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C5 Templar(2)

"General Dongguo, I have personally come to challenge the warriors of your Windy Nation, you just have to send out your strongest warriors, regardless of whether they are warriors or mages, I will accept all of your attacks. Of course, if your Windy Nation does not dare to accept the challenge, I can only do it with you, but according to my estimation, our forces are almost the same, and you guys are the main attackers, I can easily wait for you in Sai City, but I do not believe that the warriors of your Windy Nation are so useless, that you do not even dare to accept my challenge. If that's really the case, then the time of your demise is near! In the past few days, This King has not come across any worthy opponent that can be challenged! " Holding the Holy Sword, Yang Yuxuan said in a provocative manner while pointing it at Dongguo Xiongfeng.

Dongguo Xiongfeng no longer admired Yang Yuxuan so much, but was also provoked by the insult of his enemy. If his great general didn't react, he wouldn't need to lead the army and lead the army to fight in the future. Dongguo Xiongfeng glanced at the angered soldiers and ordered an experienced general to fight Yang Yuxuan. He didn't want to lose his military prestige, because he was an old general who had fought in the battlefield for many years.

He had been in the battlefield for many years, and he had a lot of experience facing the enemy. As an old general of the battlefield, he didn't have much of an expression on his face, and his heart was unusually calm, as he had never seen anything, Yang Yuxuan's Zhang Heng's domineering attitude didn't have much to do with him, he was just sent to retrieve his head. The rules of the battlefield were very simple.

Yang Yuxuan pretended to be arrogant. He didn't even bother to ask for Yang Hui's name; instead, he pointed his sword at the incoming person, and the Holy Sword in his hand sliced through the air, slicing towards Yang Yuyi's face. With a movement of his shoulders, he turned to Yang Yuyi's left and shot out several streams of sword Qis toward her.

Yang Hui Yi was impressed by Yang Yuxuan's ability to control the sword qi at such a young age. This young man did indeed have the ability to make him proud, but he didn't know that Yang Yuxuan hadn't done his best. If he didn't care that it would alarm the underworld, he would have already sent out his killing move.

Seeing the sword qi dance, Yang Hui shouted and the long-hilted saber in his hand dragged out a long saber shadow. A huge blade qi broke out and formed a huge barrier, completely cutting off Yang Yuxuan's sword qi. Then, under the pressure of the zhen qi, the long-drawn saber suddenly extended three feet and the flexible saber aura produced a white murderous aura that rushed towards Yang Yuxuan.

One inch long, one inch strong, one inch short, one inch dangerous. In terms of weapons, Yang Yuxuan had undoubtedly suffered a loss. However, Yang Yuxuan's cultivation level was obviously higher than Yang Zhiyi's.

The long-hilted saber in his hand lost its weight, and Yang Hui lost his balance, almost falling to the ground. It was only now that he remembered the Five Spirit Steps, a top-level footwork that could create multiple phantoms, and it was vividly displayed on the king of Border Kingdom. The target he had chopped down just now was only a phantom image, and the real Yang Yuxuan was now facing a victorious situation, using the Holy Sword to point at the back of his neck.

"I am convinced of my defeat. You won, kill me!" Yang Zhiyi never thought that he would be defeated so quickly. Even with his cultivation, he was still considered one of the top experts in the army. He never expected that he wouldn't even be able to withstand three moves from this young king.

"This isn't a battlefield, why should I kill you? Moreover, your surname is Yang, after all, you have the same surname as me!" Yang Yuxuan kept the Holy Sword and placed it back in front of Dongguo Xiongfeng. Then, he loudly challenged Dongguo Xiongfeng, "Dongguo, it can't be that your Windy Nation only has this kind of expert, can it? Hurry up and send someone powerful? Otherwise, you'll personally fight with me. Don't let me look down on you!"

"This is so infuriating!" I never thought that the king of Border Kingdom would have such skills. Look at the treasured sword in his hand, it should be the one that the rumors say the Demon War God Feng used. He knew very well that he could not even take three moves from Yang Guiyi, not to mention that Yang Yuxuan had taken the path of a warrior. If he wanted to defeat him, he could only send out a mage, and Dongguo Xiongfeng had sent out his most powerful mage, Feng Zhen, a senior mage hired by the Heavenly Wind Nation at a high price. His cultivation was unfathomable, and he was proficient in wood element magic.

"Young man, your cultivation is not simple, especially since your Five Elements Steps have already reached a high level and I can't see through your figure. In this battle, if I do not use forbidden spells, I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to win against you, but this is a situation where both parties are at a loss, do you think that it is possible?" Feng Zhen said softly as he walked in front of Yang Yuxuan. From the looks of it, he was not here to fight, but to chat with Yang Yuxuan.

