"A few thousand kilometers away from the spatial passageway." Nie Tian: "…"
Jing Feiyang nodded, "It should be right. Since the humans that have been enslaved are moving around, this means that the spatial passageway is not far."
They were all experienced.
In the first five spatial tunnels, with the island at the center and the nearby islands as the center, the enslaved humans were all living.
As long as they encountered a human slave, they would know that the spatial passageway would definitely be opened nearby.
"Just do it as before." Ju Mingde said in a deep voice.
Quan Zixuan and Jing Feiyang exchanged a glance, and tacitly concealed all of their auras, taking the lead.
The three Saints moved through the forest like ghosts, silently advancing forward.
Two hours later, Meng Li received the news and said to Nie Tian, "It's settled."
Only then did Nie Tian and the others start to move.
Before long, a group of Void Domain cultivators circled around Nie Tian's starship and arrived at the battlefield.
Hundreds of human clansmen gathered around Quan Zixuan, their necks wrapped in silver rings, crying and shouting.
Quan Zixuan sighed and could only try to persuade her.
"What's going on?" When Nie Tian arrived, he saw some Profound realm, Mortal Realm, and lower level human Qi warriors who seemed to be familiar with Quan Zixuan. He couldn't help but ask about them.
In the forest, many trees were cut down and uprooted.
It seemed that the ones who had attacked were all human Qi warriors.
Many corpses of the evil nether and nether clansmen were scattered around. The most powerful bloodline belonged to a rank seven nether clansman.
"They were enslaved in the Heavenly Mystery Region." Jing Feiyang explained softly, "Most of them were sects that were previously attached to the Thousand Sword Mountain. The sect experts were killed, and those who are safe are imprisoned. They are put on silver hoops, then driven to this land mass to be cut down ancient trees, and then sold back to the Wood Race. "
"The ancient trees in this area have very dense vegetation, and their power far surpasses that of the trees in the mid-level realms.
"The Wood Race clansmen are able to extract power from ancient trees and fuse it into their bloodlines, allowing them to transform even faster. "There are high-quality, incredibly hard ancient trees that the Wood Race clansmen can even draw their bloodline imprints and make into sharp weapons."
Quan Zixuan felt a headache from being quarrelled. He gave a low shout, signalling for everyone to shut up.
Waiting until those people gradually calmed down, Quan Zixuan spoke up once more, "Don't worry. The reason we came here today is to save you. In this way, you will proceed in the direction we came from, as close to it as possible, or as far as the island of the Black Sea. When we kill the Outsiders and return, we will be responsible for sending you out of this place and back to the Heavenly Mystery Region! "
"Thank you, Mountain Master!"
The practitioners of the small sects and sects that belonged to the Thousand Sword Mountain sobbed and expressed their thanks.
Facing the people they had once attached themselves to, Quan Zixuan was extremely generous, leaving behind numerous spirit stones and a great deal of food.
In addition to that, he also took out a few flying spiritual tools from his spatial ring so that he could help them fly from the ground to the vast, black island.
"Right now, there are people from the Thousand Sword Mountain. Perhaps in the future, we can find some slaves that are attached to us. " Ju Mingde's eyes lit up, "This floating mission, if we can bring back those who were abducted by alien races from the Heavenly Mystery Region, the regret and guilt in our hearts will be able to make up for it."
Jing Feiyang remained silent, but his eyes were firm. He was obviously thinking the same thing.
Back then, when the foreign forces invaded, the Void Spirit Sect deliberately wanted to teach the Heavenly Mystery Region a lesson, but they forbade them from interfering. This led to heavy losses for the Heavenly Mystery Region.
The Thousand Sword Mountain, Divine Symbol Sect, and Jin Han Sect could only try their best to either move their most important disciples to a dead star that the foreign forces couldn't find, or bring them to the sect's holy land to use the ancient great formation to resist the foreign forces.
As for those who were dependent on her, they didn't have the ability to care for her in every way back then.
To them, it was their fault for being massacred, taken away, and enslaved. It made them feel guilty, and every time they thought about it, they felt that they had let down those people.
He didn't expect that during this trip to the surface, he would be able to meet these enslaved clansmen from the Heavenly Mystery Region, and that they would be able to make up for the regret in his heart.
"The rest of the operation, we must be more careful. We must not expose any traces of our movements, and let the foreign forces, with the aid of the Silver Ring, kill our people." Ju Mingde said again.
"Yes." Jing Feiyang nodded heavily.
The operation continued and everyone continued forward.
Along the way, another four waves of foreign invaders were killed in an instant by the thunderous bombardment of the three Saint Realms.
