There were hundreds of them.
If the ancient galactic ship was here, it could send all of them to the island where they had arrived.
Unfortunately, the spatial teleportation portal from the Space Splitting Domain couldn't contain the starship.
For flying spirit artifacts, each one could only hold about ten people at a time. Only dozens of people would be able to take them away.
Experts of the Void or Saint realm rarely carried flying spirit artifacts on their bodies. They couldn't even bring one out right away.
The foreign invaders who had sent them over were also transported here through their flying spirit artifacts.
As soon as they arrived, the Outsiders' flying spiritual tools flew away to carry more slaves, to explore more islands, and to collect other spirit stones and medicinal plants.
Having no other choice, they decided to temporarily place them on the island and let them stay.
However, taking them along would only be a burden, and would affect Nie Tian's mission from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.
They left behind some food and spirit stones to ensure that the enslaved slaves could live for more than ten years. Once again, they soared through the air.
Along the way, they continued to find a few more islands.
On each island, there were hundreds, even thousands of human slaves.
A small portion of the Outsiders enslaved them, allowing them to do whatever they wanted.
Jing Feiyang and the other two had attacked in quick succession, killing the foreign invaders in a flash without waiting for their reaction.
The freed human slaves still kept food and some spirit stones, allowing them to live for more than ten years.
When the floating continents were finished and the Outsiders were killed and returned to the island that led to the Void Crack Realm, they would think of a way to bring them back and send them out of the floating continents.
Nine days later.
Jing Feiyang paused in midair, narrowed his eyes, looked at a distant island and said softly, "The first target is there. Even from a distance, I could smell the abnormal fluctuations in space there. That's one of the entrances to the floating land for Outsiders. "
"The pagan warriors guarding there, what is the level of their bloodlines?" Nie Tian asked in a low voice.
"There's a rank 8 bloodline user!" Jing Feiyang shouted.
"A Bloodline of the eighth step, comparable to our Emptiness Realm Experts …" Nie Tian frowned. "Difficult?"
"It was a high level demon. I could feel his boundless Qi and blood, but I didn't dare to get too close to him in order to not reveal my whereabouts." Jing Feiyang muttered to himself, "A level eight demon, even for me, cannot instantly kill it. I need to use some methods to kill him. What I am worried about is that if he can't die in an instant, he will release the news of our arrival. "
"If the other alien experts know we're coming, they'll be prepared."
"If we are prepared, our follow-up will not be so smooth."
Everyone frowned in deep thought.
"How about sealing that island?" Dong Li asked.
"In the process of sealing, anyone with a bloodline of the eighth level will be able to sense it." Quan Zixuan said, "He is different from the other foreign races that we have encountered along the way. On the way here, the most powerful ones are only those with the seventh bloodline. The strength of those with the seventh bloodline is far from ours. If we move in secret, we will be able to avoid their bloodline senses. "
"The eighth level bloodline isn't that easy to deal with. Since the seal hasn't been formed yet, he can definitely sense it!"
Nie Tian also felt a headache coming on.
Those demons who could not instantly kill a rank 8 bloodline would be exposed and rush to the surface. The other races who were scattered in other regions would be prepared as soon as they received the news.
With them on guard, the alien race would have many methods to deal with them.
If they were a bit more careful, they might be able to use the other tunnels to return to their own domain.
If they were a bit more aggressive, they could still summon more powerful non-humankind beings from their own clans.
At the very least, they could still gather together and fight to the death under the command of a great character of the ninth step.
With the Emperor of the Ninth Order leading them and the massive number of alien bloodline warriors, they would be able to win, but there would definitely be casualties.
The best way was to destroy the spatial tunnels one by one without anyone knowing, killing the invading non-humankind in batches.
At the end of the battle, when the alien race discovered that the spatial passageway had been completely destroyed, they didn't have any reinforcements. They fought alone and were then cleaned up.
"How about this, let me think of a way."
Nie Tian pondered for a long time before condensing the power of both his Astral Soul and True Soul to form the Star Pupil.
The starry eyes imprinted his soul consciousness into the black sea.
He let out a cry of the soul.
Very soon, the interstellar creature's vast consciousness descended like an ocean that had never been far away.
