Lonely Heart in Turmoil/C10 Zombie Dark Armor(2)
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Lonely Heart in Turmoil/C10 Zombie Dark Armor(2)
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C10 Zombie Dark Armor(2)

Wu Ende had also come back to report that the Zong Cloud Sect, the Jade Jade Pavilion, and the Gate of Heavenly Water had arrived in the Windy Nation, but since the Dark Nether Clan had not shown up, nothing could be done about it. Yang Yuxuan could only wait quietly for the war to come to an end, luckily, his army didn't need to take action, they only needed to take over the city, since the enmity between the two countries couldn't be resolved now, and with the current situation, they could only take one step at a time.

What exactly was Ming Luo doing? They had plenty of time and were not in a hurry to attack. In addition, the mission given to them by the underworld tribe was already halfway done, so after discussing it with the Death Qi and Hades, they decided to return to the Underworld to report to the Underworld King first and then slowly settle the other half of the mission. The Windy Nation was already enraged, and the underworld army did not need to rush to attack anymore.

Time passed by day by day, the Ming army did not come to disturb Liang Jing City, but Liang Jing City was already in a mess without even attacking, almost a million men had caused trouble for the security of Liang Jing City, although the Chief Officer, Fang Tian, had strictly ordered the garrison to not disturb the city, but there were still many troops that tried to disturb the people, the number of troops were numerous, Fang Tian returned empty-handed, of course his thoughts were not on this point. Chong Yun Pavilion, Bi Yuxuan and Shui Xuan City's Golden War God, went out to search for Ming City, not only did he not find any clues, but he also did not see any signs of the Ming clan's invasion. If this carried on, it would probably incite a change in the people, which would make his heart very uneasy. He had already decided that if there was no news of the underworld for a day or two, he would return to the capital to report to the king and request to send a general out of the city to meet the troops of the border countries. If this carried on, not only would his morale be affected, he would also lose his reputation as an unlucky man.

This showed that the Nether Clan was still hiding somewhere. Not only did they need courage to fight the Nether Clan, they needed great patience to fight them, they did have some weaknesses, such as being afraid of sunlight and the extreme sun, and even with their cultivation, they were able to detect the existence of the Nether Clan. However, Yang Yuxuan gave them a big problem, how to restrain ordinary soldiers, and how to sense the existence of the Nether Clan. These things are just talk.

It was not the first time they had passed through this forest, so why was there such a powerful underworld race hiding here? Big Xu immediately sent out a warning sign, but even without his reminder, the other people had already stopped their aura and were vigilantly observing their surroundings in case there were any attacks from the underworld. Although it was broad daylight, the forest was still rather dark, and the trees had completely blocked out the sunlight, so this was indeed a good place for the underworld to hide.

He could not help but be furious, his spiritual sense had already explored the forest to hide many of the Nether Clan, but there did not seem to be a single Nether General with a high cultivation level appearing. It seemed that the ones hiding here were ordinary Nether Soldiers, the main one was not hiding here, he shouted at the other Nether Soldiers, "You underlings, if you do not let your heads out, I will set this forest on fire and turn you underworld into ashes!"

"Who dares to be so arrogant as to threaten our Nether Race. Lowly humans, it seems that you all are tired of living!" Just as Great Void was about to take action, a dignified voice sounded from behind the six of them.

Shadow and the others were shocked. They did not expect the Nether Clan, which had such a high cultivation base, to actually be so powerful that they could not sense it coming from behind them. This person was definitely a high level Dark General, or even Ming Luo. The four Nether Race stood in a straight line at the front, with the nine of them behind them staring at the six of them with murderous looks on their faces.

"I was wondering who it was. So it's the four people from Void Flower, Death Qi, Lonely Punishment, and Underworld Clan. Why? Just you dare to come to the Mortal Realm and cause Zhang Heng to appear? The cultivation of your Tenth Phase underworld Luo is only mediocre, don't think that you can lead these Dark Soldiers across the human world and see me burn you ghosts! " How could Shadow be intimidated by the imposing presence of Ming Hua and the rest? With a roar, the dark energy around his body surged as a huge figure appeared in front of Ming Luo.

