Loser Youth: Magic Doctor’s Adventure/C6 Don't Act Cool Without Money
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Loser Youth: Magic Doctor’s Adventure/C6 Don't Act Cool Without Money
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C6 Don't Act Cool Without Money

"That …" Lin Tian was tongue-tied. Indeed, a person who came to apply and destroyed the boss's reputation the moment he arrived, and even made the boss ridicule him. No matter how capable this person was, he wouldn't be hired.

With the old man's experience, it was very easy to guess what had happened between the two of them. He could tell from Lin Tian's clothes that Lin Tian was in a miserable state and he still wanted to help out this young man who saved his life.

"Phil, I think you should just let him work here. I think he's a real person too!" The old man said.

"She said I'm not here yet, if I don't stay, then I'll have to stay!" Lin Tian's temper rose. He had already offended Wang Fei, so if he were to work under her, there would definitely not be any good food. Instead, it would be better for him to be a bit more unyielding.

The old man did not expect Lin Tian to say this, but he still wanted to help his savior: "Young man, if you don't want to stay here, I can introduce you to Xinli Hospital!"

"No need, I really don't want to go to that hospital!" Lin Tian coldly said. This hospital was Wang Gang's hospital and he wouldn't go back even if he beat Lin Tian to death.

Perhaps it was to repay the gratitude, or perhaps it was because he thought highly of Lin Tian. He tentatively said: "How about this, this clinic is right, I have a house to rent, how about you open a clinic, I believe that with your medical skills, you'll be able to do a very good job!"

"Alright!" Lin Tian's eyes lit up, but immediately dimmed down: "Forget it, I don't have the money to pay your rent!"

"Ha ha!" The old man could already see Lin Tian's distress, and laughed heartily: "The favor of saving my life is greater than the heavens, my old man's greatest strength is that he never owes anyone anything. You should live in those houses first and pay the rent when you have money.

"Uncle Liu!" Wang Fei stomped his small feet and anxiously told the old man that she did not wish to face that hateful person every day.

"Enough, Phil. I have a lot of confidence in both of you. If you two can crush each other's clinic, then you can prove your abilities!" The old man joked.

Concussive! What was this old thing thinking? Wasn't he clearly trying to make himself suffer? Lin Tian was secretly depressed in his heart.

Wang Fei took the old man's words seriously and fiercely said to Lin Tian: "If you can make him stay closed for a month, then Uncle Liu, you should take back that house!"

"Hehe!" When Lin Tian heard this, he lewdly smiled: "There isn't anyone who can make me keep my business for a month. If I don't open my business in a month, then I'll scram myself!"

They knew that Lin Tian definitely did not know Wang Fei. Ever since Wang Fei opened his shop, the clinics here went out of business one after another, with high-quality services, a reasonable price, and the allure of beautiful women. All the people nearby came to the clinic for treatment, and some even came due to admiration.

Looking at the two's imposing manner, the old man not only did not have a headache, but he was also very happy. "Youngsters should have this kind of force. I'll leave the key to you!"

"Uncle Liu, remember to come back for a review!" Lin Tian and Wang Fei shouted out at the same time from behind, attracting the old man's hearty laughter.

"Sigh, just who is that old man!" Lin Tian felt that the old man was not simple and asked while licking his face.

"But Uncle Liu …" Xiaoli was about to explain, but she stopped when she saw Phil's gaze and stuck out her cute little tongue.

Lin Tian could no longer care about anything. Now that things had turned around, he felt that his future was once again filled with hope. All of this came from the key in his hand.

He did not care about Wang Fei's provocation. He believed that he would definitely open his business.

It had to be said that the house that Uncle Liu "rented" to Lin Tian was even better than the hospital that Lin Tian was in before. There were even some simple old household appliances inside, and this was much better than the things that Lin Tian used before.

"There's finally a nest!" After Lin Tian sighed and brought Little Shi over, he cleaned up this place and finally had the appearance of a home.

"Will Lin Tian live here from now on?" Little Shi was very satisfied with the current place.

"That won't happen. We will definitely live in a better house in the future!" Lin Tian said full of confidence.

"We definitely will. Little Shi knows how to treat illnesses too!" Little Shi seemed very confident.

Lin Tian had already gotten used to Little Shi's secrets. That terrifying movement skill had already made Lin Tian fearful. In his mind, Little Shi would suffer injuries or something like that, so he didn't care too much.

On the other side, Wang Fei was secretly observing Lin Tian's movements, but he discovered that Lin Tian had even brought a cute little nurse over, silently cursing Lin Tian for deceiving a young lady from a good family.

The next day, just as dawn arrived, a very eye-catching sign hung on the other side of the beautiful woman's clinic — Lin Clan Ancestor's heirloom set of clothing for sale.

"The signboard has been hung up. I believe there will be business soon!" Lin Tian seemed to be very satisfied with his signboard.

When Wang Fei saw this signboard, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood. She never thought that Lin Tian would be so shameless to this extent.

However, in order to fulfill her promise of not letting Lin Tian open his clinic for a month, a sign quickly appeared in front of her — free distribution of birth control tools. Although the meaning was the same, it was more reserved and more refined.

Lin Tian saw this sign and understood that the other side was going to compete with him. He inwardly complained that all of his family property only consisted of these sets, it could be said that these sets were his parents. If he also gave them away for free, then he would have to drink to the northwest wind.

