race from using their God Weapons, the God of Death placed a very powerful restriction in the dead realm to prevent anyone with ill intentions from stealing the God Armors and God Weapons. Aside from the ultimate barrier, the God of Death also left behind ten zombies to protect the dead realm.

In the deepest parts of this endless dark underworld, the Death Realm was the only place where light could directly enter. But today, the sunlight that was hit by the intense rays of light seemed to have turned dull and dim, and a series of wild howls that shook the entire underworld filled the entire endless dark realm, causing the earth to shake as well.

The strong light gradually calmed down, but the entire underworld became restless because of this. All the Underworld races knew what had happened, and all the ghosts in the underworld were shaken by a powerful energy. All the ghosts in the underworld started to panic, and even Kitigarbha, the calm Kitigarbha in the Good and Evil Daos, opened his eyes and stood up solemnly.

He brought the powerful Death Divine Armor and the Underworld Blood Scythe and broke through the shackles of death, returning to the Nether Spirit Temple in the Nether Realm. The Underworld's Ten Phase Nether King had also donned the legendary Divine Armor — — Zombie God Armor — because Nether King had obtained the Holy War Armor and the Hell Blood Scythe, the legendary divine artifact of the dead. The ultimate strength of the God of Death had finally found a new owner, the ghosts of the Nether Race all started boiling.

This time, the five of them had a much better chance of survival. The other five, who had come first to watch over the underworld race, saw the cultivation of the underworld kings rise and felt jealous at the same time. They should have been accompanying the Evil King back then, even though they also possessed the Corpse God Armor, but the five of them who accompanied the underworld king were clearly much stronger than they were after two years of closed door cultivation.

The Nether King seemed to be able to see through the depression of the guards of the Sacred Hall. He solemnly looked at Ten Phase Netherworld King and said, "This time, I have successfully come out, the five of you have rendered great service, Void Flower, Death Qi, Prison, Solitary Punishment, and Retreat. Under my guidance, this Five Netherworld King has cleansed the imprint on the Corpse God Armor, allowing the God Armor to become one with it. It is time for the Nether Race to unite the human world and sweep across Heaven Realm. The age of the Nether Race is here, prepare to sweep across the world with me! "Hahaha!"

"Pluto is invincible, sweeping across the world! We pledge our lives to the Emperor of the underworld! " The underworld race could finally walk between heaven and earth righteously, and would no longer be bullied by those arrogant fellows of the Heaven Realm. It was their time, and it was time for the underworld race to become famous and proud.

Weeping, illness, malice, adultery, worry … The five of you, come with This King. Little Five, bring along the death aura, death aura, death sentence, solitary punishment, and defeat … …. Si Ming Luo will bring this king's order to gather all the underworld generals, and I will meet them in the Nether Spirit Temple tomorrow. Little Five, take the four of them and act immediately. After being sealed in the Heaven Realm for so many years, the day of his revenge had come. Now that he had the ultimate power left behind by the Death God, why would he need to fear the Heaven Realm?

"Yes, Pluto. Little Wu will do as you say!" This subordinate wishes Hades success in taking the position. We, the underworld people, are the most valiant warriors in the clan. We will definitely be invincible in this war when we make an appearance in the human world! " Xu Que had a confident look on his face. Now that he had become one with the zombie armor, his cultivation had increased by more than a level. Aside from the King of Hell, he no longer thought to be the second person in the entire underworld.

The Abyss of the Underworld, the path of good and evil, the resting place of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. The Infernal Realm was not empty. He swore that he would not become Buddha! Lonely Punishment was Ming Luo, and his entire cultivation was bestowed by the Kitigarbha Bodhisattva. Ever since his body was destroyed and entered the underworld, Kitigarbha had taken in all of it, and in order to get close to the Nether Evil King, he had abandoned his original cultivation and worked so hard for a hundred years to raise his cultivation to his current level. And after facing death with the Nether Evil King, he had gained the ultimate protection of the Death God Armor of the God of Death, which also allowed him to improve his cultivation by a lot.

With the help of these two divine objects, Pluto is like a tiger that has added wings. From today onwards, I am afraid that the entire human world will fall into a great calamity, I have cultivated here for thousands of years, so what if I pass through countless souls that have wronged me? Hell will once again become a place where people gather because of the departure of the Underworld's army, it seems like only the Heaven Realm has encountered this calamity! However, the current Emperor of the Underworld has the Death Divine Armor and the Hell Blood Scythe, your Tenth Phase of the Underworld has the zombie armor, so the deities of the Heaven Realm won't be able to do anything to you guys. Unless the Primordial True Immortal acts to suppress the devils, it is only a matter of time before the Human Realm falls, and after the Human Realm, it will be the Heaven Realm. After listening to the report of the lonely punishment, Ksitigarbha sighed with a face full of emotion. Many things were destined to happen, even as Ksitigarbha, he could not change anything.

"Bodhisattva, I don't really understand your words. All you said was that humans will fall, while the Heaven Realm is a calamity! Is there some kind of secret behind it? " Lone Punishment asked, puzzled. He did not understand what Ksitigarbha meant.

"Hehe, to think that you were once the famous Divine Wind God Ren Wuchang of the Four Divinities. I ask you, how did you come to the Underworld?" Ksitigarbha did not answer Gu Xing's question.

"Of course I died from being heavily injured by the Marquis of Absolute God. I, as a mere mage, am unable to cultivate my tyrannical Primordial Spirit, so my soul is still without support. I could only float to the underworld and receive the Bodhisattva. who would dare to be fortunate enough to get the position of the underworld! " If it weren't for the fact that Ksitigarbha accepted him in, his best outcome would have been him being a ghost.

