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C7 It Was You I Beat

Seeing a beauty that was even more beautiful than herself suddenly appear, He Lin Lin felt that her previous advantage had instantly vanished. When she realized that Gao Fujun was glaring at Little Shi, she hastily tried to pull him away, but she was unable to do so.

"Get out of my way, don't bother me!" He stared pervertedly at Little Shi and said to Lin Tian: "Little brat, as long as you give this woman to me, the price is up to you."

Lin Tian's heart flashed with a trace of anger. He could endure being ridiculed, but he would definitely not allow Little Shi to be taunted. He coldly said: "Scram for me, otherwise you will regret it!"

Gao Fu Shuang was used to being arrogant, pointing at Lin Tian's nose and cursing: "Do you f * cking know who my father is? "Your father will …"

"Crash!" Before Gao Fujun could finish his words, a bottle of alcohol blossomed on his head. At this moment, he still hadn't said anything about his awesome father.

"Ah!" "Murder!" Seeing such a situation, She Lin immediately cried out in alarm.

"I'm telling you, no one can insult Little Shi. Scram for me!" Lin Tian did not mind the alcohol bottle cutting his bleeding hands as he coldly said this.

Men sometimes used violence to prove their dignity!

"I will kill you!" When had Gao Fujun ever been hit by someone? He shouted crazily as he retreated backwards. Those who were strong on the outside and weak on the inside would always be useless when their protective umbrella wasn't there.

The ruckus in Lin Tian clinic quickly attracted the attention of Wang Fei.

Wang Fei walked in. Looking at the mess on the floor, it was not hard to guess what had just happened. When she saw Gao Fu's handsome appearance, she exclaimed in surprise: "Young Master Zhou, why have you come to this place!"

It was obvious that Wang Fei knew this young master Zhou.

Young Master Zhou saw what the person was saying and said to Phil, "Fei, quickly call my dad. This brat dared to hit me. I'll make him die a horrible death. Let him go to jail!"

Seeing Little Shi who was hiding behind Lin Tian and thinking of Young Master Zhou's personality, Phil's eyes revealed a trace of disgust: "I'm not your nanny. If you want to hit yourself, go hit!"

Although Lin Tian inwardly cursed himself for being a bit impulsive, he did not regret what he had done. A man had his own ways of enduring things, but there were also some things he could not tolerate.

"If you want to fight, then fight. Today, I must cripple him!" Young Master Zhou took out his phone fiercely and was about to call for help.

Young Master Zhou, who knew Phil well, knew what would happen if he called Lin Tian. He mysteriously said: "Young Master Zhou, you need to know that this is Uncle Liu's territory. Lin Tian doesn't even need to pay rent here!"

"I don't care who the f * * k it is …" Just as Young Master Zhou wanted to say something, Uncle Liu's two words instantly sobered him up: "What relationship does this kid have with Uncle Liu!"

"You have to ask Uncle Liu about this!" Waffles said.

Ask Uncle Liu directly? Even Zhou Shaoyi would not dare to do so. Although he was a popinjay, he knew that in this era where he fought for his father, as long as his father wasn't the most powerful, he would be in for it.

"Humph!" "Brat, you better remember this. Even if you have a relationship with Uncle Liu, I won't let you off!" Young Master Zhou judged the situation and decided to endure it for the time being. He took his big bag with him and He Linlin and left the place resentfully.

"Thank you!" Lin Tian saw Young Master Zhou walk and said to Wang Fei. He understood that if it weren't for Wang Fei's few words, he would have been in deep trouble.

"No need to thank me, but I advise you to quickly leave this place. Young Master Zhou will definitely not let this matter rest!" "You're too reckless. If you hadn't hit someone, this matter would have had a turn for the worse!" Wang Fei looked at Lin Tian with some sympathy. At this time, she discovered that this man wasn't as unbearable as she had imagined.

"Hehe, there are some things a man can endure, some things he can't!" Lin Tian tightly clenched his fist.

Hearing Lin Tian's words, Lin Tian's previous vulgar and greedy appearance had improved quite a bit in Wang Fei's heart, but Lin Tian's following words had once again lowered her impression of Lin Tian to its original point.

"However, I have a great harvest today. Just now, I sold it for 3600 yuan. It seems like you have ruined my promise to not open my mouth!" Lin Tian excitedly raised the RMB in his hand.

"Brother, your hand is bleeding. Let me treat it!" Little Shi looked at Young Master Zhou's background, her eyes flashing with a cold light as she said to Lin Tian with a heartache.

"Alright!" Lin Tian did not refuse.

Little Shi gently opened Lin Tian's big hand and carefully cleaned up the broken glass. Without any medicine, her nimble little finger quickly drew strange symbols around the wound. The blood stopped instantly, and even the wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Sigh!" What should I say to you? I should discuss this matter with Uncle Liu! " Wang Fei helplessly looked at Lin Tian and walked out. In her eyes, Lin Tian was feigning calmness.

