Jing Feiyang already knew that Nie Tian was no ordinary person.
He also knew that the powerful bodies of the non-humankind, their flesh and blood vigorous, were extremely heavy.
However, he often fought with the other races, and countless of them had died at his hands.
However, even if it was an outsider with a Bloodline of the sixth rank, he still didn't feel as strong as Nie Tian when he killed him.
The reason why foreign races were so heavy was because they tempered their flesh and blood, causing the density of their bones to greatly increase.
For those of the same bloodline, the heavier the blood, the stronger the body's tempering.
As he floated above Nie Tian, he noticed that the magical symbols seemed to be a bit strenuous, and he immediately understood that Nie Tian's body's tempering was probably stronger than most of the Rank Six spirit beasts and non-humankind beings.
In other words, just by relying on his own bloodline, Nie Tian's battle prowess was already enough to compete with the rank 6 foreign invaders and spirit beasts, and he had an overwhelming advantage over them.
"With the three types of spiritual pills in the spiritual sea of the human dantian, the mysteries of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and the fact that no one in the same stage could beat him, regardless of whether they were human beings, foreign races, or ancient beasts.
Jing Feiyang's eyes revealed a strange light.
"Whoosh!" "Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!"
He waved his hand and summoned another ten magical symbols, which circled around Nie Tian and caused him to suddenly become even more agile. Under the command of the numerous magical symbols, he flew through the forest.
A few seconds later, Jing Feiyang let out a soft exclamation, and couldn't help but turn back to look at Nie Tian.
By that time, Nie Tian had already activated his hidden life bloodline talent, and all of the fluctuations of his Qi and blood had been concealed. Even his heartbeat seemed to have stopped beating.
As long as it was a flesh and blood life form, their hearts would beat, blood would flow, and their thoughts would change. All of these would have minute movements.
Experts from other races could sense the fluctuations coming from their own flesh and blood. Experts from the human race could sense the movements of souls while living beings were thinking.
Flesh waves and soul waves were the two most important ways to investigate life, for the alien race and the human race.
Jing Feiyang wasn't from another race, but because Nie Tian was so close to him, he could vaguely sense the fluctuations of Nie Tian's abundant Qi and blood.
However, right now, Jing Feiyang could no longer detect even the slightest trace of blood flowing out of Nie Tian's body, as if it was coming from his own flesh and blood.
He suddenly realized that what Nie Tian had said was true. Aside from the special evil nether soul, which was also extremely proficient in it, it would be very difficult for the non-humankind to find Nie Tian by simply relying on their psychic power.
Even though Nie Tian was right under their feet, they still couldn't detect his presence.
"I have concealed the fluctuations of my vital energy and blood, as well as my soul. I can do it for you."
All of a sudden, half of the magical symbols that had been revolving around Nie Tian flickered with a bright light.
All of the soul fluctuations that Nie Tian had been pondering about were blocked by those magical symbols, and wouldn't spread out.
As long as Nie Tian didn't appear in the eyes of the foreign forces and was seen by them, he would be invisible to the point where even Xie Ming wouldn't be able to detect him.
A quarter of an hour later.
The green light that was emanating from the leaves of the three Holy Spirit Trees within Nie Tian's wood spirit pills was even more dazzling than before.
He could even sense the joy and excitement of the three leaves.
It was as if there was something in front of them that was attracting the leaves of the holy tree.
"What is it?"
Puzzled, Nie Tian secretly became more cautious.
"There are demons guarding the front, but …" "Bloodline ranking is quite low, all at the sixth or seventh step." Jing Feiyang snorted and suddenly sped up.
Ten seconds later, a large number of divine symbols flew out from his body.
The divine talisman was multi-colored. At first, it was bright and beautiful, but after a moment, it turned into nothing. As if it had sunk into the ground, it quietly flew away.
Jing Feiyang paused. Tens of thousands of runes flowed deep within his eyes as his hands formed seals like butterflies.
Jing Feiyang smiled indifferently and increased his speed once again, quickly reaching his target.
A withered tree had broken into three pieces and was rooted in a dry patch of land.
That piece of land clearly did not belong to the dense forest. It was as if it had fallen from the sky and smashed that area into a pit.
Nearby the deep pit, a dozen demons were killed by Jing Feiyang's rune attack without a sound. They didn't even know what had happened when they died.
Jing Feiyang pointed at the ground and said, "Earlier, these demons were scattered around. They seemed to be discussing how to break this tree into three pieces and bring it away. They seem to want to trade this withered tree for the Wood Race. "
With just a single glance, Nie Tian was able to identify that the tree, which had been cut into three pieces and had been dead for who knows how many years, was none other than the Holy Spirit Tree!