Amongst the four waves of humans enslaved by the foreign races, there were many Qi warriors from the Heavenly Mystery Realm mixed in. Some belonged to the Thousand Sword Mountain, while others were attached to the Divine Symbol Sect and the Jin Han Sect.
All of them were specially cared for by the Qi warriors from the three great sects.
He left behind spirit medicines, spirit stones, enough food, and many flying spirit artifacts for them. He instructed them to go to the islands in the black sea as much as possible and not stay on land for too long.
In the end, the spatial passageway in the forest was successfully found.
"The three foreign beings of the eighth rank are the demons, the evil nether race, and the underworld race. The strongest, Xie Ming seems to be female, and his bloodline might even be at the peak of the eighth step." After Jing Feiyang investigated, he carefully withdrew his soul consciousness, afraid that he would be discovered, "This is a little troublesome."
Everyone subconsciously looked towards Nie Tian.
A wry smile appeared on Nie Tian's face.
Along the way, he did not see the Black Creek, nor did he see the Black Lake.
This meant that if he wanted to communicate with the space beasts and borrow their power, then using the black smoke to get through would be impossible.
When the space beasts were assisting, although they weren't too happy with the fact that they had taken the corpses of the Outsiders from their hands, their actions had gone without a hitch.
Now that they had really lost the Cosmic Star Behemoth's help, they finally understood that without it's help, they wouldn't be able to easily destroy the spatial passageway without alerting any of the other races.
"So, everyone spread out and look around to see if there are any black streams or lakes."
After pondering for a while, Nie Tian instructed, "I have solid news that there are indeed streams and lakes like these in some parts of the forest. As long as we can find them, we'll be able to destroy the sixth spatial tunnel without anyone noticing and kill the three rank 8 foreign cultivators."
Jing Feiyang thought for a while, then said, "Void Stage cultivator, stay where you are and don't move recklessly. Who knows, there might be a fourth rank 8 alien race in the forest. "Both sides are of equal strength, and an alien of the eighth step can sense the subtle fluctuations of flesh and blood emanating from your bodies."
No one had any objections.
Nie Tian was the only one who said, "I can do it alone."
Quan Zixuan looked at him in surprise.
"I can conceal the aura of my flesh and blood, making it extremely difficult to find." Nie Tian was filled with confidence. "In addition, if I meet a rank 8 foreign expert, I'll have a way to protect myself." I've killed quite a few Lizard Tribes of the eighth step. "
"Nie Tian, there's one thing I hope you can understand. Compared to demons, evil nether beasts, and nether dragons of the same rank, the Lizard Tribe is actually much weaker." Jing Feiyang's face was solemn as he said, "We have also been to the domain that you were in and have seen the Lizard Tribe members. Lizard Tribe, they haven't even comprehended the true mysteries of the bloodlines and don't know how to use them, much less know about the power of the soul. "
"They are not comparable to high-level races like the demon race and the evil nether."
Quan Zixuan and Ju Mingde also opened their mouths to urge him not to be too rash.
"I have the power to protect myself. You can rest assured." Nie Tian asked again.
"If we can't kill them in an instant, they will spread the word. Once they are alerted, we can use the remaining three spatial corridors to send more powerful warriors into the city." Jing Feiyang was still worried.
"This …"
Hearing their words, Nie Tian also started to hesitate.
It was also at that moment that the leaves of the three Holy Spirit Trees in Nie Tian's wood spirit pills suddenly began to shine with a bright, azure-green light.
Nie Tian's expression flickered as he examined the area carefully and suddenly said, "Senior Jing, please take me to that place to take a look." He pointed.
"What's wrong?" Puzzled, Jing Feiyang pointed out that Nie Tian had deviated from his original route, and that he wasn't at the location of the spatial tunnel.
"I'm not sure about the specifics either. Let's talk after I've seen it." Nie Tian: "…"
Jing Feiyang thought for a moment, "That's fine. This place shouldn't be the area where the Lord of the Ninth Order lives. He is at the other two spatial passages." "Without that guy here, as long as we don't break into the camp of the three aliens of the eighth step, neither of us will be exposed."
Quan Zixuan and Ju Mingde also expressed their desire to search for the black river and lake from other directions.
The three parties moved separately.
Nie Tian's starship was temporarily handed over to Dong Li, who took it away from this place with Jing Feiyang.
"You …"
A dozen or so magical symbols floated above Nie Tian's head. As they flew through the forest, Jing Feiyang frowned. "So heavy. Even many enormous spirit beasts aren't as heavy as you are."
… ….
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