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In the evening, as the sun set in the west, the clouds and clouds that filled the sky were like a ball of red flames, enveloping the entire city in a red afterglow.

A bustling scene could be seen on San Cai Street, next to a famous private high school. The streets were filled with couples around the age of twenty holding hands.

After dusk, many of these "appointments" were now not people, but "cannons".

When the couples passed by a run-down hospital, they couldn't help but take a second look. At the entrance of the run-down hospital, there was a wooden board — — Lin's ancestral heirloom set for sale.

As for what it is, I just want to say, you know...

Almost every evening, there would always be some boys who had too much energy or could not help but sneak in, pointing with their hands, indicating that they wanted it. After getting it, some of them even forgot to look for money and excitedly ran out. Indeed, the change was nothing compared to the big matter that they were about to do.

He was 21 years old and had a relatively handsome face. His body was a bit thin, but he hid the stubbornness in his eyes, letting everyone who knew him know that Lin Tian was not as weak as he looked on the surface.

He was originally the treasured son of the President of the Lin Clan, but unfortunately, his father had gone to his death, and the creditors were forcing him to pay the debt. He had sold off all the valuable things in the hospital, and the doctors and nurses had all jumped into other hospitals as well, but in order to maintain their livelihood, they had no choice but to start a small business like this.

"It's been a good day again. I hope business will improve today!" Lin Tian stretched his lazy waist, appearing very satisfied. Tomorrow was the weekend, the usually busy boys and girls naturally would not let go of this opportunity.

He randomly picked up some food and fed his five viscera temple. Seeing that it was still early, Lin Tian tirelessly packed up the junk he brought from his home, hoping to find one or two valuable things to alleviate his economic crisis.

However, after flipping through for a long time, the books he saw the most were all medical books, such as "Divine Farmer Herbs", "Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine", "Typhoid Diseases", and so on. However, Lin Tian did not discover anything valuable.

"Sigh!" "It seems like there will be no rent for next month. By then, I might really be thrown out by that old bastard!" Lin Tian sighed, he placed the last The Copper Man Acupuncture Point book heavily on the ground, his face full of disappointment.

Clang! Just as the medical book hit the ground, a round disc rolled out and shakily stopped at Lin Tian's feet.

"Hey!" What is this thing, why have I never seen it before! " Lin Tian excitedly picked up the disc on the ground and carefully observed it.

There were no marks on the disc. It was obviously brand-new. What made him curious was that there were no words or symbols on the disc. There was only a girl wearing a nurse's uniform with a sweet smile on her face.

Seeing this, a trace of a vulgar smile appeared on Lin Tian's face. This kind of packaging made him think of Island Country's Love Action Film packaging.

Looking at the appearance of the pure nurse on the disc, Lin Tian felt a burst of excitement. Just looking at her appearance, she was much more beautiful than some old Shi Wutang teacher. What was even more rare was the purity in the eyes of the girl on the disc.

At this time, the image of the nurse babbling and groaning in Lin Tian's mind had already appeared.

"Mm, this is definitely a limited edition item. Otherwise, such a beautiful appearance would have long ago spread across the world of otaku. I've really picked up a treasure this time!" "Lin Tian excitedly said. He no longer cared where this disc came from and quickly opened his own computer, which had a" big screen "of fourteen inches, and looked forward to the scene inside.

It wasn't that he didn't want to, but he couldn't find it. With his sullen personality, he couldn't bring himself to ask "experts", because after getting infected twice on his computer, he didn't believe those websites anymore. Now that he suddenly received a classic movie that he had longed for for for for a long time, who wouldn't be excited?

The waiting time was long and fine beads of sweat had already appeared on Lin Tian's forehead. After a full five minutes, his computer, which had been working hard for nine years, finally turned on.

"Is anyone here?" Just as Lin Tian had placed the disc inside, wanting to witness the alluring scene, an annoying voice came from outside.

"He's here!" Even though Lin Tian's heart was filled with anger, he still hastily replied. Since he had business to do, he had to properly ask if he could earn this month's rent. It was related to whether he could continue to stay here next month to "help the world".

Outside, Lin Tian saw three vicious looking hoodlums and inwardly cursed. These guys were definitely hoodlums that the creditor had sent to chase the debt.

Currently, the Lin Clan Hospital didn't have any equipment or doctors. Lin Tian could only rely on the money he earned from selling some sets and saving medicine to barely eat. He really couldn't afford to pay his debts.

"You must be Lin Tian right? You've already owed the boss three months rent, when are you going to pay it back?" A man with a wolf's head tattooed on his chest said arrogantly.

"Brothers, as you can see, I've sold all the things I can sell here, and I really can't take out any money. If you don't mind, I still have some limited edition sets here, you can use them however you like …" He had no choice but to lower his head and hand over a few boxes as he spoke.

