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C5 There Is No Way out

The man was around 1.5 meters tall and weighed around 150 pounds. He had a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his fat red face. He looked like a scum no matter how he looked at it. He was the so-called boss.

"Nephew Lin Tian, I'm really sorry. I don't know who wrote these words, but you already owe me three months of rent. I also need to eat. Look at you …" Before the gold-rimmed glasses could finish his words, he was interrupted by Lin Tian.

"Uncle Wang, I'm sorry. I will move out today, but I really don't have any money now. I will definitely pay the rent!" After Lin Tian indifferently finished speaking, he directly went to pack up his things with Little Shi.

"That... If you have nowhere else to go, stay here for the night! " The gold-rimmed glasses said insincerely.

Lin Tian didn't pay attention to him and quickly packed all of his things into two big bags, preparing to leave this place that he had lived in for twenty-one years.

Just as he left, Lin Tian turned around and said: "Thank you for taking care of me during this time, Uncle Wang. If there is an opportunity, I will definitely repay you well!"

When the gold-rimmed glasses heard the word "repay", they suddenly shivered. Recalling that Lin Tian's father was already dead, he disdainfully said: "If it wasn't for your father, you would be a piece of trash. What's the use of repaying me!"

When Lin Tian heard this, his body went stiff. Then, he grabbed the bag on his back and walked forward with firm steps.

Although Little Shi didn't understand what was going on, she still felt Lin Tian's emotions innocently and obediently didn't say anything. Not only did she hug her large bag, she even helped Lin Tian carry it from behind.

As night fell, Lin Tian's heart was filled with loneliness. Right now, he could be said to have no one to rely on and no one to be close to. Only the little poem behind him could give him some comfort.

"I will definitely open up the hospital again, and if I have to do it, I will become the best hospital in the world!" Lin Tian clenched his fist and swore in his heart.

He still had more than two hundred yuan on him, so he ate a meal with Little Shi and arranged for her to stay at the hotel. He warned her not to come out and walked out alone.

If he lived, he would spend money. If he spent money, he would need work.

Since he himself also had the qualification to practice medicine, Lin Tian wanted to go to a nearby hospital or clinic to find a job, but when they saw that he was Lin Tian, they directly said that there was no lack of people here, or they directly told him that Wang Gang (Golden-threaded Glasses) said that if Lin Tian was used, then it would be unfair to him.

After walking for two hours and grinding his lips to the point that no one was willing to use him, Lin Tian helplessly walked to a relatively remote clinic and wanted to go inside to try his luck. However, there was a ruckus inside the room, as if it was trying to save a patient.

"Is Xiao Li's medicine ready? Hurry up and prepare the transfusion. If you don't treat the cerebral thrombosis in time, it will be very dangerous!" In the clinic, there was a twenty-five-year-old girl in white who did not panic at all as she commanded the nurses under her command.

After Lin Tian entered, no one paid him any attention. He also observed the patient with cerebral thrombosis.

A well-dressed old man in his sixties was lying on the bed. His limbs were trembling and his breathing was becoming weaker and weaker. It was very similar to the case of cerebral thrombosis.

The fumes in his ears caused Lin Tian to instinctively begin to determine what illness this old man was suffering from. Suddenly, his heart trembled as he discovered that although this patient's condition was very similar to that of cerebral thrombosis, it seemed more like cerebral hemorrhage.

Although the two conditions sounded similar, the treatment methods between them were completely opposite.

Cerebral thrombosis is a blood clot that clogs the blood vessels and requires rapid activation to remove blood stasis. Cerebral hemorrhage is a cerebrovascular rupture that requires rapid hemostasis. If these two diseases were confused, it would be fatal for the patient.

Lin Tian had never been an official doctor and wasn't too confident in his medical skills. He hastily summoned Angel 1 and asked: "Look at that patient's illness!"

The young lady on the disc looked at the old man and said slowly, "Cerebral hemorrhage, the academic name is cerebral hemorrhage!"

At this moment, the nurse called Xiao Li had already quickly mixed the medicine and hung the bottle, ready to insert it into the old man's blood vessel.

"No!" Lin Tian did not bother to explain in his heart. He directly threw himself over and threw away the infusion device.

Because they were busy just now, no one noticed a person suddenly appear and even stopped them from saving the patient. Right now, their lives were in danger, seeing that someone was causing trouble, a few male nurses even rubbed their fists and wanted to beat Lin Tian up.

Seeing this situation, Lin Tian's heart was anxious as he hastily explained: "Everyone, don't misunderstand. You all saw the wrong disease. This person is not a brain thrombosis, but a brain hemorrhage!"

"What? You actually said I was wrong!" The female doctor, who was not angry even when Lin Tian was "messing around", asked Lin Tian upon hearing this. The two people's faces were almost touching.

Only now did he realize that this female doctor was also a beauty. She had a perfect oval face, a curvy body, and a mature and charming aura. She was emitting a great temptation.

