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C7 Chapter 5

Holy sweet Jesus!

“Do not panic Lorena, the elevator just stopped for a second you are not dead.” I tell myself. Usually it works but today just feels different as I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

“Calm down, it’s not like you are trapped.” I tried to keep my cool but my nerves were far from being cool, I just want to burst out.

“Hey-” A strange voice called out, I did not need to look back I just jerked my arm forward and elbowed the person from behind. I tried to use my second arm but it was held by the stranger, out of panic I screamed and thrashed around to get away.

“Hold.” He gritted.

I did not listen and engaged in a battle of dominance. The stranger and I fought wildly (without direct harm against each other) though I was the one trying to cause him more harm than he was, maybe it is due to the rising panic in my chest and tight space.

“Stop it woman! You are going to get someone hurt.” I heard him groan out in frustration. My left hand slipped from his and I lunge at him without opening my eyes. Before I knew it I was swiftly flipped to my back with him pinning me down. My legs were free but could do less damage and my hands were restrained by his hands. I finally looked up at him, seeing he was the same man I saw with that puke face 'oh forgive me mother for cussing at someone'

"You?" I exclaimed.

"Me?" He asked in confusion like he did not know what I was saying.

"Weren't you the one with the pan-caked face trying to attack me?" I clarify.

"I must be then." He smirked wickedly. God knows what is running through his mind.

"Get off me." I told him.

"Nope. That's not a nice way to talk to your savior”

"Are you serious?" I looked at him in disbelief, if he is looking for fun he better have it somewhere else.

"Yes." The arrogant thing answered.

"That wasn't an actual question." I glared at him.

"Yeah, I know." He still kept that weird creepy smile on his face.

"Do you always have to know everything?" I was starting to get vexed.

"Do you always get angry at people?" He returned question for question.

"Great I see now you are returning a question for question."

"I think you are enjoying yourself." He smirked. How I wish I can just kick him in the balls maybe that will kill that stupid smirk off his perverted face.

"With a guy holding me down? No!"

"I know you are." His smirked stretched.

"Look here pervert, I am not going to let you have your way with whatever sinful thing running through that vessel mind of yours. So, for the last time get off or I will make you." I threatened him with the best I could.

Instead of listening to me, he rather looked amazed. He rested his entire weight on me with that foolish smirk still shining like gold.

"Woah I will like to see that happen Katty."

I cringed momentarily.

"What happened? You don’t want to talk to me?." He sounded down or sad, such a loser.

I remained even quiet and tried to ignore his nice addictive perfume, I think it might be expensive, of course it is didn’t you see his suit?

"You're welcome." He suddenly said and got off me. Unconsciously I let out a whine which I regretted. If he heard it, he will think I liked his presence. Darn you Lorena, damn it. Just as I thought, When I looked up he was grinning at me knowingly.

“What?” I cleared my throat.

“I believe you wanted to say thank you.”

“Thank you?” I frowned.

“You’re welcome.” He said and turned to leave It was then I noticed we were still in the elevator. Did he do what he did to get me distracted. No, forget it Lorena he can’t.

“Hold on I did not say-”

“I know how shy you are.” He backed away till he was out of the elevator. I watched him leave and a panic attack struck me without warning. The last thing I saw was the panicked face of the stranger before everything went blank.


I woke up feeling the room spin around in different dimensions. Opening my eyes was not a good idea as it made the room spin faster.

“Oh my head, what happened?” I turned to my side trying to find some relief but I could not. I pulled up the blanket wrapped around me up to my chin hoping to go back to sleep. Did I hit my head somewhere? Why does my head feel like a large church bell rung inside?

I sat up from the bed rubbing the back of my neck to ease the ache and weird sounds ringing in my head, my heavy head started to feel light making it a bit okay to sit up properly. I could finally open my eyes without cringing and looked around me. This place looks familiar to me, I can’t say how or why I got here. But I knew for sure someone brought me here. Tiredness and pain drained me from head to toe.

I was startled by a knock from outside the entrance. I contemplated whether to check the room or see who is at the door, but I chose the second option which is to see who was knocking on my door, maybe there could be a proper explanation on how I got in here.

I jumped right out of my skin when the knock sounded again. ‘Lorena, take deep breaths, this is not the horror movies you watch on TV go on, open the door.’ I tried calming myself ‘What you watch is not what you see’ I continued edging to the door carefully. With some confidence, I raised my hand to hold the knob, my hands trembled as it got closer nearly triggering a panic attack for the second time.

Gently I turned the knob and swung it open but no one was outside. My heartbeat slowed back to normal realising the hallway was empty,

“Strange?” I frowned to myself. Just when I decided to close the door I spot a package on the floor. Because of where I grew up and how I was brought up, I cautiously eyed the box like it was an enemy. No too full of myself I ignored the box and closed the door to investigate the room further. Although most of the things in the room seem familiar like I was the one who placed them there, it does not relieve the cold feeling in my chest. After checking the entire room I discovered to my horror it was my room, the same room my school gave me. The shocking thing is I can’t remember coming here or did that stranger take me to my room? How did he know where I stayed?

I thought lying down will ease the distress in me but it did not, my mind kept going to the package sitting in front of my door. Every time I toss the memory of the package haunts me like a doll. I could not take it anymore I decided to head to the door, like a creep I opened the door and took a peep, honestly I was scared someone will think I am stealing or sneaking something. I kicked the box lightly just to be sure I am not getting pranked or set up, it looked safe so I picked it up and closed the door behind me.

“I hope I don’t regret this one.” I prayed silently.

I dropped the box in a far corner of my room and unsealed it, before removing the lid I took a pencil and a blanket the only thing I could find for safety. I opened the box gently expecting it to explode but it didn’t. Surprised, I came closer and tossed the lid over, and looked inside the box, but what I saw had my jaw dropping and my mind going wild.

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