One after another, black streams began to flow towards the lake.
The stream was like the tentacles of a space beast, sneakily taking away those demon corpses that had been killed by human experts.
After a while, the lake in front of them became crystal clear again.
At the bottom of the lake, it was as smooth as a mirror. Even the holes that Quan Zixuan had penetrated through with his "Floating Congealing Sword Technique" had been flattened and returned to their original state.
However, none of the foreign invaders were able to leave a single piece of flesh behind.
"This …"
Ju Minde rubbed his temples, his face full of confusion. He didn't know what to say.
Originally, they had planned to search the bodies of these demons of the eighth and seventh step to see if there was anything precious.
The corpse of a rank 8 Terrence was valuable even if he died. They were prepared to take it.
No one would have thought that when the black stream returned, it would take away all the corpses of the foreign invaders.
Everything happened right in front of their eyes. It was as if a thief had openly stolen the money that belonged to them from their purse.
For a moment, Nie Tian was speechless.
The rank eight demon beast, Tai Rui, had vigorous energy and blood. He even had the heart to cut it off, leaving it to slowly absorb and refine his life force before proceeding with the cultivation of the Heavenly Wood Rebirth Technique.
As long as the demon's soul hadn't dissipated completely, they would be able to gather together after taking out the Nether Soul Orb.
Until now, only this island had no human slaves. All of them were demons, devils, and other races.
Summoning the soul orb and gathering the remnant souls of the demons and devils, he believed that Jing Feiyang and the others would not object.
However, not only did the black stream wrap the corpses of the foreign invaders, but the souls of the demons also disappeared without a trace.
Nie Tian, on the other hand, was slightly dissatisfied. He focused his starlight pupils and descended into the lake.
The black color faded away and the lake became clear again. He could not feel the aura of the space beast at all.
At this time, the black fog that had enveloped the island quietly spread out, turned into black threads, and seeped into the vast sea.
With a cold harrumph, Nie Tian steered the Star Boat out of the island, and his eyes fell onto the Black Sea.
In the past, every time the Star Gaze entered the sea, it would be able to see through the blurry scene at the bottom of the sea and touch upon the aura of the space beasts.
However, this time, when his Star Eyes fell into the black sea, they seemed to sink into boundless darkness. He could actually see nothing.
The radiance of the Star Pupil couldn't disperse the black color, so naturally, he couldn't see the scene at the bottom of the lake. Even his soul perception seemed to still be in the bottom of the sea, as if he had lost his acute sense of smell.
"You stole something from me!"
Enraged, Nie Tian's soul consciousness shot out from his starry eyes.
There was no response.
Nie Tian felt both angry and amused at the same time. "Don't tell me the demon's corpse is of any benefit to you?!" If you want their corpses, you can explain it to me clearly.
Still no response.
"What the hell are you up to?" Nie Tian shouted again.
There was still no sign of the space beast in the sea.
Just as Nie Tian was growing increasingly impatient, the view of his starry eyes suddenly appeared again.
The starry eyes illuminated the deep black sea. All they could see was the black ocean, but they didn't see the shattered corpses of the demons that had been taken away.
It seemed that in such a short time, the interstellar creature had brought the corpses of the demons far away and disappeared from his field of vision, as well as from Xing Tong's perception range.
Only then did Nie Tian sense the existence of the interstellar creature.
"I will cover up the island for you. The aura of those ants will consume a little of my strength. I need to take something away as compensation." The space beast finally responded.
"Everything we've come here for, we've done for you!"
"For me? Alright, but this is an obligation that your Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace should bear! Solving external problems for me while I'm asleep is what you should be doing. Otherwise, why would you get my permission to arrange for disciples to come here every hundred years to train and harvest spirit materials and spirit plants from the floating land? "
Without waiting for Nie Tian to retort, it said, "Later on, as long as I can help you, all of the ants you've killed will belong to me."
"What use do you have, Outsider corpses and discarnate souls?" he asked. Nie Tian asked.
"It has nothing to do with you!" The space beast said.
After interacting with it for a while, Nie Tian found that it didn't want to make any progress. As long as it agreed that everything was in accordance with the rules, it would stick to it and not give in at all.
