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They had the zombie armor, so there was no need to be afraid of the sun. However, the soldiers of the underworld could not do anything, they had to avoid the blazing sun, they had already completed the mission given by Pluto for almost ten days, the collection of Yin Yang blood essence was already less than one tenth complete, the collection of Yin Yang blood essence was not as simple as Yin Yang blood essence. As long as they killed their way through there, they could use the Life Banner to collect more than one million souls. As long as night came, he would be able to send out at least one third of the army of the Heavenly Wind Nation. This time, King Nether would spend half a year for it, and with this speed, they wouldn't need that much time, of course, which was the main reason why he chose to start the invasion in the Windy Nation. As the Windy Nation was a powerful country, if they wanted to collect the blood of a million strong man, they would have to find out the location of the army of the Windy Nation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the situation. Everyone, if there is a way to completely trap these troops, obediently let us extract their blood essence. If they resist, what should we do?" We can't reveal our real purpose, can we? That way, we won't have the face to go back to the Underworld and meet Your Majesty! " This errand had originally been a thankless task, but since Pluto had given the order, how could they not follow it, unless they were tired of living.

"The most difficult part is that we can't fake it because we can't explain ourselves clearly. Pluto has really given us a big problem!" Of course he knew that if they could not complete this mission, it would be difficult for them to return to the Underworld.

"Since there are no shortcuts, then let's just kill them. After all, we have already slaughtered twenty cities, are we still afraid of slaughtering another twenty cities? "According to Pluto's orders, we just need to fill the Blood Spirit Bottles, no matter how many humans he kills, it doesn't matter, the more people we die, the stronger our clan will become, although we cannot use these souls for the time being, let's just count it as an army of the Underworld!" The thought of Death Qi was quite simple. One word: kill.

The reason for coming here is only to collect the items used by His Majesty, and not to attract the attention of the Heaven Realm. If we continue to kill like this, not only will the Heaven Realm find out, even His Majesty the King of the Underworld will be angry, if there are too many souls left, there will definitely be chaos in the Underworld, and humanity's existence is closely related to the Underworld. If you kill all the humans, then our Underworld will gradually decline, which is not a wise course of action! We will then think of a way to extract the blood essence from the captives. Although this method is a bit stupid, it is still the best way, unless you can come up with a better idea, otherwise, we will do it according to this method! We will first trap the armies of the Windy Nation, then we will separate them and control them according to their age. This way, our actions will be much easier! "We will wait here for the army of the Windy Nation to come knocking. We have the initiative. As long as Yang Yuxuan and the others can resist the attack of the army during the day, we can extract the blood successfully." This bunch of fellows didn't even have a good way to argue, which really made him depressed.

"Xu Hua, letting Yang Yuxuan and the rest guard Liang Jing is not an option either. If the army of Windy Nation comes over, I'm afraid they won't be able to withstand it. I think we should ask them to return to Sai City so that we can eliminate the army of Windy Nation. Yang Yuxuan can rely on Xi Yi City to stall the army of Windy Nation!" He was not convinced that Xu Que was the boss, but Xu Que was the most trusted person in the entire Nether Realm. He had no choice but to follow the arrangement of the King of Hell.

"That is a good idea. Good!" We will use this as a barrier. Yang Yuxuan's army is the bait to attract the armies of the Windy Nation to attack us. This time, we have to change the strategy of massacring in the past and order Yang Yuxuan and the others to capture them alive. Furthermore, we also have to separate the captives according to their age. The army of the Windy Nation had never thought that they would be attacked from the back this time.

After entering the city, Fang Tian and Dongguo Xiongfeng received reports from the general of Liangjing, that the armies of the border states had already retreated back to Saiyi City early in the morning, and who knew what tricks they were playing. The city of Sai was less than a hundred miles away from Liang Jing, and if they wanted to pursue them, they could reach there in an hour and a half. Right now, it was noon, but Dongguo Xiongfeng decided to give chase as soon as possible.

In the morning, he would head straight to the city of Saiyi and capture the king of the border countries, Yang Yuxuan. In his view, the border country only had half a million troops, and this was already equivalent to one tenth of the total army of the Windy Nation, the difference between the two countries was so great that the border countries dared to make the first move, it was really a joke, the Windy Nation would never have thought that the border countries would be destroyed, and the powerful countries would actually dare to provoke them. If he could win the war, he would naturally be praised by the king. This time, he really had to thank his chief assistant, Master Fang Tianhui, for recommending him.

For the border countries to be able to dominate more than twenty cities of the Windy Nation, their strength should not be underestimated. For Guo Xiongfeng to underestimate his enemies so lightly, he would definitely be defeated, and now that the king had asked him to observe the strength of the border countries, the Windy Nation was really unresigned. The Windy Nation was not worried about just being a border country, but was worried that the border countries would be planted behind the Windy Nation, and if he did not remove this thorn, the Windy Nation would forever be at peace.