The Holy Spirit Tree was a Heavenly Nurturing grade spirit material. After taking root in the domain, it could draw the power of plants and vegetation from the other realms and merge it with the domain itself, causing the domain to be full of life and become a holy land that cultivated plant arts, such as the Wood Race, which relied on plants and vegetation.
According to the ancient books and records of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, in the Ancient Desolation, there were many Holy Spirit Trees, and many realms were filled with the vitality of plants and vegetation.
However, as time passed, the number of Holy Spirit Trees had dwindled. Only the Wood Race's domain and the Holy Spirit Tree were still alive.
"The Realm of the Wood Race …"
Nie Tian looked at the piece of land that had smashed the earth into a deep crater and cracked it open. It clearly didn't belong to a lower level continent. Then, he raised his head to look at the dusky sky.
"If there are no surprises, then this land belongs to the Wood Race and is one of the shattered lands of the Upper Sky."
"That holy tree was cut into three pieces, and after it gradually withered away and died, it fell down along with the land. The leaves of the sacred tree in my dantian's spirit sea naturally sense this sacred tree, which is why they're so excited. However, it has already been dead for many years. Even if the three leaves sense it, what can they do? "
With that in mind, Nie Tian stepped onto the three tree trunks of the Holy Spirit Tree.
Two of the tree trunks had fallen to the side, and the third section was made up of tree roots. The roots were still rooted on the ground, so the roots couldn't be seen.
Nie Tian walked up to the other two tree trunks and reached out to touch them. Then, he secretly cast his wood incantation.
The two trees showed no reaction.
After pondering for a long time, Nie Tian came to the area where the roots of the withered Holy Spirit Tree were deep within the earth.
He raised his hand once again and pressed it against the withered, grayish-brown holy tree that had lost its emerald color.
All of a sudden, the leaves of the three Holy Spirit Trees flew out of his wood spirit pills, followed his arm, and flew into the palm of his hand, and went straight towards the tree.
The grayish-brown holy spirit tree cracked open, and pieces of its dead bark fell off.
At the same time, Nie Tian's wood spirit pill was also triggered, and strong spiritual energy began to madly converge onto the roots of the Holy Spirit Tree!
One after another, the drops of wood spirit liquid disappeared.
Nie Tian's expression flickered.
He discovered that the herbal concoction he had stored in the Grass, Wood, and Spirit Elixir was flowing out too quickly. Soon, he would be able to meet the end of the supply.
"This won't do!"
Frowning slightly, he decisively retracted his hand and took out the seventy-two tree branches from his spatial ring, using the method of an Ancient Wood Derivation Formation.
When the formation was completed, the power of the plants and vegetation started to converge in the depths of the forest.
The wood power that had gathered here all entered the inside of the Ancient Wood Derivation Formation. It was like a green fog.
The dense fog was the essence of the plants, and even without Nie Tian controlling it, it had already converged onto the withered stem of the Holy Spirit Tree.
At that moment, Nie Tian suddenly had a strange feeling.
He felt that the reason the Ancient Wood Derivation Formation was formed at the beginning was to protect the Holy Spirit Tree!
That land was the ancestral land of the Wood Race. Originally, there were 72 enormous ancient trees, and with the ancient trees as the foundation, they gathered the power of the plants and vegetation to form a strange formation to protect that land.
Later on, he broke through the mysteries of the Ancient Wood Derivation Formation, causing the earth to shatter and sink.
The ingenuity of the Ancient Wooden Derivation Formation had transformed into the tree patterns of the Ancient Life Tree. It had merged into the seventy-two branches and was now in his hands.
"That piece of land was once an ancestral land of the Wood Race. The Ancient Wooden Derivation Formation uses the 72 ancient trees as its foundation to protect the Holy Spirit Tree." However, after the tree had been cut into three pieces, it broke off from the ground and fell down to this point.
A beam of lightning flashed across Nie Tian's mind, and he instantly understood what had happened.
"The leaves of the three Holy Spirit Trees, although I don't know if they came from this dead Holy Spirit Tree. However, when the three leaves merged with the withered Holy Spirit Tree, the vitality of the tree seemed to have been ignited, causing a change to occur within its stem! "
The Ancient Wooden Derivation Formation was formed, and the rich wood power was gathering from all directions in the dense forest.
The roots of the Holy Spirit Tree, the exposed tree trunk, and the cracked bark all fell off one after another.
Nie Tian's eyes were filled with splendor.
… ….
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