"I never use this thing! Get lost! " Seeing that Lin Tian did not understand the "rules", Wolf Head waved his arm and "pa", sending all of the boxes in Lin Tian's hands flying. He then fiercely said: "Hurry up and take out the money, otherwise today I will smash your store.

Seeing the item he relied on to survive being knocked to the ground, a trace of anger rose from Lin Tian's heart. He tightly clenched his fists and his entire body trembled: "I don't have money!"

Lin Tian's current income was just enough for him to live on. If he paid the rent again, then he wouldn't be able to eat every month. Moreover, after this mean old bastard found out about his father's accident, he immediately raised the rent by three times.

"No money!?" He had seen many shopkeepers like this. As long as he let them taste some pain, they would obediently comply: "Brothers, destroy this shop for me and see if he has any money!"

"Yes, Big Brother!"

The two brothers behind him answered with great excitement. They knew it was time for them to show off, so they pulled out their own steel tubes and threw them at the counter which was full of sets.

With a crash, the poor quality glass counter shattered. Durex, Jezebel, sixth sense, Okamoto's assortment of branded condoms scattered all over the place.

Seeing his entire heart's blood destroyed like this, Lin Tian was momentarily stunned and forgot to react.

In Wolf Head's eyes, Lin Tian was scared stiff. He was even more pleased with himself. It seemed like his mission this time was completed.

"All of you, stop!" Wolf Head said and used his finger to touch Lin Tian's temple as he said with extreme disdain: "Remember this, tomorrow prepare the money for me. Otherwise, next time I won't just be … …"


"I will kill you!"

Wolf Head hadn't finished speaking when he was interrupted by two shouts. The first was his own and the second was from Lin Tian.

Seeing that his only property was destroyed, Lin Tian went completely crazy. He directly grabbed Wolf Head's finger and put it into his mouth to bite. His other hand grabbed a pen and directly stabbed it into Wolf Head's shanzhong point.

If it was in normal times, Lin Tian definitely wouldn't risk his life for five hundred dollars, but this was already his entire family property. His father's disappearance and the matter of sweeping out of the house had left a huge blow on him.

Boom!" A loud sound echoed out.

Before the two lackeys could even react, Lin Tian had already heavily pressed their big brother onto the ground. The pen in his hand stabbed into Wolf Head's acupuncture points, and fresh blood uncontrollably flowed out.

Ever since he was young, Lin Tian had been forced by his father to memorize these acupoints and he was very familiar with them. In a situation where he was extremely angry to the point of almost losing control, he recklessly pierced towards his opponent's fatal acupoints.

Shan Zhong was located right in the middle of his chest. It was extremely easy to recognize. If he was hit, he would be in extreme pain, and his chest would be stuffy and he would die on the spot.

"Ah, run! This man is crazy! Pull him away!" The wolf-headed man had never seen a person who would risk his life just for five hundred yuan. He could tell that the other party really wanted his life at that instant.

He was just a hooligan, not a fugitive. It was fine to bully the weak and fear the strong, but now he was completely afraid.

Lin Tian suddenly exploded for a moment, but his physical quality was really not that great. Very quickly, he was pulled away by the two little hoodlums. Seeing his madness, those two little hoodlums didn't dare to fight and only helped their elder brother up.

"Just you wait, I'll make you regret it!" Wolf Head used a frightened gaze to look at Lin Tian who was once again stunned. With the support of his younger brother, he slipped away like a wisp of smoke.

After Wolf Head left, Lin Tian slowly came back to his senses. He was also very surprised at what he had just done. Ever since he was 18 years old and his physical fitness had inexplicably declined, he had never fought with anyone else.

After the disturbance from Wolf Head, Lin Tian had already pulled down the roller shutter door. On one hand, he was not in the mood to do business, and on the other hand, he was afraid that this group of thugs would come and cause trouble.

How unlucky! Lin Tian sighed to the sky. Before his father left, he had vowed to turn the Lin Clan Hospital into the world's most famous hospital. He hadn't thought that it would end like this.

Disappointed, only then did Lin Tian suddenly remember that his broken computer was still reading the CD that was suspected to be an action movie.

It had to be said that this old computer was really impressive. Even after more than an hour, it still hadn't been able to read that disc.

"F * ck!" Lin Tian was extremely vexed as he cursed. Just as he was about to take out the disc, in the next moment, his eyes lit up. The computer's tattered screen actually exploded with eye-piercing white light.

The sudden appearance of the strong light temporarily blinded Lin Tian. After he came to his senses, he was completely stunned by the scene in front of his eyes. A beautiful woman actually appeared in front of him.

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