"Hmph, I was wondering who it was. So it's the remnant of the Ghost Clan. Judging from your clothes, you must be the Ascetic cultivators and the Ascetic cultivators. Good, and the remnant of the Water Mysterious Gate!" Since you have delivered yourselves to my doorstep, don't blame us brothers for being merciless, I will let you experience my underworld's methods! Kid, seeing you acting so arrogantly, this Ming Luo will give you a fair duel, the space here is too small, and it will affect the performance of the Ultimate Spirit, This Ming Luo would like to see what realm your Soul Extinguisher has reached, and how different it is from your ancestor You Mingtian's. This Ming Luo is in a good mood today, so I will play with you! " The battle today was no longer a one-on-one match, but was one that concerned the morale of the four hundred thousand nether soldiers. The Nihua naturally had to prove with his own abilities that the Nether Clan was invincible.

"Hahaha, you guys dare to fight with me outside in the open. Your courage is commendable, but you don't know what's good for you!" Shadow's huge body shook, and after forcibly breaking apart dozens of large trees that were as thick as a man's arms, he rushed out onto the flat land outside the woods.

The four Netherworld Flowers did not want to be outdone, they rushed under the blazing sun, allowing the scorching sun to burn their bodies. This caused Shui Lianen, Big Xu and Yinzhen to be in awe, the underworld race possessed the body of a ghost, they could not endure normal scorching heat, not to mention the most righteous sunlight, but the underworld flowers and the rest stood under the blazing sun, thinking that the Death Qi Ming Luo had been seriously injured by the Shui brothers using the third level divine light and the seven-colored glass. From this, it could be seen that during these three years of hibernation, the cultivation of these netherworld clansmen had definitely reached a certain level. They did not know what powerful martial arts they had cultivated or what powerful magic tools they had obtained, or else they would not have been able to quietly disappear for three years. It seemed like these netherworld clansmen were really going to fight their way out into the underworld.

After three years of cultivation, he felt that his cultivation had reached a rather high level. After sparring with the Shui brothers, if the Shui brothers wanted to win, it would not be easy for Shadow to use his Life and Death Spear, and it was just as Shui Lian had said, if Shadow had used his Life and Death Spear to fight him, the result would probably be difficult to predict. Ming Ying knew who he was facing, and was more familiar with his moves.

Once they lost their will to fight, their mental strength would be greatly affected, and their mental strength would be loosened. While the enemy was relaxed, they would suddenly launch an attack to gain the upper hand.

However, the situation was completely different this time around. The powerful pressure emitted by Shadow's body did not affect him in the slightest, while the other three Nether Beings were indifferent to it as well. After three years of painstaking cultivation in the dead zone, their cultivation had increased by more than one level, and with the help of the zombies' armor, Shadow had at least broken through the shackles of the Dark Nether Race, so the combination of Yin and Yang would not hinder his ability to fight with the Nether Race.

The Astral Divine Spear of the Heavenly Life and Death, which was more than ten feet high, struck down towards the Phantom Bag with a powerful attack. The Astral Spear of the Life and Death Spear had already turned into a solid entity, so even though the virtual flower was indestructible, it still could not withstand the full force of Shadow's attack. Although Shadow was tall, his movement was exceptionally nimble, his body had actually turned into a faint afterimage, dragging out a long afterimage.

Shadow had thought that under the pressure of his own Divine Spear, the Void Flower could only retreat one path, but no one had thought that the Void Flower would actually use a sword to block Shadow's powerful spear aura. What was even more unexpected was that the Void Flower only casually waved the sword in its hand, but after a very faint wave of dark energy swept past, Shadow's attacks were all useless.

