The starship tore apart the black mist and arrived shortly after.
As he passed through the black mist, Nie Tian's soul and soul seemed to have been blocked from his senses, including that of his lifeblood vessels.
The spiritual power that he had released swam deep within the black mist, and he looked like a blind person.
Even his conversation with Dong Li, every word and every syllable, had turned into a strange "creak" sound that couldn't be heard far.
Hence, he understood that the space beasts' promise was trustworthy.
Even if the other Outsiders on the island saw them coming, they wouldn't be able to use any special method to send a message to the nearby Outsiders.
He slept soundly.
When he arrived at the center of the island, he stopped and looked around. He didn't see any of his clansmen.
The aura of the flesh and blood that the bloodlines of the living beings could sense was much more vigorous than the ones that humans could sense.
"Only the alien race is good!"
Nie Tian's eyes finally fell on the stage eight demon beast, Tai Rui, with a grin on his face. "Eh?! It's actually someone familiar!"
When they were in the Fragmentation Realm, Terry and Una of the evil Nether Race both possessed Class 8 bloodlines and had wanted to invade the Fragmentation Realm.
In the end, he used the secret arts left behind by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and the mysterious palace to control the thousands of meteors in the area, using the falling stars to defeat the incoming demons, demons, and evil nether army.
Terry and Yuna only brought a small number of their clansmen with them as they fled in terror.
He had seen Terry before, but because he was in the depths of the Shattered Territory and hadn't come out, Terry didn't recognize him.
Terry only remembered Jing Feiyang, the Sect Master of the Divine Symbol Sect.
Terry howled towards the sky in the demon clan's language.
With him in the lead, dozens of high-level demons, who were enjoying their meal earlier, charged into the lake without even bothering about the low-level magical beasts.
In the middle of the lake, the air was rippling. The clear lake water seemed to have been split in half by an invisible saw blade.
A long, narrow tunnel that was hidden in the lake suddenly appeared.
Dense demon aura seeped out from the space channel. Apparently, the channel was connected to a Demon Area of the Demon Clan.
"Flee?" Where should we escape to? "
The voice of the Thousand Sword Mountain's Quan Zixuan was as cold as ice. Hundreds of spirit swords flew out from his Saint realm.
"Floating Sword Art!"
The hundreds of spirit swords were multi-colored like dragons and serpents as they interweaved in the air.
The sharp aura that had enveloped the world and crushed everything in its path was unleashed from the sword net weaved by the sword beams.
The sword net spun around like a strange space, bypassing the level eight demon beast, Terry, and immediately charging towards the lake.
The enormous sword-net pierced straight through the lake, tearing a spatial passageway.
"Chi chi chi!"
Billions of rays of light bloomed from the spatial tunnel that connected him to the Demon Region, and many crystalline light beams exploded one after another.
The entire lake was sliced into pieces by the sword net. The entire island was shaking as sword beams penetrated into the bottom of the island, riddling it with countless holes.
The space channel was crushed into pieces in an instant.
"To open up a spatial passageway and establish a connection between two realms is extremely difficult. There's simply too many things to consider." Dong Li's expression was relaxed. "Many times, those who can connect to each other will need to understand the mysteries of space. However, if it's just destruction, destroying a spatial passageway will be much easier. "
"Using force to crush it, you can easily erase the bloodline imprint of the materials needed to construct the spatial passageway."
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The island trembled violently.
Because the bottom of the lake had been cut open, there were hundreds of holes leading down to the Black Sea. Black seawater began to seep out from the bottom of the lake.
The lake water was dyed black by the black sea water.
It was connected to the Demon God Realm through a secret tunnel, and all traces of it had disappeared.
Looking at the black seawater seeping into his body, Nie Tian knew that the interstellar creature's tentacles had already reached him.
As long as it was black sea water, it could be used as a medium for the space beast to transmit its power.
The lake water in the lake was originally not black, which resulted in the space beast having no choice but to extend its power towards the space channel in the lake.
However, the moment the lake was penetrated by Quan Zixuan, the color of the lake changed. The power of the space beasts had been released.
