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C8 Templar(5)

Your Majesty, we will first go to Liang Jing City to investigate the enemy's situation and guard Liang Jing. As long as we are able to detect any movements of the Nether Clan, we will definitely assist the army in their fight against the Nether Clan! "Farewell, Your Majesty, First Auxiliary Master!" The Great Void, Yin Zhen, and the Golden Armor War God moved and immediately rose into the air, disappearing from Ren Ziliang and Fang Tianhui's sight.

"Your Majesty, what do you think the purpose of these old fellows is? This official is stupid, I really can't think of anything. Why did they come to this mess, could it be as they said, that they are here to deal with the Nether Clan? " He did not believe that these people were really here to be great heroes.

"Let these old guys who think they are heroic men do what they want. I think they do not have any plans for our Windy Nation, there are people who are righteous and heroic, they work for us, we do not even need to pay them, it is completely free. Why not? As for those cultivators, as long as you can make it convenient for them, as long as they help us kill the enemy, you can let them do what they want. As long as they help us block the Nether Clan, we can at least bribe them a little, because after this matter is settled, we will go after the border countries, and after that, we will have a name for ourselves, and the border countries will not only collude with the Nether Clan, but also be ruthless towards the people. Not only that, but This King will also join forces with other Allies to invade the border countries. This time, we will settle the old debts together, and we will uproot the border countries from their roots! " Ren Ziliang's eyes shot out killing intent, this time the border country had suffered such a great loss to the Windy Nation, he definitely would not let go of the border country.

"Your majesty is a wise man, how can that mere king of the border kingdoms be compared with you? It is one thing if we do not look for them, but these reckless fools actually dared to provoke our Windy Nation, they are simply too impatient to live. It is just as Your Majesty said, we will take this opportunity to inform the world of the evil deeds of the border kingdoms, and then unite with the other allies, flatten the border kingdoms! I believe that under the wise rule of His Majesty, the border countries will be thousands of times stronger than they are now! " This time, it was a heaven-sent opportunity, and after the border country became the target of public criticism, there was no need to worry about it being annihilated. Moreover, the border country was located in the territory of the Windy Nation, so which ally could take it away? And the result of the war with the Windy Nation was not something that the Windy Nation could enjoy alone, so this kind of good fortune would naturally belong to the Windy Nation.

"Hahaha, Commander Fang, you must return to Liang Jing City now, and act according to the plan. It is necessary to have the troops of Border Kingdom under Liang Jing City, and after the agreement between the oligarchs and the Holy Envoy, we will send more troops to support you. As long as the Holy Envoy is willing to act, the oligarchs will definitely destroy all those bastards of Border States!" Ren Ziliang's eyes lit up, and he waved back at Fang Tian, signalling for him to start immediately. As for the other things, there was no need for him to worry.

After seeing Fang Tianhui leave, Ren Ziliang pondered for a while inside the palace, then quickly left the palace, leaving his followers behind. Ren Ziliang quickly flew into the air, quickly flying towards the west, and judging from Ren Ziliang's movements, his cultivation level was not simple, it was completely different from what he normally displayed, not mentioning his identity as the king, he was also not a simple person either. He was not a warrior who worked on the energy elements, he was a warrior who could control the air, his cultivation level was not simple at all.

Ren Ziliang travelled westward, and after an hour, he arrived at the top of a huge mountain. After confirming that no one was following him, he quickly jumped off the cliff and stopped at the side of the cliff. Ren Ziliang respectfully knocked three times against the stone wall, then quietly waited on the cliff.

He came so suddenly that it seemed as if he had come out from a stone. Of course, the people with discerning eyes immediately understood that this person in black did not come out from a stone; he had used a barrier to cover the entrance to the cave. When the person in black saw Ren Ziliang, he nodded, indicating that Ren Ziliang should follow him into the cave.

Because of the seal, the light in the cave came from the Night Light Stone on the stone wall. The black cloaked man seemed to be rather unhappy with Ren Ziliang's arrival and asked Ren Ziliang, "Didn't I tell you before that there is no need to come and disturb me so easily? I am at the critical point of my cultivation, if you disturb me, then it would be worth it! Speak, why have you come this time? Seeing your expression, it seems that the cultivation technique that I taught you has improved, and you have no doubts regarding your cultivation. Quickly speak, I do not have the time to waste on you here. "

"Lord Holy Envoy, please calm your anger. I did not come here today to let the Holy Envoy teach me how to cultivate the mantra because I have an important matter to attend to. I had no choice but to ask the Holy Envoy for help. I was also forced to do it in the blink of an eye."

