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C6 Templar(3)

After nightfall, Dongguo Xiongfeng's military camp was brightly lit, and the patrolling guards began to patrol the campsite in an orderly manner. Yang Yuxuan's guess was right, Dongguo Xiongfeng was preparing to ambush them in the early morning, but in terms of posture, he was well-prepared, it couldn't be said that he was a useless general, but this time, the opponent he met was not a human at all, and Yang Yuxuan didn't even bother to respond to Dongguo Xiongfeng's sneak attack. Regardless of what time Dongguo Feng chose, at night, he would undoubtedly be seeking his own death.

From afar, the night sky of Saiyi City was not as brightly lit and heavily guarded as he had imagined. In his heart, Dongguo Xiongfeng was secretly delighted that the enchantment of Saiyi City was so weak that he would be able to seize the city in one fell swoop while it was still night. There was nothing amazing about the border countries, they only needed to travel twenty miles to reach the city in the time it took them to drink a cup of tea.

When night fell, he had already received reports from the nether soldiers sent by Xu Que, that the troops of the Windy Nation were going to take the opportunity to steal the city while the four hundred thousand soldiers of the Netherworld Army were waiting for them on the way. Yang Yuxuan had all the soldiers of the different armies return to their resting areas while he, along with his personal guards, was quietly lying prone on top of the tower in preparation for a good show.

The only sound that could be heard was the howling of the wind in the silent mountain. Tonight was very thick, and there were only a few flashes of starlight in the sky, so this kind of night was the perfect time to launch a sneak attack. However, the current situation was too difficult for the troops of Dongguo Xiong, and as they continued to advance, from time to time, some soldiers would fall to the ground due to stumbling, because they had been ordered by the general not to make any noise.

He didn't know what was going on, but he started to regret his risky sneak attack tonight. However, when he saw the nearby city of Sai, he once again made up his mind that now it was war, not child's play, and that if he took advantage of the night to get to Saiyi, all the problems would be easily solved.

It was impossible for the two hundred thousand men to only have the slightest sound of footsteps in the dark. Dongguo Xiong Feng felt that something was amiss along the way, and only now did he truly realize that something was amiss, that his soldiers were being devoured by the darkness, that there were less and less soldiers around him, and that Dongguo Feng was no longer able to attack the city, so he immediately retreated back into the camp. After he ordered the torches to be lit, there were no more than fifty thousand soldiers around him, and he did not know where the rest of them were.

The torch flickered in and out due to the strong wind. The place where the torch landed was completely dark, the cold wind was blowing, as if countless ghosts were crying in the dark, and Dongguo Xiong Feng came from the battlefield, he had never seen such a strange scene before. He hastily ordered his troops to disperse and search for the missing people, but unfortunately, when the torch was about 100 meters away from him, it suddenly went out for no reason.

"Retreat to the camp, there's something strange here!" Dongguo Xiongfeng finally realized that something was wrong. They must have been trapped in some strange formation in the darkness. Right now, this was the only explanation that could convince the soldiers. Unfortunately, he realized it too late.

"Hehehe!" "You can't escape now, I originally wanted to let you live, but you just had to break into my death array. If you kept walking forward, you might have a chance of survival, but unfortunately, you won't be able to survive now!" A eerie and eerie laughter continuously floated in the air. This voice fluctuated between dark and sunny, far and close, leaving all the soldiers at a loss. They did not know when they were caught in this so-called death array, nor when they had entered the danger zone.

"Just who are you people? This general has been through hundreds of battles, why would I be afraid of you, a mere death array? Stop pretending to be ghosts, if you have the guts, come out and fight this general to the death! You have killed so many of this general's subordinates, I will fight you to the death with all my might! " Dongguo Xiongfeng had seen many strange things in his life. He didn't believe that death wasn't guaranteed. This was purely a psychological tactic intended to make them lose their will to fight.

"Poor humans, pitiful people, look at your surroundings. Do you guys still have a way out? I don't need you humans to do it, but since you've delivered them to my doorstep, we can settle this together!" Brothers, attack! " In the darkness, a strange green face suddenly appeared, swaying in front of Dongguo Xiong Feng. Like a massacre, the soldiers of the Windy Nation kept on screaming until they were completely silent.

Although Yang Yuxuan couldn't see what was happening in the darkness, he heard the screams from the darkness. The day before yesterday, Xu Que had told him that they wouldn't kill the soldiers of the Windy Nation, so why did they change their mind now? Such a chaotic scream was enough to show that the Ming clan was carrying out a massacre.