Senior's body is made of wood spirit energy, so you must be a top-level wood element mage. Junior does not want to fight to the death, but this is a battlefield, and if I do not fight to the death, it would be hard for me to convince millions of soldiers. Even if I were to use my ultimate magic, junior would be forced to accept it! He didn't expect Yang Yuxuan to not pay him back at all. Although he didn't want to kill him, he had to stall for time because of his helplessness.

"I don't want to fight in this battle, I have heard of your strength, and I have also heard of your relationship with the Shui Xuan Sect. My master once instructed me that any disciple who sees you people who truly know the Five Spirit Steps must be courteous to you, so I will not fight this battle with you!" He seemed to be a little tired from standing, so he gestured for Yang Yuxuan to sit on the ground and chat with him slowly.

He had never thought that Feng Zhen and Yang Yuxuan would actually start to chat with each other. Unfortunately, the two were too far apart and he couldn't hear what they were saying clearly. Regarding Feng Zhen, Dongguo Xifeng did not dare to offend him, so he could only let the two of them sit on the ground and chat under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

"May I ask what your name is, and what sect you came from? With a million soldiers chatting with us, this can be considered an unprecedented big battle! " Hearing Feng Zhen's words, Yang Yuxuan couldn't help but be curious. He didn't know which sect Feng really came from, nor why his sect gave such a strange order. Could it be that his sect was related to the three foster fathers of the Water Xuan Sect?

"This old man's surname is Feng, and my name is Feng. My name is Feng, and I am under the tutelage of the Awakened Soul Saint, and I am the first disciple of the Awakened Soul Saint, and my master and your teacher are predestined to be together, so I absolutely cannot go against you, especially against the border countries. This old man's purpose of coming here is also to protect you guys, I really don't understand, with the power of the Windy Nation, your border countries can find trouble with themselves and provoke the great trouble of the Windy Nation!" Isn't that unwise! " Feng Zhen frowned and asked. This was something he could not figure out.

"Since Senior Feng is the disciple of Senior Deadwood, then this junior has nothing to hide. This war was not initiated by humans, and your sect is a righteous one, I believe you should know the purpose of your master's plan. Now that the Sky Continent is unstable, the Nether Clan has appeared, and the dragon race has also appeared, your mission might start soon, and my teacher was forced out of office because we did not want to, so I have no choice but to tell you the truth, in these past ten days, our army of five hundred thousand has never fought against anyone, but we are responsible for receiving your orders." If senior understands what this junior means, please inform your master that humans do not have many days to live peacefully. Yang Yuxuan said with a serious expression. This was something Feng Zhen couldn't afford to do, so he had to get the Holy Man to personally come and find him.

"Are you saying that the Underworld race is secretly attacking humans? No wonder all the warriors of the border countries were well-organized, without any signs of lethargy, so it turns out that someone is fighting against you, don't worry, I will immediately report this to my Master! You all have to be careful, the Windy Nation is determined to win against you, the million strong army is just a prelude, the real killing move is yet to come. Dongguo Xiongfeng is just a pawn, the troops he brought are all from the inferior armies of the Windy Nation, the truly powerful elite troops are secretly gathering, you all have to be careful! As far as I know, your warriors come out at night. During the day's battles, you all have to endure it. You are trying to stall for time! " Feng Zhen was not a fool, he had already fully understood Yang Yuxuan's motives. Of course, he was only reminding him out of goodwill that Yang Yuxuan's actions were no different from seeking revenge on the tiger. If he was not careful, he might be swallowed by the tiger.

"Senior, don't worry about this. I know what I'm doing, senior." You should leave this place as soon as possible. There will be a great disaster tonight! " If Feng Zhen stayed here, no matter how strong he was, he wouldn't be able to withstand the fierce attacks of the four hundred thousand underworld army. Not to mention, Dongguo Xiongfeng's army was just some no-name army, they were completely unable to withstand the violent attacks of the underworld army.

"I understand that you have to be careful, but even if we cannot win this battle, I cannot lose too, right Your Majesty the king. It is better for you to have someone else to fight for you, after all, it is not wise to risk your life like this, you have no responsibility, you have to take care of yourself!" Feng Zhen sighed softly. Yang Yuxuan was dancing on the edge of a knife, and the brush of the Dark Master wasn't so easy to fool. If the Dark Clan were to find out, then he and the whole of Border Kingdom would be annihilated in one fell swoop.