The night passed without incident, and before the sun fully lit up the next day, Dongguo Xiongfeng had already led his army of 300,000 mages to the city of Saiyi, where they were moving at an extremely fast speed through the air, and the defensive barrier of the city was weak, unable to withstand the attack of his army of 300,000 mages. He was confident that before the sun rose, he would be able to take down the city of Saiyi, and as for the other 700,000 mages, they would not have to rush to the city of Saiyi.

It was obvious that the mages were not following them, but the scouts they sent out reported that there was no army following them on the ground, and it seemed that the enemy really did not see the warriors of the border countries as a threat. Perhaps the enemy really thought that the warriors of the border countries were exhausted after a few days of fighting, but facing the great army of the Windy Nation, they simply had no ability to resist, so Yang Yuxuan immediately ordered his soldiers to prepare for the battle, while the mages on both sides flanked the sky and heavily wounded the mage legions of the Windy Nation. For the past few days, the warriors of the border countries had not fought a single battle. As warriors, they were only responsible for receiving the city, but now that the enemy had finally arrived, they were naturally very excited. The ten legions were completely dispersed, preparing to meet the enemy head on.

This caused Dongguo Xiongfeng to hesitate a bit, but he still gave the order to attack. In an instant, the sky became unusually beautiful, and giant magic bullets of all colors came down from the sky, smashing straight down onto the defensive barrier of the city, as if the troops of the border countries were intended to defend, facing the all-encompassing magic attack of the Windy Nation's mages, they didn't launch any attack, but instead adopted a defensive posture. Seeing this, he couldn't help but reveal a smile.

While Guo Linfeng was spreading out his mage army, a large number of mages' troops appeared in the air on both sides of the border, and on the ground, a large number of strong bow troops also appeared, and the Sky Wind Nation's mage army was unprepared. After the strong bow attack on the ground, the mages on both sides of the border were in chaos, and the mages on the left and right sides of the border were also launching fierce attacks, but Dongguo Feng did not expect that the troops of the border countries would be so crafty, immediately ordering them to retreat. Yang Yuxuan was not very happy that he had won the first battle. This victory was too easy, this battle was not in accordance with the style of the army of the Windy Nation. He had fought with the army of the Windy Nation before, this battle was too simple, he had always suspected that the Windy Nation had some ulterior motive in doing so.

Once Dongguo Xiongfeng returned to Liang Jing City, he was immediately scolded by the military. Dongguo Linfeng knew that he was in the wrong and did not dare to argue, allowing his head assistant to scold him. After explaining the details of his defeat, Fang Tian pondered for a moment before asking Dongguo Feng to lead two hundred thousand troops to meet the troops of the border countries in Sai City. Dongguo Xianfeng saw that Fang Tianhui had given him another chance, so he immediately left to receive his orders.

Seeing Dongguo Xiong Feng walking away, Fang Tian turned to one of his personal guards and said, "Fang Mu, you will follow Dongguo Xiong Feng to watch the battle, and when you return you will report the details to me. Seeing Dongguo Xiong Feng walking away, Fang Tian turned to one of his personal guards and said," Fang Mu, you will follow Dongguo Xiong Feng to watch the battle, and when you return you will report the details to me.

He was not surprised by the news of Dongguo Xiongfeng's arrival. When his troops arrived in Sai City, he sent someone to send a written challenge to the experts of the Windy Nation, in the name of the king. This time, he did not want to fight with the Windy Nation, because the Windy Nation could afford to die, but he did not want his soldiers to be harmed. He only wanted to wait for the opportunity.

Dongguo Xiongfeng didn't expect that this time he would come back for revenge, the King of Border Kingdom would actually dare to challenge him, which happened to be in his favour, because Dongguo Xiongfeng had already set up a camp a few miles away from Saiyi City, while Yang Yuxuan had brought several thousand troops with him to the camp of the Windy Nation. Of course, Yang Yuxuan wasn't alone, he had a large number of mages behind him to help him, while the soldiers waited outside the city in a tight formation, as long as the situation wasn't right, the troops of the border country would immediately rush over to rescue their king.

Under the pressure of such a great army, this young king actually dared to come up and challenge them. He was truly a hero, and under such circumstances, Guo Xiongfeng naturally didn't want to ruin his reputation by leading his experts to battle. If he were to succeed in a group, then it would be fine, but if he failed, then it would have a huge impact on his morale, and he would also be ridiculed by the enemy.

"Lin Feng, you stay at the side and hold the line, I want to go personally, I want to suppress the aura of the Windy Nation, so that I can waste the night and make them take action." Lin Feng, you stay at the side and hold the battle, I want to go personally, I want to suppress the aura of the Windy Nation, so that I can waste the night and spend the night. Wait until I'm satisfied, then you can go up! " Yang Yuxuan controlled his Holy Sword and walked towards Dongguo Xiongfeng in high spirits. It had been a long time since he had fought like this with his enemies. As a warrior, this was very depressing.

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