Although he did not use 100% of his true qi for this move, it was still more than 70% of his true qi. But just like that, the virtual flower gently waved the sword in his hand and dissipated the Astral Spear. He had never seen this move of the virtual flower before, and it did not seem like the kind of martial art that the virtual flower was familiar with, but it did not seem like some other powerful martial art he had learnt in the past three years. Three years ago, Little Tian, Zhou Ming, and Ying Xue had all defeated Ming Luo, but now, the virtual flower had actually become so tyrannical. This time, he no longer borrowed the power of the Astral Spear, but instead directly relied on the sharpness of the Life and Death Spear to pierce through the void of flowers.

In the face of Shadow's Life and Death Spear, he still did not dare to be careless. He was very clear on the power of this spear, and that year, You Liantian relied on this spear to kill many of the Nether Race, so the Void Flower did not sit still and wait to die. It urged its body to move, leaving behind a shadow that allowed the Shadow Divine Spear to pierce at its left, and with extremely fast steps, it took a detour to the left side of Shadow.

If not for Ying Xue giving him so many elixirs to help him quickly increase his cultivation, how could his Primordial Spirit have reached such a tyrannical level. If his Primordial Spirit could not lock onto Xu Que's figure, perhaps he would have been tricked by the Void Flower in today's battle. Shadow raised his spear horizontally and quickly turned around, thrusting the tip of the spear into the right side of the Void Flower.

This was enough to show that Shadow's level of cultivation had reached the advanced stage of the Origin Soul. The Void Flower could not help but frown, this Ghost Clan young man was actually able to cultivate to the stage of the Origin Soul, this was not a good thing for the Nether Race. A light flashed in the Void Flower's eyes, and he once again turned his body, concealing his body in an attempt to get rid of Shadow.

Although Shadow had the support of his top-level Five Elements Footwork Technique, his body was too big, which was not conducive to using the Five Elements Footwork Technique to fight the enemy. At the moment when Shadow was carefully using his spiritual sense to search for signs of the Void Flower, Shui Lianen yelled out, "Recall your Ultimate Soul, and use the Five Elements Footwork to defend the enemy."

As he retreated, his body rapidly shrank. In the blink of an eye, he returned to his normal body, and without time to search for the body of the Void Flower, he immediately activated the Five Elements Steps. With a flash of light, his figure also disappeared from everyone's line of sight, entering the realm of light to fight against the Void Flower.

In this fast flowing space, he had the advantage of fighting against Su Yun alone. Although Su Yun had a deep understanding of the Five Spirits Steps, compared to the strange and fleeting sword techniques of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, Shadow was still at a disadvantage. Seeing that he could not gain the upper hand, Su Yun stopped using the Five Spirits Steps and decided to wait for the opportunity to find an opening in the Void Flower and strike with it.

After the exchange just now, he had already sensed that Shadow's cultivation level was not enough for him to contend against. Although Shadow was immobile, he had his own plans, and Shadow's Life and Death Spear was indeed powerful, but he was wearing the Dark Corpse Armor, and with the protection of the ghost shield, he was confident that he could receive the full power of Shadow's attack. Thus, he could take the opportunity to heavily injure Shadow.

He exposed his chest to Shadow, and with a swing of his sword, he slashed towards Shadow's lower abdomen. Shadow was indeed fooled, and with a shake of the Life and Death Spear, he stabbed at her chest, and the Void Flower intentionally opened its door wide, allowing Shadow's Life and Death Spear to stab towards him. His sword style remained unchanged, attacking Shadow's lower abdomen.

His Life and Death Divine Spear could no longer pierce through any part of her body when it was three inches away from her. The sword, on the other hand, had already pierced into Shadow's body while using the time left behind by the spear. When Shadow realized that the situation was not good, he immediately retreated, but unfortunately, his speed was still too slow.

The long sword had only cut through his skin, but it did not injure his bones and muscles. However, with just this one sword attack, the tall and powerful figure immediately separated. Shadow's Heavenly Light Shield was actually unable to protect his body, and was forcefully split apart by the Sword Qi of the void flower. Shadow hurriedly took three big steps back in shock, while the Void Flower tightly held onto him. Seeing Shadow injured, Water Lian En whistled lightly and immediately used the Five Elements Steps to replace Shadow and block the Void Flower's attack.

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