"I didn't mean that. These two illnesses are similar, and making a mistake is a normal thing. Right now, saving others is more important!" Lin Tian hastily said. He understood that this kind of illness could not be delayed.

"Since you understand it so well, then it must be you making a mistake. I, Wang Fei, cannot possibly have a wrong diagnosis!" The beautiful doctor confidently finished speaking and gave another order, "Xiao Li, prepare the medicine again. If this person is causing any more trouble, throw him out."

Seeing that Xiao Li was about to quickly and skillfully mix the medicine and give the old man another infusion, Lin Tian was secretly anxious in his heart. He would definitely not be able to beat the old man, and no one would believe his words. Just when he did not know what to do, he had a flash of inspiration and asked the young lady on the disc: "Do you have a way?"

"I do have a way, but I don't have enough energy to repair all of them. However, I can still temporarily suppress them!" The young lady on the disc said.

"Don't worry about that. Saving a life is more important!" Lin Tian was anxious. Just as he finished speaking, he felt a massage technique being transmitted to his mind. It was by stimulating the acupoints on his brain to relieve the cerebral hemorrhage.

"Right now, I don't have enough energy. I can only use your body to treat him. This method can only help him wake up, and he will still need treatment!" The young lady on the disc said.

At this time, Lin Tian no longer cared about what she was saying as he instinctively yelled out: "All of you, wait a moment!"

His sudden outburst caused the medical staff to be stunned. The beautiful doctor glared at him. "What are you trying to do? If this patient was delayed by you, I can sue you for attempted murder."

"I think you should be the one who deliberately murdered me. If my diagnosis is wrong, I would rather go to jail!" With the young lady on the CD-ROM as a shield, Lin Tian was very confident. He walked past the crowd and walked towards the old man. His hand quickly flew around his head and continuously stimulated his acupoints.

"Sister Fei, I think this person might not be a swindler, but he might have some skills!" Seeing Lin Tian's confident appearance, Xiao Li whispered into Wang Fei's ear.

"So, you also think that I made a mistake?" Phil's eyes slanted to Xiao Li.

"No, no!" Xiaoli stuck out her tongue in fear. She understood that Wang Fei was a mad medical man and would definitely not allow anyone to challenge her authority in medicine.

At this time, Wang Fei also quickly recalled this old man's situation. She suddenly discovered that this old man might really be the one with brain hemorrhage that Lin Tian spoke of, instead of cerebral thrombosis.

This discovery made her very conflicted. If what Lin Tian said was true, then her diagnosis was wrong. The patient's life might be in danger, but she was unable to bear the blow from her own diagnosis.

With her knowledge of medicine, she understood that what Lin Tian had done might have some effect, but it was only on theory. This was because in reality, there was no one who could accurately and quickly pinpoint the acupoints in such a dangerous situation.

This was the first time she felt that Lin Tian was truly not that simple.

Three minutes later, Lin Tian let out a long breath. The young lady on the disc had told him that the old man's illness had been temporarily controlled and there was no longer any danger to his life.

"Alright!" Lin Tian said to Wang Fei.

"Hurry up and check if the patient's condition is normal!" Wang Fei regained his composure.

Crash! All sorts of medical instruments and equipment called out to the old man. Soon, the results were out.

"Normal heart rate, normal blood pressure, the patient is slowly recovering!"

Hearing this, a layer of cold sweat appeared on Wang Fei's forehead. She understood that she was wrong this time. If it wasn't for Lin Tian, she might have already killed someone.

"Who was the one who tried to kill him?" Lin Tian thought of the anger he had just suffered and unhappily said. At this moment, he completely did not experience the psychological reaction of a dedicated doctor when he knew that he had made the wrong diagnosis.

When the male nurses behind heard Lin Tian's words, they all glared at him. Wang Fei was their goddess in their hearts, so even if their goddess was truly wrong, it would still be right in their hearts.

At this moment, the old man slowly woke up from his coma. He sighed and said, "Phil, I really have to thank you this time. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid my life would have really been saved!"

Wang Fei's expression was very awkward, her medical ethics allowed her to point at Lin Tian. "Uncle Liu, I'm sorry. This time I made a wrong diagnosis. It was this person who saved you!"

After hearing these words, Lin Tian actually had a kind of admiration for Wang Fei deep in his heart. Anyone could make a mistake for such a big mistake and have the courage to face it so quickly, it showed that Wang Fei was not simple at all.

Even in many unscrupulous hospitals, even if the patients were killed because of a misdiagnosis, they would still deny it a hundred times. That kind of attitude was not uncommon.

"You?" The old man looked at the thin and frail Lin Tian. No matter how he looked at it, this person didn't seem like someone with superb medical skills, but he still said: "Thank you young man. You should be Phil's new doctor. You're really young and capable!"

Lin Tian also realized that this old man might not be simple and that the opportunity to work might come. He hastily said: "I'm here to apply!"

"But we don't lack people here!" Wang Fei's words directly splashed cold water on Lin Tian's head.

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