After Wang Fei left, Lin Tian opened his hands and discovered that there was no longer any pain. Although he was surprised in his heart, he thought it was because of Angel # 1 and didn't think of Little Shi.

Taking out his classic Nokia 1110 phone, Lin Tian dialed a number: "Hello, I'm Lin Tian. Help me find someone called Young Master Zhou. He's He Lin Lin's current boyfriend. You don't need to ask anything. Just tell me the information about him!"

Hanging up the phone, since this matter could not be resolved peacefully, Lin Tian had to understand the other party's background. After hanging up the phone, he once again dialed a number.

"Hello, is this Brother Tian?" A gloomy voice came over the phone.

"Yes, it's me. I might have a little trouble recently. The other party is very powerful, so I might need your help!" Lin Tian indifferently said.

"Hehe, I'm waiting for Brother Tian's call!" Then, he hung up the phone.

Lin Tian's first phone call was to confirm the other person's background. The second phone call was to prepare the other person's revenge.

As the saying goes, Qin Hui had three good friends, and Lin Tian was no exception.

Real good friends sometimes don't need to be in touch.

His first friend's name was Zhao Si Er. Because he was born with heavy ears, his father gave him this name.

The second was a childhood friend of Lin Tian's, called Liu Bo. After Lin Tian had fallen into trouble, his two friends had told him to go over, but had been rejected by Lin Tian. He believed that men relied on him.

As for what the two of them were currently doing, Lin Tian also did not understand. In any case, every day was mysterious, but as long as Lin Tian spoke, the two of them would never refuse.

After ruthlessly extorting a portion of Zhou Weiqing's money, Lin Tian's life temporarily improved a bit. The first thing he did was to bring Little Shi along to buy a few sets of clothes.

The clothes that Little Shi Shi wore previously were no longer worn, but now, other than the few remaining nurse uniforms, there was no other clothes that a girl could wear.

"Lin Tian, what do you think about me wearing these clothes?" Little Shi pointed to a set of pure white sportswear. She still liked some loose and comfortable clothes.

"Okay, okay. Wear it now and let me see!"

Lin Tian fiercely nodded his head, secretly looking forward to Little Shi's pure and innocent temperament. If she were to be covered in white, then she would definitely be considered an oxygen beauty of the sports faculty.

"Alright, I'll change it now!" After saying so excitedly, Little Shi actually took off her clothes as if she was going to change inside the mall.

Lin Tian was speechless. He hastily walked over and said with a dark face: "You have to go to the locker room to change that little Shi. Remember, in the future, you can't take off your clothes in front of anyone!"

Little Shi nodded, as if she understood something. Noticing the strange gazes from around her, she realized that the environment in which she was living seemed to be completely different from the one in which she was previously living. She had better listen to Lin Tian here.

After finally sending Xiao Shi into the locker room, Lin Tian finally let out a sigh of relief. He inwardly sighed with emotion. It seemed that in the recent days, the most important issue was to let Xiao Shi understand the differences between men and women as well as the current society's basic ethical perspectives.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Lin Tian's phone suddenly rang. He lowered his head to look at the number and instantly picked it up.

"Hey, what happened to your ears!"

"I've already investigated the people you told me to check. There are some information. I'll fax them to you later!" Zhao Si's voice came over the phone.

"So fast!" Lin Tian was truly surprised.

"Hehe, don't you know who this brother is? Furthermore, the people you asked me to investigate are also well-known figures in San Cai city, so it's not hard to find them! "

"Alright, I have something to do now. In an hour, I'll give you the fax number, and we'll do it like this!" Seeing Little Shi come out of the locker room, Lin Tian directly hung up.

He saw that Little Shi was wearing a loose sportswear and her beautiful body looked exquisite. Under her sportswear, the curves of her body were almost completely outlined, which made people's eyes light up.

"Lin Tian, do you think I'm that pretty?" Little Shi turned in a circle on the spot, and like a dancer, smiled sweetly at Lin Tian.

A trace of warmth flashed across Lin Tian's heart. Seeing Little Shi's naive and cute appearance, the haze that had been pressing on his head for so long seemed to have been completely swept away.

"Our family's little Shi Shi is the prettiest girl in the world. We should hurry up and buy a few more. From now on, you will have clothes to change!" Lin Tian had a face full of happiness. This was the only time he sincerely smiled in the past few months.

Following that, he helped Xiao Shi pick out a few clothes. After helping her choose some special underwear, he spent a total of a thousand yuan on it. This was equivalent to his living expenses for three months before.

However, he felt that it was worth it. In this world now, there seemed to be nothing more important than making Little Shi happy.

If a girl could stand behind a man while he had nothing and the whole world was against him, that man would be willing to give his all for her.

After leaving the shopping mall, Lin Tian sent Little Shi back to his room and walked into Wang Fei's clinic.

Wang Fei was taken aback when he saw Lin Tian. Then, he reacted, "Why are you here? Do you regret what you did just now and want me to plead on your behalf? If you call me big sister, I can help you reconcile! "

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