Loser Youth: Magic Doctor’s Adventure/C3 Wonderful Girl of Science and Technology
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Loser Youth: Magic Doctor’s Adventure/C3 Wonderful Girl of Science and Technology
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C3 Wonderful Girl of Science and Technology

"No!" Hurry up and run! I don't know you and I'm not your friend at all! " Lin Tian struggled and roared at the girl.

The young girl looked suspiciously at Mad Dog and the others. Her eyes flashed with a trace of craftiness as she said, "Are all of these people here to bully you? I can chase them away! "

"Ha ha!"

The mad dogs and the bullies laughed arrogantly, as if they had heard the funniest joke.

The two hoodlums didn't even stop their steps. The steel pipe in their hands whizzed towards the girl's forehead. If they were hit, even an adult male would be seriously injured.

Lin Tian wished he could kill all of these ruffians in front of him. As long as it was a man with a bit of a conscience, he wouldn't act against an innocent girl. At this moment, these ruffians were not people in his eyes, but beasts.

"Your speed is really too slow. Even my younger brother, who's five years old, is faster than you. You dare to come out and fight like this?" The young girl's rosy lips curved into a smile. At this moment, she was like a nimble deer. She flashed with the light of the dancing metal pipe and disappeared from where she stood.

The young girl's speed was really too fast. Lin Tian's eyes blurred as a small, dirty face appeared in front of him.

"Are you really Lin Tian? Great, I've finally found you! " The young girl blinked her eyes that were black and white. Her eyes flickered as she looked at Lin Tian happily.

"I really don't know you. If there's nothing else, then hurry up and leave!" Lin Tian spoke while giving the young girl a meaningful glance, indicating for her to quickly run. Although he didn't understand how the young girl came to his side, he didn't think that this young girl could beat this group of thugs.

The girl saw Lin Tian's expression and slightly nodded her head. She wrinkled her little nose and disdainfully said to the mad dogs: "I understand. Are these people trying to bully you?"

Hearing the young lady's words, Lin Tian wanted to cry. He did not know if this young lady was an innocent or a fool.

"Do you want to help him out?" In the eyes of the mad dog, there seemed to be no distinction between men and women.

"What does that mean?" the young girl asked innocently, tilting her head.

Her actions, in the eyes of the mad dog, undoubtedly became a provocation and a taunt. He crazily roared: "Hit them and cripple them both!"

The lackeys did not dare to hesitate as more than a dozen of them charged towards Lin Tian with fiendish expressions on their faces.

If it was only him, then perhaps he would be able to run away with all his might. With this young lady here, perhaps he would really be crippled here today.

The young lady's face became excited as she stretched her hands. "That's great, my master doesn't allow me to casually hit people, but if someone wants to hit me, then I can?!"

Lin Tian's heart flashed with a trace of misconception. This little girl seemed to be truly not simple. He then shook his head, thinking that this was impossible.

"Be careful!" Seeing the steel pipe that had once again descended, Lin Tian pounced towards the young girl. He wanted to hug her in his arms and help her block these attacks.

Whoosh! Lin Tian's vision blurred, and he felt like he had hugged an empty space.

Two miserable shrieks sounded out as the two hoodlums were sent flying. To be more accurate, they were kicked flying by the young girl.

When Lin Tian saw this situation, his brain short-circuited as he stared dumbfoundedly at everything in front of him.

The girl didn't stop her actions. After kicking away the two hoodlums, she was like a nimble butterfly, quickly moving among the remaining hoodlums. Every time she attacked, there was a scream, and her body softly fell to the ground.

Seeing the young lady who seemed to be dancing with an alien race, Lin Tian realized for the first time that her fighting posture could also be so beautiful, completely overturning his previous impression of her. A group of people said "Three Words Classic" and surrounded one person while kicking him randomly.

Ten seconds later, there were only two people left standing in front of the store: a man who had been frozen in place, and a girl who had been jumping and jumping innocently. The rest of the men had all curled up on the floor.

"Done!" The young girl had an excited expression on her face as she patted her hands as if she had done something insignificant.

"Are you still human?" Lin Tian opened his eyes wide and only managed to say this after a long time.

Only the wounded mad dog had a sinister look in his eyes as he slowly walked away while hugging his own belly. Anyone who knew him would know that he would definitely not let this matter rest. As long as they didn't kill him, provoking him would only lead to endless trouble.

"Of course I'm human. Your father told me to come and seek refuge with you and he said you would take care of me! "Oh right, my name is Chen Xiaolian. I came over from Shen Nong Jia." The young girl blinked her twinkling eyes and innocently looked at Lin Tian as she revealed her identity.

