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C4 Men's Courage

"Lin Tian, I've washed my clothes. Can you help me find two sets of clothes to wear?" A delicate voice came from behind Lin Tian.

Hearing this, Lin Tian turned his head, an enticing crime scene appeared in front of him.

After washing the dirt off her face, Little Shi was just like a perfect little beauty. However, the most frightening thing was that she was currently naked as she stood at the entrance of the bathroom using her innocent eyes to look at Lin Tian, as if she did not know that there was a difference between men and women!

He could never have imagined that he would actually see such a scene.

As the junior brother, Lin Tian felt a sudden burst of warmth under his nose after receiving this kind of stimulation. He extended his hand and touched it.

"Oh my god, I almost had a nosebleed!" Seeing that he had made a fool of himself, Lin Tian's first reaction was to close the curtains.

What a joke. To suddenly encounter such a situation, no one was willing to share it with others.

"Can you put on your clothes first?" Lin Tian covered his nose, his back facing Little Shi, but his eyes couldn't help but drift freely towards Little Shi's beautiful body, as if he was a perfect hypocrite.

"Why do you have a nosebleed? Isn't your anger too great!" Little Shi acted as if she didn't know how enticing she was right now. She walked in front of Lin Tian and asked with concern.

"Mom, I can't take it anymore!" Lin Tian roared out in rage. He soared into the air and pounced towards the washroom. That's right, the washroom.

Little Shi looked at Lin Tian's actions in puzzlement. She lowered her head to look and didn't find anything amiss.

Actually, Little Shi couldn't be blamed for this. Originally, she lived in a place that was cut off from the rest of the world, where all the women there were women. There was no difference, they all bathed in the river and dried naturally after exiting the river, and no one ever told her about men and women.

Crash! * After going through the stimulation of the cold water, Lin Tian forced himself to calm down. In his hand was a set of clean pajamas which he gave to Little Shi: "First wear this. I'll help you find two sets of clothes in a while!"

After Little Shi wore the clothes, although Lin Tian would still be absent-minded, he looked much more normal than before.

The petite Little Shi was wearing Lin Tian's loose pajamas. Her appearance was pure and lovely, deeply attracting the gaze of some pervert.

"Sigh, do you want to hear or not!" A beautiful voice pulled Lin Tian back to reality, only then did Lin Tian notice that it was the disc shaped young lady on his shoulder.

With regards to his life, Lin Tian didn't dare delay at all: "En, En, hurry up and say what energy you need, I'll help you find it!"

"The energy I absorbed is actually very simple. As long as it's something that contains life essence, then it's fine. For example, ginseng, Lingzhi, winter insect and summer grass, snow lotus, and so on! Hey, what's wrong with you, don't faint? " The young lady on the CD-ROM hadn't even finished speaking when Lin Tian nearly fainted.

Concussive! Let alone treating himself, even a dead person would be able to recover. The most important thing was the price of these medicines. They were not something that Lin Tian could afford to buy.

But luckily, there was hope for a method, and there was motivation for hope. Lin Tian nervously asked: "If you want to cure my illness, how many medicines would you need to absorb?"

The young lady on the CD-ROM pondered for a moment and said, "Taking ginseng as an example, I only need to absorb about three 1000-year-old ginseng to cure your illness. But if you want to recover to perfection, your body's quality is too poor, I'm afraid you'll need more energy!"

Down! Lin Tian directly fainted. Perhaps there weren't many thousand year ginseng in the world, and even if there were, it wouldn't be his turn. However, the words of the young lady on the CD-ROM made Lin Tian slightly sigh in relief.

"However, if you only want your body to stay at this level, then the amount of energy required will be much less. A wild ginseng that can last for ten years can last for a month!"

"Wow, it can't be. A wild ginseng like this costs almost ten thousand yuan, and I don't feel like there's anything abnormal about me!" Lin Tian was still a bit mad. This wasn't something that he could get now.

"The pathological changes of the nervous system can't be detected using ordinary methods. Now that your body is weak and when the disease really strikes you, you are either a vegetable or a zombie!" The young lady's speed of speaking was extremely fast. It was clear that Lin Tian's condition was already imminent.

"Brother, who are you talking to!" Little Shi Shi who was at the side stared vigilantly at Lin Tian's shoulder.

"I'm talking to her. Can't you see her?" Lin Tian pointed at Angel # 1 on his shoulder.

Little Shi shook her head, indicating that she couldn't see anything. The young lady's voice once again reached Lin Tian's ears: "Other than you, no one can see me. Moreover, you can also do mental communication with me!"

"F * * k, why didn't you say so earlier!" Lin Tian was very speechless towards this mysterious Angel # 1.

"You didn't ask either!" The girl on the disc looked innocent.

After understanding the situation of his body, Lin Tian was obviously very annoying, but with the arrival of Little Shi, he was able to alleviate a crisis, but new problems came one after another. Before this, he was already stretched from eating with his mouth, and if he were to add another mouth, he would probably not be able to open the pot.

He also thought of letting Little Shi go to work, but when he saw Little Shi's personality, he immediately gave up on that idea. In this society full of desires, with Little Shi's innocence and appearance, she would probably be eaten alive on the first day.