"The arrow is on the bow, we have no choice but to issue it. Senior, please accept my offer, I will exchange for Liu Lin Feng to issue a challenge, this will be considered a draw between us!" The road ahead is full of mishaps. Please take care, Senior! " Yang Yuxuan cupped his fists towards Feng Zhen and turned around to return to his own faction.

"Elder Feng, what kind of battle is this between the two of you? Without even sending out a single move, the two of you were actually forced to retreat at the same time. How are you going to calculate this?" Dongguo Xiongfeng asked with a depressed look on his face. He and his subordinates didn't notice that Duan Ni had returned.

"Although we did not fight, but we will definitely win or lose through verbal spars. He can't break my killing move, and I can't break his, so the two of them are at peace. What, does General Dongguo want this old man to bleed so much that it can be counted as a battle?" Unless this old one used my ultimate magic, it will be absolutely difficult to take the life of the King of Border Town. Of course, if this old one used my ultimate magic, then the General can also take my corpse! " Feng Zhen said with a face of displeasure. He had already persuaded Yang Yuxuan to leave the scene, and this could already be considered as gaining face for Dongguo Xiongfeng. He never thought that this guy would have no sense of reason at all.

Elder Feng misunderstands, your experts are exchanging moves, they are unfathomable, I am just a little depressed, this oral battle can also determine the victor, it has really broadened my horizons, since that Yang Yuxuan was forced to retreat by Elder Feng, it seems that there are no more decent experts in Border Kingdom to challenge him, this time Elder Feng has done a great service, I will definitely report this to His Majesty, the reward is great! Dongguo Xiongfeng said respectfully. No matter what, Yang Yuxuan would withdraw from the battle, and Feng Zhen could be said to have saved him some face.

"I'm afraid things won't be this simple. Yang Yuxuan has already left, and I'm afraid there will be other experts from the border countries to challenge him, so I advise the general to retreat first, and wait for lunch before coming back to fight. The soldiers that followed the general have not eaten anything from the beginning until now, let alone them, even I feel a little hungry!" "The general can't possibly let the soldiers fight with hunger in their stomachs!" Feng Zhen swept a glance at the soldiers beside Dongguo Xiongfeng. All of them had bitter expressions on their faces. They must be trying their best to hold back their hunger.

"Yes, yes, yes. Send an order for the troops to retreat immediately, we will fight after eating our fill with that Border Kingdom, I never thought these people would have such skills, but since their king was defeated by Elder Feng, I believe there won't be any more experts! In the afternoon, we will defeat them, and this general has the confidence that within two days, we can expel these invaders and bring our brothers to invade the Border Kingdom, to capture Yang Yuhai alive! " Dongguo Xiongfeng said with a complacent look on his face. The million strong army was enough to flatten the border kingdoms. This was his merit, so when he thought of this, he couldn't help but feel proud.

After talking to Feng Zhen, he realized that this guy was not a famous figure in the Windy Nation. After talking to Feng Zhen, he realized that this guy called Guo Xianfeng, with his million strong army, was actually just a pretense, the true elite troops of the Windy Nation were still waiting behind them, the Windy Nation would definitely not let them off easily this time. Right now, Yang Yuxuan was a little worried about the future of the Border State, if he could not control the Windy Nation this time, the future of the Windy Nation would be tough. Yang Yuxuan was currently in a dilemma. On one hand, he couldn't go against the intentions of the underworld, and on the other hand, he also hoped that the underworld people would wantonly slaughter humans, spread the news, arouse the indignation of the human race, alert the entire Heaven Realm, and cause the underworld to go crazy. Until now, there hadn't been a single piece of good news sent to him, but the underworld people were still hiding in the shadows, enjoying such a large-scale massacre.

After noon, the camp of the Windy Nation was unusually quiet. Dongguo Xiongfeng did not come out to challenge again, but to actively defend himself. His intention was to besiege the border countries for a long time, as long as the border countries lagged behind, providing supplies would become a problem. As long as they dragged it out for ten days, the border countries would definitely retreat. Two hundred thousand soldiers were lined up in a row. The scene was truly grand. All the battalions were spread out and surrounded the city.

After pondering for a moment, he ordered Tang Bin and Liu Lin Feng to be on high alert and closely monitor the movements of the army of the Windy Nation. If his guess was right, the reason why Dongguo Xiong Feng made such an active posture of defense was to confuse him and give them the illusion that they were going to fight a prolonged battle. Tonight, they would definitely use the cover of the night to attack the city.

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