"That …" Lin Tian wanted to say that he almost couldn't eat anymore, but seeing that the other party was a helpless person who had just helped him solve a big problem, he changed his mind and said: "You can come in first to rest and eat something!"

"Alright, alright, I'm really hungry!" Chen Xiaolian rubbed his stomach in embarrassment.

"Then wait for me here, Little Shi!" Lin Tian said as he went to look for food.

"Little Shi?" The young girl repeated the name over and over again as if no one had ever called her that before.

Lin Tian searched for a long time, but discovered that he didn't have anything to eat besides instant noodles. With a complicated feeling in his heart, he cooked a pack of instant noodles for Xiao Shi.

"This is quite delicious, I've never eaten it before, what's it called!" Little Shi asked while snoring and gulping down the food.

After understanding the situation, Lin Tian finally understood that she had always lived in a place that was cut off from the rest of the world, called Shen Nong Jia. As for the details, no matter how he asked, Xiao Shi wouldn't tell him.

"If you're full, go take a shower!" Lin Tian saw that his entire body was dirty and that only a row of white and clean teeth could be seen on his face. He frowned and said to Little Shi with his bright eyes, but what Little Shi said next almost made him collapse.

"Well, well, do you have a river near here? The kind that needs clean river water! " Little Shi looked around, as if she was really going to find a river.

Lin Tian was speechless. He was completely defeated by Little Shi. In the end, he had no choice but to spend half an hour explaining to Little Shi how to use the shower and what was a soap towel.

Fortunately, Xiao Shi's comprehension ability wasn't bad until she was sent to the bathroom. Lin Tian was completely relieved when he heard a familiar voice, "Warning, due to the host's violent mood fluctuation just now, her body is under heavy strain and will worsen. If she doesn't recover in time, it will be life-threatening!"

Lin Tian was stunned, he suddenly remembered that this was the voice he heard last night. He calmed down the shock in his heart a little and calmly said: "Who are you, where are you? "Hurry up and come out!"

Swish! Just as Lin Tian finished speaking, the palm-sized girl from last night appeared on Lin Tian's shoulder. Her clear and beautiful voice said: "I'm Angel # 1. May I ask Master if you need anything?"

After experiencing the stimulation from that freak Little Shi, Lin Tian's endurance had clearly increased by a lot. He asked in shock: "Who exactly are you? What did you say just now?"

"I'm a nurse from outer space. I was talking about your current condition!" The nurse who called herself Angel One rolled her eyes at Lin Tian.

"What happened to my body? Did something happen?" Lin Tian thought of the issue he was most concerned about.

"After my scan of your body, I found that you have an unknown lesion in your nervous system. And if you don't get treatment soon, your life will soon be in danger, or you will become a vegetable!" The young nurse explained patiently.

Just these few words caused Lin Tian to be drenched in cold sweat. He finally understood that what he had heard yesterday was definitely not an illusion. He suddenly thought of something and asked: "I remember you saying that you can repair my body!"

"It can be repaired, but there isn't enough energy. I need to replenish enough energy!" the nurse said.

"Then how can I replenish your energy?"

"I need to absorb something rich in life essence, and the energy I absorb can't be used as a carrier. Otherwise, there will be rejection and unpredictable changes."

"Then are you able to absorb the energy of plants and animals?"


"Can you absorb some animal's energy to help me replenish my biological energy?" Lin Tian was happy in his heart. If this were the case, then he wouldn't need to worry about his body.

"Sure!" Before Lin Tian even had the chance to get excited, the following words directly caused Lin Tian to collapse: "But the energy I absorb will have the characteristics of a carrier. For example, if I absorb the energy of a pig to help you recover, then you will have the characteristics of a pig!"

"Holy shit, wouldn't I become a pig by then!" Lin Tian almost went crazy when he heard this.

"It won't happen. You'll still be a human after all. It's just that you have some of the characteristics of a pig!" The nurse's words made Lin Tian want to strangle her.

"Then, besides being able to treat my illness, can you also treat other people's illnesses?" Lin Tian suddenly thought of a problem that might affect his entire life.

"Of course. Our biotechnology is not something you can imagine. As long as I have sufficient energy, no matter what illness, I can cure it!" Angel 1 appeared very confident.

Heavens, if that was the case, wouldn't I be able to cure all of the illnesses and become a genius doctor?

The development of Lin Hospital was no longer a dream for me.

I, Lin Tian, can definitely stand at the peak of the world and become a legend of my generation.

A string of thoughts appeared in Lin Tian's mind. In an instant, he was filled with hope for his future.

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