"Forget about the nonsense. Just get to the point, what do you need my help with!" He was short on time and did not have the time to waste time with Ren Ziliang here. If it were not for Ren Ziliang's offer of demon beast heart, he would have taken care of this guy.

"Reporting to the holy envoys, this has to do with the Underworld Clan, ten days ago, the Underworld Tribe suddenly appeared out of nowhere, they joined forces with those traitor's from the border countries, and destroyed more than twenty cities in a row, killing millions of my innocent citizens, I sent troops to fight them, but we might as well be attacked by them during the night, two hundred thousand soldiers were annihilated in one night. Our Heavenly Wind Nation is not afraid of such a war, but the Underworld's forces attacked us at night, it is impossible to guard against them, we are trapped in the capital city, and we can only rely on the Underworld's enchantment." He did not dare meet the eyes of the Holy Envoy. How could his eyes be human? He was like a demon. Even though he had a head full of big men, he still felt chilled from head to toe.

This can be seen from the large scale movements of the Nether Clan this time. The Nether Clan has already prepared to send out their forces and it looks like your Windy Nation is about to be sent out, Hmm, you can be considered as me taking care of everything you want, don't worry, with me here, I won't dare to act impudently, since I have some sort of relationship with the Nether King, so I'll go and help you ask for this favor, but I still don't have the time to do this, I'll teach you a few moves first! However, if I pass on my unique cultivation technique to you, I'm afraid it would be difficult, because my cultivation technique is only passed down to my people, although you are the king, but you are not an exception, it's just that your talent is limited, and if you were to enter my sect, I'm afraid it would become a joke, if this were to spread to the ears of other disciples, I would not be able to live! What should I do? " Although the man in black was muttering to himself, his voice was unusually cold and handsome. The huge amount of energy exuded from his every movement made Ren Ziliang not dare to even breathe loudly.

"Please be merciful, Ren Ziliang is willing to enter the tutelage of the holy envoy." Please be merciful, Ren Ziliang is willing to enter the tutelage of the holy envoy. Master, please accept this lowly disciple's respect! " Ever since he had started cultivating the mental cultivation method taught by the black-robed man, his cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds. After all these years of cultivation, his cultivation had already reached the realm of a first-rate expert, and with his status as a warrior, he was able to walk freely in the air like a mage. He knew the difference in his cultivation level, and now, it was rare for the black-robed man to have the tone of taking him as a disciple.

Sigh, taking you in as a disciple is really out of necessity, your talent is lacking, but, you have a loyal fist and your identity as the king can also be considered to make up for the deficiency in your innate talent. Sigh, I will take you in as my disciple and train you in the technique I taught you, and you just have to follow the technique I taught you to cultivate diligently, saying that it is more than enough to deal with the underworld race, but you have to promise me that you won't use my martial arts unless you have no other choice. The voice of the black cloaked person was as cold as a thousand year old ice. The cold aura that emanated from the person made Ren Ziliang's body tremble uncontrollably.

"This disciple will definitely remember Master's teachings. If it is not the last resort, this disciple will definitely not easily divulge anything regarding this disciple's martial arts. Moreover, this disciple has rarely left the palace, so most people will definitely not know about this disciple's martial arts!" On this point, Ren Ziliang covered himself very well. Up till now, no one knew that he possessed such a profound cultivation level.

"Hmm, since you have already taken me as your master, I should let you know that I am the Scarlet Demon Emissary of the Dark Divine Palace. This time, I have entered the world to cultivate, so it can be considered fate for me to meet you." Hmm, since you have already taken me as your master, I should also let you know a few things. Your Black Demon Zhen Qi has a pretty good foundation, and I will pass down my Star Palm to you. As long as you are familiar with it, you can take whatever you want on the Sky Continent! " The voice of the black-robed figure was filled with pride. No matter how poor the talent of the disciple he groomed was, he would still be a great figure whose name would shake the entire region.

"Master, thank you for your guidance. I will not let you down. Master, please don't go back to the Dark Divine Palace and share the wealth with me. I am willing to offer everything I have to you!" Of course, in his heart, Little Jiu Jiu was not the same. As long as they could keep the Holy Envoy of Red Fiends here, who would dare to provoke the Windy Nation in the future? As long as the Holy Envoy was here, it would not be an exaggeration to say that, in the future, the Windy Nation would not even be able to unite the Eastern Continent.

