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C6 Chapter 4

"Oh, I'm sorry I did not mean to bump into you." I looked up at them to apologise. I heard no word from him aside from the woman who followed him. She went all crazy on me for no reason and I can't understand why.

"Watch it loser, you want to smack my man to the ground?" She snapped her voice sounding like crushed powder.

"But I said I was sorry, I didn't see him there neither did I see you." I tried to explain without bursting out into unnecessary fights with a stranger.

"How can't you see me, with those things for eyes. I am sure you can't afford such luxury in this hotel that's why you squat with your sugar daddy. I mean look at you, your dress is awful." The strange woman gave me an odd look, her eyes judging me.

That's when I sparked. God sees I tried to be cautioned, kind, polite, and friendly to this rude woman and her companion but the wig stand has gone too far and I don't think I should be quiet anymore. She has gotten me to lose my patience and dislike for her which increased every second I stare at her.

"Yes just like you can't that's why you follow your boss like a lap dog." I shocked myself by giving her a piece of my heart despite I promised myself I won't do it. Her face morphed into horror I can clearly see the shock on her pancaked face.

"Did you just- baby look at this thing she insulted me." She grabbed the guy who stood there like a statue looking at me, he did not answer or glance her way all his attention was focused on me, or was it? I looked behind me to see if he was staring at someone behind me but no one was there.

"Why aren't you answering me? Baby, I'm talking to you." She pulled on his arms but he did not look at her as she expected.

"Aww, it looks like bitchy kitten got rejected. I guess your sugar daddy has better taste than what hangs around." I spat in her face. A look of complete shock and hate crossed her barbie doll features but do I care.

"What! Freddy! you heard her insult me and you are saying nothing? I can't believe you let this gold digger insult me, your fiancee like that."

"Hold on rackety pussy I am not a gold digger you are the gold digger, and like you said, and I quote you can't afford such luxury so stop been a wanna-be and go according to your standards would ya." I snapped and continued my way down the hallway to find the stairs I still haven't found. It took me a hand full of time to find an exit, not the real stairs actually, it was limited to a particular stop.

But I could have sworn there was a pale look that crossed her face when I said those words, I guess she wasn't used to anyone talking back at her or speaking the truth. I just hope I won't regret it later. She kept making unnecessary drama, even the rich young man did not say anything then why is she fuzzing? I managed to find the stairs during my mental war and climbed down slowly, soon my mind was settled on the things that just happened and I was beginning to focus on my hunger.

Just the thought of that strange man eating me with his eyes made me wonder what he was thinking and why he stared at me for so long without even falling off or embarrassing himself.

I shook my head from dwelling too much in it and finally found the ground floor, by now my legs were jelly from coming down ten stories. I avoided using the elevators as much as I could, my head hasn't still cleared from the elevator incidence I experience while growing up. I walked through the large lobby searching for a kitchen or a staff for assistance, I only found the receptionist behind the desk attending to a few people.

I silently approached the desk while waiting patiently for him to be through with the customers waiting to book in.

"Hello there how may I help you?" He asked in a polite tone. 'thank God he speaks English' because I heard some staffs speak french and I know no french.

"Good morning, please I need some food." God, I must have sounded like a beggar, not cool Lora not cool.

"Excuse me ma but do you are booked here?"

"Yes I am. I am actually coming from up there." He let out a brief sigh.

"That's right, but Instead of bothering coming all the way down here you could just have called the kitchen and they will attend to you."

Ohhhh how do I tell him I don't know how to use a telephone, 'Lora just swallow your pride and get this going, tell him you forgot or something related'.

"Well actually, it is my first time here in this country. Paris." I mentally slapped my head 'worst conversation ever' he just only nods, I can't say if he is mocking me or understanding what I am saying. "And I am a student, my tutor L- she showed me this place and told me everything and how to order, but you know as usual I forgot and got hungry later and that is why I am here."

My lord I sound like a stupid person, I can feel the embarrassment grow inside my stomach.

"I see, don't worry ma I will have someone bring in your order to your room just let me know what you are having and your room number."

"Thank you that will be great. But is there a restaurant I can get something to eat?" I nervously asked.

Expecting him to laugh at me after saying he will get me my order he only chuckled a little. "Yes, we have a restaurant that at the back for booked resident only."

Now how do I tell him I don't have money to buy food even a drink I can't afford. I am not sure how much of my food expense the school is going to cover and I don't want to fall into debt in a foreign country.

"And if you are thinking because you don't have money to buy our wonderful spicy delicacies due to currency difference, here is a tip-" He leaned over the desk cupping his mouth with his left hand in form of whispering "All the food at the restaurant is free for hotel residents."

"You're seriously kidding me?"

"No." He shook his head to confirm he was in fact serious.

"No way!" I exclaimed shocked and happy. I need to tweet this to mom.

"So how do they know I am a resident here?" I asked curiously.

"All you need is your hotel ID that's all."

Where do I get that? He must have seen the battle in my face and decide to end it.

"It's okay just tell me your name and I will fetch your ID simple as pie."

"Lorena price." I told him without hesitating.

He searched inside a book and searched through something under the desk, he later emerge with an ID card sealed in a plastic case and handed it to me. I did not forget to tell him what I would like sent to my room before heading to the restaurant to eat what I wanted.


After my sections of food, I decided to leave the restaurant early to head back to my room. But wait I don't know how to get there. The mere explanation was confusing to me so I decided to ask a staff I saw walking by. She explained to me but what I heard was turn right down the hallway room 304 around the corner. I mean what the hell is that?

"I mean how can I get to room 659?"

"Ma'am I just explained it to you, it is very easy to follow, just take the lift to the top floor."


She sighs. "You should see a hallway full of room. On the right side are rooms from H530 to 600 and the left is the V601-700."

"Okay... So the only way I can get there without getting lost is through the elevators?" I asked for clarity.

"Exactly ma'am." She answered in relief. I wanted to ask her to tell me more but let me not kill the kind woman.

"Can't you cut out shortcuts through the stairs, everything doesn't have to be based on using the elevators right?"

"I see. Are you terrified of elevators?" She stated the obvious.

"What sort of question is that?" I defended.

"I don't mean to sound insulting. I only asked because most people who avoid using elevators are terrified of it. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Just tell me I'll go myself."

"I explained that a while ago."

"When?" I asked confused I never heard her say anything related to it.

"When you told me is that the way to the laundry." She said sounding now frustrated with my questions but she needed to answer me or I won't go.

"Ma'am I have tried my best but I need to get back-"

"It's fine I will find my way." I left her holding the anger and anxiety in my chest and head for the elevator. I pressed the button waiting for the elevator to ding open and when it did I close my eyes and entered in a weird way.

I slowly started to feel calm when suddenly the lift shook and stopped. That was when panic struck.

Holy Jesus!!!

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