When everything quieted down, Yang Yuxuan sighed and said, "It's over again. It seems that they didn't leave any survivors this time. These dark warriors are really powerful. How should we deal with them in the future?" Ende, do you have any good ideas? "

"According to my master, the underworld soldiers are most afraid of masculine objects, such as the sun, weapons that contain the power of masculinity, or weapons like your Holy Sword is the best weapon to restrain the underworld! But to face such a large scale Nether Clan's army, especially at night, I'm afraid it won't be easy! " Wu Ende said with an ugly expression on his face. It was definitely not a problem for him to deal with the Nether Race, but even if he had to face hundreds of thousands of them, he still wouldn't be able to do it.

Perhaps your wife, Lin Xiaoli, hasn't hit your wooden fish head these few days, making it hard for you to use it? What our Brother Xuan means is that there is some way to restrain the underworld army, especially so, how can we detect where the underworld clans are hiding, and where they are hiding during the day! Also, how to use the most popular method to deal damage to the underworld! You see, you fool! "I can see that your cultivation speed is increasing quite quickly. How come you can't even understand Brother Xuan's words?" Liu Linfeng said with a depressed look on his face. Perhaps these cultivators had been separated from the world for far too long, to the point where they had a small problem with their intellect.

With our cultivation, we can completely use our primordial spirit to sense the existence of the Nether Clan, but if you want ordinary people to be able to sense the existence of the Nether Clan, it won't be easy. I think the three of you seniors Shui should have a way, don't you think? And maybe my masters and elders can think of a way, this is something we need to think about right now! If we do not find the weakness of the Ming soldiers in time, then we will be at a disadvantage in the future! " Wu Ende said with a depressed look on his face. He often sparred with Liu Lin Feng and the others over martial arts. Naturally, he would not take these kinds of jokes to heart.

Good, go to the Holy City tomorrow, bring the news to Shadow and the others, have our three foster fathers join up with the Heavenly Pavilion and the Qing Xuan to go to the Windy Nation, at the same time, release the news of the Dark Clan killing in the Windy Nation, and then let Shadow participate in the army of the Windy Nation in the name of the Windy Nation, waiting for the opportunity to find the weaknesses of the Dark Wind Army. We must find out how to find the weak points of the Nether Clan. "For so long, the underworld had been invincible, and in tonight's war, the underworld had not lost anything, while Dongguo Xiongfeng and his army of two hundred thousand had mysteriously disappeared before his eyes. If he didn't break the myth of the underworld's immortality, then there would be no way for the human world to fight against the underworld.

"They beat up one of their own?" "Brother Xuan, you're really thinking of an idea. For three foster fathers to bring the Heaven Pavilion and the Qing Xuan to attack us, this really is a rotten idea!" Liu Lin Feng said jokingly. If the news of the Underworld's invasion were to spread out, the entire sky and land would be shaken. This war between the Windy Nation and the Sky Heaven Continent would only be the beginning.

"Sigh, I don't know what are those things up there are doing. There are so many people from the underworld, and yet they don't care. I really want to flatten these high and mighty bastards, but it's a pity that Ying Xue, Little Tian, Brother Ming, and the others are all trapped and can't come out. Otherwise, we wouldn't be so helpless against the underworld!" He had never wanted to control the general situation of Border States, he also wanted to be like Ying Xue, who could cultivate freely and unrestrainedly. Ying Xue had actually freed him, but he was trapped in Border Kingdom, and when he thought of Ying Xue's legend, he felt extremely depressed. Everyone was cultivating at the same time, so there was no reason for him to be so inferior to Ying Xue.

"Didn't he enter society for the sake of cultivation? Brother Xuan, you don't have to worry. Tao techniques are natural, and the Buddha is fated! "Cultivation is something that happens naturally, something that happens when water flows. It's something that cannot be rushed." Wu Ende was quite open-minded about this point. In this world, there were no knots that could not be untied, and there were no obstacles that one could not pass through. As long as one wholeheartedly cultivated, there would be a day that one would achieve great success.

"You are right, but there is a huge difference between what you say and what you do. But if it's really his turn to do it, it will be a difficult test for his mental state and willpower, brother! " Yang Yuxuan sighed gently, and said with a blank face while looking at the endless darkness in the distance.

"Be patient, we have no regrets. Ying Xue has done her best to help us, but don't we all have immortal equipment?" "As long as we diligently train, it will not be difficult for us to ascend in the future …"

Before Tang Bin could finish his words, Wu Ende's eyes suddenly lit up as he hurriedly said to Yang Yuxuan and the others, "Haha, I've thought of a good method. Before Tang Bin had finished his words, Wu Ende's eyes suddenly lit up as he urgently said to Yang Yuxuan and the others," Haha, I've thought of a good method.