Nie Tian had brought out the thorny problem that they had encountered.
"To conceal one's presence. To communicate with the outside world on a separate island …"
The space beast's consciousness seemed to be muttering, not long after, it made its decision. "All of you go, I will slightly change the natural energy of the floating land and flood that island, making it so that all the living beings on the island can't send out their souls, bloodlines, and voices."
The starlight pupils flew out of the deep black sea and separated from Nie Tian's soul, returning to his body along with the power of his soul.
"Wait a quarter of an hour, a quarter of an hour, before we act." Nie Tian: "…"
Jing Feiyang was stunned. "Done?"
"Done." Nie Tian smiled.
Everyone was confused, and confusion filled their eyes. However, seeing how confident Nie Tian was, and knowing that there was an agreement between Nie Tian and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace that couldn't be told, they didn't ask any further questions.
They naturally chose to believe it.
In the black ocean, a faint smoke rose from the black waters. The black smoke was controlled by the space beasts as it drifted towards the island guarded by the Level 8 Magical Beasts.
At first, the smoke was faint, but it gradually became thicker and thicker.
Before long, the islands that the three Saints had sensed had been covered by a black fog.
Jing Feiyang also quietly withdrew his soul consciousness and said in surprise, "My soul consciousness is deep inside the black mist. It's like a black swamp. I can't feel anything or can't see anything at all."
"Alright, you can leave now." Nie Tian: "…"
"This floating land..."
Quan Zixuan looked at the vast sea that was as black as ink, and his complexion suddenly changed. A chill ran through his heart.
They didn't need Nie Tian to explain, as they had already guessed that there was something that they couldn't understand in the floating, deep black sea.
Only Nie Tian could communicate with that thing, persuade it to help them.
This object's soul consciousness seemed to fill the entire deep sea. An existence at this level was enough to cause even them to feel fear.
The secrets of the space beasts were not even known to the Five Elements Sect's divine sons and daughters.
It was impossible for Quan Zixuan and the others to know, but the more mysterious and unknown it was, the more terrifying they would be.
For a moment, everyone flew toward the island in silence.
… ….
Black fog filled the outer island. Terry who had the rank 8 bloodline of the demon clan came from the Barton family in the Fifth Demon Area. He was sitting quietly next to a lake on the island.
The lakewater in the lake was lush and green. There was a wonderful space that was rippling with the lakewater.
He held a wine cup in one hand and would occasionally gently sip the dark red blood in the other. His posture was very graceful.
His eyes were also quite gentle, as if he was enjoying the show.
"Unrivaled delicacy."
He took another sip of the bright red blood and laughed softly in satisfaction. The blood at the corner of his mouth was eye-catching and scarlet.
Beside him, there were a few demons with rank 7 bloodlines scattered around, as well as a pile of ghastly white bones on the ground.
The bone arms were made up of human girls who were no older than twenty and around fifteen to sixteen years old.
The white bones and the bright red blood in the cup made this group of high-level demons seem indescribably cruel.
"Lord, this black mist …" After drinking a mouthful of blood, one of the Rank 7 demons looked around and said, "Something's wrong."
"The floating black ocean, occasionally there will be similar black smog floating, there's no need to worry." Terry said casually.
Upon hearing his words, the rest of the demons also stopped talking and continued to enjoy the delicious food.
After a long time, the gigantic demonic beasts that were crawling nearby suddenly let out uneasy, low howls.
The wine cup in Terry's hand immediately exploded. Fresh blood flowed from his hand and trickled down his fingers.
Three Saints suddenly burst out from the thick black fog, and in the instant they left the black fog, the terrifying suppression of Saints suddenly appeared.
"Human!" Terry's face changed.
"It's you!"
The moment Jing Feiyang entered, he clearly saw Terry and roared furiously.
"Sky Mang Star Region, the Sect Master of the Divine Symbol Sect!" "Wh-what are you guys doing here?"
A few years ago, the Demon and evil nether combined forces had surged into the Heavenly Mystery Region. Terry had accompanied the clan's rank 9 Monarch and participated in the battle to besiege the Divine Symbol Sect.
There, he met Jing Feiyang once.
Unexpectedly, they met again on the floating land.
When enemies meet, there is only red in the eyes!
… ….
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