"I'm very sleepy. Can I sleep for a while?" Little Shi pointed to Lin Tian's bed and said.

"What time is it now? You're already so sleepy!" Lin Tian was very puzzled.

"I haven't slept for half a month. I came here from Shen Nong Jia!" Little Shi yawned sleepily.

Lin Tian was startled and said: "Didn't you come by car?"

"I also want to take a car, but they won't let me get on, and I don't have the money to buy a ticket, so I have to walk on my own! "No way, I'm too sleepy!" Perhaps Little Shi was too tired, or perhaps Lin Tian's place gave her an indescribable sense of security, and she had just finished speaking when she fell asleep.

Lin Tian looked at the innocent young girl in front of him and felt his heart ache. He did not understand how much difficulty Xiao Shi had to go through to find him, he was determined to take good care of Xiao Shi!

After going through so many things, Lin Tian was also tired. Seeing Little Shi sleeping soundly like a kitten, his heart felt a wave of satisfaction for no reason.

"Could this be the future daughter-in-law my dad found for himself?" Lin Tian thought about it as he laid beside Little Shi.

When he wanted to cover up Little Shi and make her sleep more comfortably, he found that she wasn't wearing any clothes.

"Oh my god!" This is clearly coming to torture me! " In his complicated mood, Lin Tian told himself countless times that he was a good person while reluctantly covering Little Shi with the blanket. Separated by the blanket, he embraced Little Shi and contentedly fell asleep.

Both of them slept rather well, and there was nothing too dog-blooded about them.

In the evening, Little Shi woke up from her sleep. Even through the thin blanket, she still felt that something was wrong.

"Yi, what is Lin Tian doing. Why did you put a stick in your pants!" The little table grabbed it and asked Lin Tian innocently.

"Ah!" Lin Tian woke up from his sleep and randomly touched the saliva at the corner of his mouth. He felt that he had been embarrassed and quickly covered up: "The two of us are different. For example, if you have this, I don't have it!

Seeing Lin Tian pointing at her chest, Little Shi seemed to understand something. Her face reddened as she hurriedly crawled back into bed. Although she didn't understand the matters between men and women, she still understood the differences between the body structures of men and women. She also wanted to understand why.

"Alright, I'll find two sets of clothes for you to wear. From now on, don't take your clothes off in front of others!" Lin Tian said as he began to rummage through the boxes.

"Then can I be naked in front of you?" Little Shi did not understand that other people did not include Lin Tian.

"Of course I don't have to wear it in front of me!" Lin Tian almost blurted out these words, but he felt that it wasn't appropriate to change his words and said: "Erm, in front of me, you'd better wear it!"

"Then that means I don't have to wear it anymore!" Little Shi was excited for a moment, but then she abruptly sat up and the blanket slipped off her shoulders.

"Pfft!" Lin Tian felt his nose turn hot and hastily covered it. In order to prevent himself from losing too much blood and dying, he firmly said: "In the future, you must wear clothes in front of me!"

Lin Tian also didn't understand why Xiao Shi didn't like to wear clothes. Right now, he couldn't care less about this as he hastily took out the leftover nurse uniform and tossed it to Xiao Shi.

Little Shi picked up the strange clothes in her heart and quickly put them on.

The image of a beautiful nurse appeared in front of Lin Tian.

"I didn't expect that you would look so good in this outfit!" Lin Tian sincerely praised.

"But it's not convenient for such clothes to move around!" XiaoShi tried striding forward, but wearing a nurse's dress was not suitable for intense exercise.

"That's all you can do now. You'll have to get used to it!" Lin Tian seemed to be very satisfied with Xiao Shi wearing this type of nurse uniform. This made him feel like his hospital was no longer alone.

Although his own counter had been smashed yesterday and had suffered heavy losses, it was still okay. Compared to other medical equipment, the set wasn't that fragile. Lin Tian had only lost a counter. He tidied up the counter and was about to open up the store.

Life is hard.

This time was different from the past. The moment Lin Tian opened the door, he saw people walking past, pointing at the walls of his hospital as they talked.

Normally, because of the fame of the set stores, they would only sneakily take a few glances around.

Lin Tian also curiously looked at the wall of the hospital. With this look, he exploded with anger.

It was written in red ink: "Repayment of debts, shameless domination, father, son, snake, rat, nest!"

If it was only Lin Tian's words, he wouldn't mind it too much. But this time, even his father scolded him. This had already exceeded the limit of what he could endure.

This did not need to be seen to be what the so-called boss did. This boss did not want Lin Tian to move out, but to torture him and ruin his and his father's reputation. Lin Tian did not know why this boss did this.

But if he left this place, he would be homeless. That was why he endured so much. At this moment, he could no longer tolerate it.

"Little Shi, pack your things. Let's leave this place!" Lin Tian's words were cold and harsh.

"Alright, alright, I don't want to stay here either!" Little Shi knew what had happened and was very excited.

Lin Tian's heart ached. He didn't care what he did, so how could he bear to suffer with Xiao Shi?

Just as Lin Tian was making up his mind whether he should be shameless and continue to stay here, a face that made people feel disgusted appeared in front of him.

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