Helplessly, Nie Tian returned to the island on the Star Boat.
Jing Feiyang and his men all looked at him with strange expressions, waiting for his explanation.
"Forget it, there's no way to communicate." Nie Tian let out a bitter laugh. "As long as it interferes, it will have to retrieve something. After that, we'll destroy the foreign forces' dimensional passageway, and we'll still need to use it to conceal the island. Only then will we be able to strike without a mistake."
Since Nie Tian didn't say who it was, Jing Feiyang and the others tactfully decided not to pursue the matter.
However, they all understood that hidden within the vast, black ocean waters floating above, there was someone unbelievably powerful that they could not comprehend.
"Let's go. Let's continue with our next target. We'll destroy all of the spatial corridors and take care of all of the alien Outsiders before we go and fight it out."
The starships flew out, and one Saint after another, Void and Saint realm experts flew out as well.
Half a year later.
The five dimensional tunnels connecting to the foreign invaders were destroyed with the help of the space beasts.
The guardians of those five islands were all rank 8 foreign races. They were either the evil nether region, the underworld race, the Limestone Clan, or the Black Scale Tribe.
With the five islands at the center, they had also discovered more human slaves.
All of the races could only remove the balance of the silver hoops, leaving behind the pills, spirit stones, and food. They instructed them to stay on the island, and to find a way to send the Outsiders away once all of them were cleared.
Each island was covered in black smoke as they borrowed the power of the space beasts.
As compensation, the Outsiders they had killed had either been taken away by the space beasts, or had been forced by them to throw their corpses into the sea.
Not only were they unable to obtain any valuable materials from the foreign forces, they had even invested quite a bit into them to provide them with spirit stones and medicinal pills to survive as slaves.
On the last day of their discussion, Nie Tian started to frown.
"The remaining three spatial passages aren't on the islands deep within the black waters. Our later battles won't be able to borrow his black fog to help us." Nie Tian recalled the map that had been imprinted into his mind by the enormous beast. "It's not easy to establish a soul connection with a black sea."
"In other words, from now on, we'll have to rely on ourselves."
"The leader of the alien races is a Daolord of the Ninth Order. He's somewhere in the spatial passageway. Everyone, pay attention."
The starship flew out.
The first area that Nie Tian chose was a lush forest on a certain continent.
The reason he chose this was because after he communicated with the space beasts, he found out from them that there were also black ocean tributaries on the floating continents.
According to the interstellar creature's words, as long as Nie Tian could see the black river or lake, he would be able to establish a connection with it.
Black rivers and black lakes, all of which were the eyes of the space beasts, were scattered across the surface of the land, making its tentacles omnipresent.
There were three spatial passages left, one in the hot desert and one in the glacier area. There were no tentacles of the space beasts.
In the dense forest, there was also a black river. Perhaps when he was moving, he could contact the space beast.
The floating land was boundless. Even with the starship, it would still take a long time to travel from one place to another.
The starship wasn't huge after all. The speed of a starship that could travel through the skies of another world was still limited.
Two months later, the starship traversed across the vast wilderness and finally found the area where the sixth space channel was written on the map.
Looking into the distance, Nie Tian could see that every single tree in the dense forest was dozens of meters tall and covered the sky in dense clusters.
As the Star Boat approached, the dense wood power spread out from the forest, and even a whiff of it seemed to warm the leaves of the holy spirit tree.
"Cultivators who practice the art of plants and vegetation will be much more efficient when practicing it."
Quan Zixuan sighed with emotion, "Floating Land, back then it was an extremely large domain. In the vast galaxy, there are only a handful of realms like this. If not for the fact that the Floating Land had been severely damaged by them, who knows how many races have gone all out to seize this land over the past tens of thousands of years. "
"Nie Tian, this place is also suitable for your cultivation." Dong Li said.
"It is indeed suitable, but unfortunately, we have a mission, so we can't delay it." Nie Tian felt a bit regretful. "In addition, because of some agreement, it's still not time for us from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace to enter."
Everyone whispered to each other as they continued to run.
A few days later, they were still moving about in the dense forest.
"Humans are chopping down ancient trees!" Jing Feiyang was the first to notice the abnormality.
… ….
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