"Hehe, I did not mean it that way. Think about it, when humans die, they turn into ghosts, but instead, as humans are related to the Underworld race, once humans completely disappear, the Underworld race will definitely decline, no matter how savage they are, it will be impossible to exterminate all of humanity. If they exterminate all of humanity, then the Underworld race will also be destroyed. Sometimes, it might seem as if there was nothing between them, but in reality, their inner substance was tightly intertwined. This was the relationship between humans and the underworld. People like the Immortal World and humans can fly up to the Heaven Realm through hard work of cultivation. In fact, there is no connection between the two, people who can fly up to the Immortal Realm and become like the phoenix feathers or qilin horns, while the deities who have fallen to the mortal world are people who have been exiled for felonies. The truth is that the most miraculous thing is that humans can turn into any other race through cultivation, some people can cultivate the demonic way, some people can cultivate in the underworld, and according to the legends, humans can actually fly straight up to the God Realm. Only humans could transform into any race, and continue to exist within their own bodies. Even if they weren't cultivators, they could transform into the Ghost Clan, which would then be ten times more effective than using a master! The God of Creation has closed a door for humans, and has opened all the windows for humans! " The appearance of humans had caused great trouble for the other six realms, but it had also changed the living conditions of the other six realms. This was also the main reason for the ancient war between the gods, and only after the seven realms were sealed by the Lord of All Gods did all the realms finally recover their peace. As for this matter, Ksitigarbha did not tell Solitary Heaven's Punishment.

"So that's how it is, truly unheard-of. After staying in the Underworld for a thousand years, I have actually failed to comprehend this level. It seems that the heavens are truly fair. Lonely Punishment had received his teachings! Bodhisattva, what should we do next? Bodhisattva, can you use your divine ability to test it? " Lone Punishment of the Underworld asked with a pious look. As long as Ksitigarbha made a divination, he would know the answer to a lot of things.

"Everything is up to fate. In fact, there are many things that you and I simply cannot control, many things that cannot be solved by divination alone. The Heavenly Mystery, the entire universe is full of variables, nothing can remain constant, and the future is full of variables. Divination was a technique used to deduce the circulation of the Heavens and Earth, and it wasn't something that could be set in stone. One had to understand this point thoroughly, otherwise, it would be detrimental to one's cultivation. If the Underworld race invaded the human world this time, the Heaven Realm would watch from the sidelines, the Heaven Realm would definitely plant a bitter fruit for themselves. The Underworld clan would conquer the human race this time, and killing them would be unavoidable, but the Underworld race would definitely not slaughter all of them, so once the Underworld starts attacking the Heaven Realm, that would be the start of the true disaster! Let's just wait and see! It would not be an easy thing for Pluto to unite the human world! The Heaven Realm would not just stand by and do nothing, once the Heaven Realm intervenes, the entire battle situation would become complicated and confusing. Although Pluto has trained the Boundless Law of the Scarlet Prison to the Mastery Stage, with the help of the God of Death's Sacred Battle Armor and the Hell Blood Scythe, the Immortal Realm has Primordial True Immortal and the God Realm giving in to the Heaven Realm, otherwise, it would not be an easy thing for Pluto to conquer the Heaven Realm! " No matter what, the Heaven Realm would not sit back and do nothing. If they lost the Mortal Realm, the Heaven Realm would lose its most loyal ally to the Heaven Realm.

"Thank you for your guidance, Buddha. Thank you for your guidance." Oh right, Bodhisattva, Ying Xue went to the Dragon Clan Continent. Are they in danger? The Nether Race is about to invade. The Sky Continent urgently needs Ying Xue to come back and take charge of the situation. Ying Xue has not received any news at this critical moment, so how should I deal with this matter? Lonely Punishment prayed devoutly.

"What should come will eventually come. Don't worry, Ying Xue's return might not be a good thing. Maybe his return will be the beginning of another great calamity!" If Ying Xue returned to the Sky Continent, it would mean that the dragon race's sealed passageway had been broken. As a result, the situation on the Sky Continent would become even more unfathomable. "Heaven and earth are in a state of glory, calamity and destruction, misfortune and no one can depend on you, but you yourself admit it, Amitabha!" The Kitigarbha Bodhisattva chanted a Buddhist prayer and slowly closed his eyes.

In his heart, he believed that in the near future, he would definitely be able to see Ying Xue again. In his heart, only Ying Xue and the rest of the youths in the Sky Heaven Continent could resolve this calamity, and he was afraid that Ying Xue could fight against the Evil King, but if he looked at the entire Sky Continent, there seemed to be no one who could fight against the Evil King. Just as the Bodhisattva said, if Ying Xue returned to Sky Continent, then it would mean that the dragon race's seal passage had been broken again. Thinking about it, he could not help but let out a heavy sigh. After pondering for a moment, he stomped his feet in anger and flew out, he had to complete the mission that he had been given. Even the Nether General, who was stationed in various places, would gather at the Nether Spirit Temple.

These commanders were part of the Nether King's army. Without the Nether King's order, none of them would be able to move the Nether Luo, and the army of the Nether Clan would be under their command for a long period of time. The Nether King would send his troops straight into the human world, and when these Nether Kings appeared, the Nether King would send them here to set up a battle plan.

Everything was ready, only the east wind was left. As long as Pluto gave the order, they could lead the Nether Clan's army of millions to sweep the land.

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