The first day Lin Tian's business was bleak, but Wang Fei was very proud, no one went to Lin Tian's place to see a doctor, as long as he could not sell the condom, in a month he would definitely scram. In her understanding, if there was something free, no one would spend money to buy it, so this bit of money was nothing to her.

"It seems like this old woman wants to force me to my death!" Lin Tian cursed inwardly, he was not a person who allowed others to pinch him. He immediately wrote another sign and hung it outside — — Night Light Type, Fruit Taste, Concave and convex type, stealth type set.

He knew that no matter what kind of life people lived now, what they pursued was a high-quality life. They wouldn't care about money at all, so he fully grasped this mentality.

This brand caused Wang Fei's impression of Lin Tian to be extremely evil. He even thought that Lin Tian was either a hooligan or a big pervert.

Indeed, on the night that this brand was posted, Lin Tian's financial situation had improved greatly. He was also very enthusiastic in explaining to the customers the different uses of his different products.

"Brother, what are these things for!" Little Shi asked Lin Tian curiously.

"This …" Lin Tian was embarrassed and then said: "This is what a man and a woman use when they play!"

"Then can the two of us play this? You have this thing, so why don't you play with Little Shi!" Little Shi Shi asked curiously.

When Lin Tian heard these words, he almost couldn't control himself and pushed Little Shi away. In the end, human nature still triumphed over beast nature, and perhaps he would have something happen to Little Shi, but it was definitely under the circumstances that Little Shi would understand and not have something happen to her while she was in a daze.

"Little Shi is still too young, you can't play with this now. You'll be able to do it when you grow up!" Lin Tian guiltily explained.

"Oh!" With regards to Lin Tian's words, she chose to unconditionally believe them.

Just at this time, a man and a woman walked into Lin Tian's clinic.

"Darling, tell me what kind of set we're going to pick this time. Last time, you chose too thick, so I didn't feel anything. This time, you have to let me choose!" A voice with a sloppy voice embraced a girl as it walked over.

Hearing this voice, Lin Tian knew that business had come. He passionately explained, "We have an invisible set here that we didn't bring with us …"

The voice came to an abrupt stop because he saw a familiar figure. It was He Linlin – his first love.

He would never forget that after his father's death, when he lost his soul and wanted to talk to the person closest to him, he said, "Let's break up!" Without your father, you are just a piece of trash! "

After saying this, He Linlin got into an Audi Q7. She could tell that this person was the owner of the Audi Q7.

"Let's go, we'll buy it somewhere else!" Helene pulled the so-called rich and handsome young man to walk outside.

He gave an evil smile. To him, teasing his girlfriend in front of him was the best way to show off his capital to his former boyfriend: "Hey, you must be Lin Tian right? I didn't think you did well in your business right? "But you haven't tried any of these, right? When Linlin was with me, she was still a virgin!"

She wanted to leave in anger and embarrassment, but when she thought about this man's rich wallet, she stopped walking. In her heart, all of this was not as important as her famous bag and luxurious life.

Lin Tian had already recovered from his state of mind. He understood that this type of woman wasn't worth him being sad over. He formally said: "May I ask what sort of condom you need?"

Seeing that Lin Tian wasn't angry, Gao Fu Shuai's heart flashed with a trace of anger. Lin Tian's current state made it impossible for him to reveal his sense of superiority. He hugged He Lin Lin and said: "Darling, this time I'll still listen to you. Say, what do you want!"

He Linlin seemed to understand Gao Fujun's personality very well. She leaned into his arms and said coquettishly, "Hubby let's try everything, okay? The sets we bought last time were a little too few!"

Gao Fu Shuai's eyes lit up. He even wanted to do something to He Lin Lin on the spot, but in the end, he endured it and said to Lin Tian with disdain: "Give me a pack of everything you have here, I want to try everything tonight!"

"No problem!" Lin Tian was also very excited. At this moment, he had already treated Gao Fujun and He Linlin as ordinary customers, so this kind of woman wasn't worth him looking at. He quickly wrapped her up and handed her over: "There's a total of 3685.

This time, Lin Tian fully increased the price by ten times. If this kind of idiot didn't scam him, who else could it be?

Gao Fujun proudly took out a stack of money from his wallet and threw it on the counter, "No need to look for it!"

Lin Tian silently picked up the money and quickly counted it, then said: "Sir, I'm sorry, I'm still short of one hundred. This is only three thousand and five hundred dollars, if you can't afford it, then don't act cool here!"

"What!" Gao Fujun believed that he had given Lin Tian more than three thousand and six hundred dollars, but he couldn't bring himself to count it out himself. He once again took out a hundred and threw it onto the counter: "You're just a piece of trash, no wonder Linlin doesn't follow a piece of trash like you!"

"You are the trash! I can see that not only are you a trash, but you also have kidney deficiency. In order to make up for kidney deficiency, every time you take medicine, it causes the accumulation of drugs. I can see that you're about to have a heart attack … … A pleasant voice came from behind Lin Tian.

Just as Gao Fujun was about to explode in anger, he felt cold sweat dripping down his back. The other party had actually hit the mark on his illness!

He was completely shocked when he saw Little Shi. If he could get full marks for 100 points, then He Linlin would only get 80 points, while Little Shi could get at least 95%. Especially the pure aura on her body, it was deeply attracting to him.

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