"Hahaha, it's rare for you to be so filial, but how do you know the secrets of the Dark Sacred Palace? As long as you've entered that place, even if you use a throne to exchange for one, you won't be changing. That is a fairyland on earth, a place where immortals live! The world is big, let me travel, free and unrestrained, omnipotent! Such a carefree and happy life was not something a mere king could enjoy! As a mere king, how would you know that there are still people like the Divine Darkness Palace, who can enjoy life in this world! " "The black robed man laughed out loud. Although this disciple was a bit silly, he was still filial to him. That was why he revealed some information regarding the Divine Dark Hall to him.

"It's just the Dark Sacred Palace, this disciple knows. Furthermore, I also know of a person called the Profound Fiend Envoy, who claims to be from the Dark Sacred Palace. It's just that this disciple doesn't know where the Dark Sacred Palace actually is! Right, are we Demonic Cultivators? This is something that is rarely seen in the sky and sky continents! " Ren Ziliang was not an ignorant person, he clearly remembered this Divine Dark Hall.

"What?!" How do you know about the Profound Fiend Envoys? "How do you know that, quick?" When the man in black heard Ren Ziliang's words, he immediately became excited. He talked about Ren Ziliang like he was about to catch a chick. With a cold face, he asked, "It's a secret that no outsider can know."

Master, please don't be angry, this is something that not only disciples know, the entire Sky Continent knows of this mysterious place, and there is also a Profound Fiend envoy with a high cultivation level. Speaking of this, it is also a coincidence, that the event occurred three years ago during the great battle, and that the Sacred Ascension Battle of the New Day was held here. It is said that all the young experts on the stage received the inheritance of the Four Gods in the previous day, and thus, these young people committed suicide in the new day.

Just as Ren Ziliang was about to get down to business, he was interrupted by an impatient voice from the black cloaked man, "Don't bother getting down to business, what is the matter with the Profound Demon Envoy? How do you know about the matters of the Dark Sacred Palace? "

Yes, Master, that day in the battle, there was a guy called Ai Qi Ying Xue who wielded a Sky Spill Divine Sword. His cultivation was extremely high, and he claimed to be the Heaven Warlord, so I don't know how he offended that Profound Fiend messenger, but it's said that he was injured by Ai Qi Ying Xue. That's why he suddenly appeared in Holy City and fought against Ai Qi Ying Xue. Ren Ziliang said dejectedly. He had not seen this with his own eyes, he had only heard this official's report. Because this matter was important, he remembered it better.

"What rumors, hurry up and tell me, I never thought that envoy Xuan Sha would challenge the arena three years ago, but, although his cultivation was not at the Transcending Mortality Stage at that time, dealing with a young man shouldn't be a problem, right? How did he leave!?" There must be something fishy about it. Quickly, tell me everything you know and I will not hide anything from you! " He really could not imagine that this young man wielding the Heaven's Divination Sword was able to fight with the Profound Demon Envoy for so long, and in the end, even the Profound Demon Envoy was able to escape. This was truly strange, he truly could not imagine that there would be such a young man with such a high level of cultivation in the Sky Continent.

"According to what the officials reported, at that time when the Black Demon Envoy used the black fog to trap Ai Qi Ying Xue, suddenly a powerful tornado appeared on the stage, completely shattering the black fog. At that time, a strange yellow light appeared in the sky, completely dispersing the black fog and the tornado, and then the Black Demon Envoy ran away, but the rumors said that Ai Qi Ying Xue was even more strange, and after that battle, he stood on the rainbow clouds, soaring through the sky, and everyone said so. However, I do not believe that the sun rose up to the sky, but the falcons said that in these three years, Ai Qi Xue really didn't have any news about the sea." Ren Ziliang said with a depressed look on his face. He had never believed it was true, how could a human being directly ascend to the Heaven Realm while still in battle. This was completely unheard-of.

"Sky Spill Divine Sword?!" The Profound Fiend Envoy even gave up on the Black Fiend True Mist that he painstakingly cultivated. Could it be that this Ai Qi and Ying Xue are the ones that we, the Seven Fiends emissaries, are looking for? It should be like this, otherwise it is impossible for Profound Fiend Ambassador to not even want the Profound Fiend True Mist! " He did not understand the words of the black robed man, but he knew that this mysterious Holy Envoy seemed to be considering a difficult problem, so he did not dare to disturb his thoughts. If this black robed man were to get angry, not only would he be cowardly, but he would also be scared to death by the massive aura of desolation on his body.

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