"When the Divine Symbol Sect arrived, the two overlords of the Divine Inscriptions, Demon and Demon, arrived. There were more than ten of you at the eighth level of the Divine Symbol Sect, as well as a dozen of you." Jing Feiyang narrowed his eyes in delight. "But there is only a Rank 8 Magical Beast here. Now that the spatial passageway has been destroyed, where can you escape to?"
Countless runes, engraved with the laws of the world, the laws of formation of mountains and lakes, the secret of spring, summer, autumn and winter, like butterflies, flew to Terry.
Tai Rui howled in madness as the power of his bloodline erupted. His elegant and slightly slender fiendish body underwent a drastic change.
"Demonic Indestructible Body!"
Pieces of strong muscles bulged from his body, and each of them contained surging power that was as powerful as the sea.
Terry's body instantly grew in size, as if he were a awakened magical beast.
He held a several meter long, wide double-edged battle-axe with both hands that exuded a thick demonic aura, and slashed at the void.
A black bolt of lightning flashed through the air. A cluster of black, demonic flames flew out of the axe, emanating a dark, cold, frenzied aura.
Inside the axe, the mysterious magic prints exuded an ancient and profound aura, beautiful and dangerous.
"Bloodline!" "The Demon Spirit cried bitterly!"
Droplets of essence blood flew out and landed on the large low rank Magic Beast.
The demonic beast wailed as if it was enduring the pain. Its body expanded once again, and all of its flesh and blood potential seemed to be ignited as it desperately rushed towards the Emptiness Realm Experts.
The demonic beasts whimpered as a faint demonic soul floated up from their gigantic heads.
The devil soul wailed miserably, shaking everyone to the point that their minds became restless. It shook Quan Zixuan, Ju Mingde, and Jing Feiyang's domain, causing distortions and transformations to occur within it.
"With the death of a magical beast as a sacrifice to the soul of the ancient ancestor, it is a desperate fight to the death. It doesn't matter if the magical beast succeeds or not, it will still die."
Jing Feiyang snorted, as if he had seen through Terry's secret bloodline technique. He scoffed disdainfully, "Unfortunately, your blood is only at the eighth level. A rank 8 bloodline, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to escape. "
"Divine Symbol Transformation!"
Tens of thousands of divine runes formed in the air, transforming into a giant, multicolored hand.
Once the giant hand was formed, it seemed as if it was gripping the sky itself, as if it could even pull the sky down.
The colossal, multicolored hand slowly grabbed at Terry.
Many devil souls that had flown out of the demonic beast's body were blown away by the terrifying power of the giant hand before they could even land on the ground.
The bone-chilling wailing immediately disappeared.
The rank 7 demons all roared as their bloodline power surged and charged at the giant hand.
The giant hand's movements didn't change. It flicked its fingers a little, as if it was flicking a fly, and flicked on the bodies of the Level 7 Magical Beasts.
One after another, all the seventh level demons were killed by the flick of a finger.
The giant hand descended and firmly grasped the eighth level bloodline, Terry. "The Indestructible Demonic Body of a eighth level bloodline is actually very weak. At least in my eyes, it's like that."
Jing Feiyang let out a soft laugh as he suddenly clenched his huge hand.
Crack! Crack! Crack!
After Tai Rui swelled up, the indestructible fiendish demon that he had transformed into gradually shrank in his hand. Fresh blood mixed with crushed flesh constantly fell from the sky.
More divine sparks flew out from the fingertips of the giant hand, completely crushing Terry's soul.
"It's just a rank 8 bloodline." Jing Feiyang slowly shook his head with a gentle expression, "The era has long changed. It is just that you have yet to recognize the present situation. The human race today is no longer something that you can casually control in your memories."
Following Terry's death, many of the Emptiness Realm Experts also took action. The Spirit Channeling grade treasure flew in all directions, reaping the lives of the demons.
Emptiness Realm Experts were able to overwhelm and defeat seventh and sixth stage demons without any mishaps.
The battle had ended in a short time. The high-ranked demons from the Demon Area, who had been enjoying themselves, had all been slaughtered.
Black seawater gushed out of the collapsed lake and engulfed the bodies of the demons.
The seawater surged back towards the depths of the sea. The fragmented corpses of the demon clan members also disappeared.
… ….
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