"And then? "Big brother!" Liu Lin Feng asked as he stared at Wu Ende.

"And then what! I've finished speaking! " Wu Ende gloomily asked, Liu Lin Feng's words were always so illogical, but he still didn't understand.

"What are you pretending for? So what if you can discover the Nether Race? The key thing is to be able to deal with the Nether Race. If you can't, then what's the use of just discovering the existence of the Nether Race?" Tell me, can ordinary swords harm the underworld? Isn't that nonsense! " Liu Lin Feng said with a depressed look on his face.

This, this, I don't know either. If it were me, I could use magic tools against the underworld, but if we were to use ordinary swords and sabers against the underworld, I'm afraid that it would be very difficult. I have to go back to the Heavenly Pavilion. Wu Ende said hesitantly. Liu Lin Feng had always been clever with his words. He knew that he was no match for them, so he decided to keep a low profile.

"Oh yeah, you guys are talking about the war a thousand years ago. How did humans manage to suppress the underworld clans? I think my three godfathers must know! The sky finally brightened up. I wonder how many corpses we will be cleaning up this time around! Sigh, since there is only one life, it should be very precious. But why can't I see the value of life? In my eyes, there are corpses everywhere. Is this the fate of humans? Who arranged all this? Who can tell us? " Yang Yuxuan looked at the sky doubtfully, and asked gloomily. Unfortunately, the sky was silent, and only the wind was moaning.

The entire tent was very quiet, and there was not even the slightest sound of human speech. A black shadow quickly rushed into the long camp, and the tents did not move at all, but all the people were gone, as if they had been dried by the wind. The entire camp was completely silent, without a single person to be seen.

"Don't worry about it, this isn't the first time you've seen this kind of scene. The higher-ups have repeatedly told us not to discuss this matter. Our duty is to bury these corpses without knowing anything else!" "Are you seeking death? How dare you speak so loudly?" Another voice interrupted the complaints.

"We have not even killed a single enemy, but the enemy has fallen to the ground. Head, do you think this is done by someone? This scene is too terrifying! " The grumbling voice didn't seem to want to stop.

"Pa!" A crisp slap entered the black figure's ears, and then another angry curse sounded out again: "Fuck, are you trying to implicate thousands of my brothers? If you dare to say another word, I'll kill you! Let me tell you, on the battlefield, the smarter you are, the faster you die! "

Enduring the great shock in his heart, he urged all the energy in his body and swiftly flew across the sky, heading towards Liang Jing City, which was a hundred li away. Half an hour later, the black shadow landed in front of the city gates of Liang Jun City, and he hurriedly entered the city, heading straight for the encampment where the Chief, Fang Tian, returned to.

The moment the black figure walked into Fang Tian's tent, Fang Tianhui immediately came to greet him. He was the one who had been sent out to keep an eye on Dongguo Xiongfeng the previous day. Fang Xing, you've finally returned. I didn't sleep well last night, judging from your expression, did something big happen? "

"Reporting to the old master, this is not good! Dongguo Xiongfeng was completely wiped out last night, and not a single survivor of the two hundred thousand strong army remained … "

Before Fang Xing could finish his words, Fang Tian immediately stood up from his chair in excitement. In his heart, no matter how powerful the troops of the border countries were, they would never be able to completely annihilate the troops of Dongguo Xiongfeng without anyone knowing. There were two hundred thousand soldiers, and no matter what, the border countries would never eat them. Fang Tianhui held back the shock in his heart and continued to ask: "Then how did the border country swallow all of Dongguo Xifeng, and how strong were they, how many troops did the border country lose?"

"No one from the Border Kingdom has been harmed. Dongguo Xiongfeng was completely wiped out during the night raid on Sai City. This lowly one has been secretly observing this entire time, and the troops of the border countries have never been mobilized in Sai City …"

This time, Fang Tian was very angry, "Bastard, the troops of the border countries were not dispatched. Then how did Dongguo Xiongfeng perish? Did they all commit suicide?"

"Reporting to my lord, this was not done by anyone, not by the troops of the border countries. According to my speculations, General Dongguo and the others were killed by the ghosts of the wrongdoers!"

"Pa!" With a crisp sound, Fang Tian realized that he couldn't hold back the anger in his heart. He slapped Fang Xing's face, "You bastard, how dare you play with me, Master. Damn it."

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