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C8 Receive Data

Lin Tian took a deep look at Wang Fei's perfect oval face, delicate skin, elegant eyebrows, large eyes, and small mouth. No matter where one looked, they could not find a single blemish.

Especially the fact that her entire body was emitting an aura unique to mature women, almost causing Lin Tian, who had been repeatedly tempted recently, to almost have a physiological reaction.

"Of course not, I just want to use the fax here to receive some information!" Lin Tian shook his head.

On the surface, she had a very deep enmity towards Lin Tian, but in her heart, she was extremely grateful to him. After all, if it wasn't for Lin Tian, she was afraid that she would already be a murderer.

Women were the most mysterious species in this world. Their thoughts could not be judged by common sense.

"Look, the fax is right there. There is a number written on it. However, I'd advise you to tell Uncle Liu about it!" This is good for you! " Wang Fei finally voiced out his concern for Lin Tian.

Lin Tian slightly smiled and said: "The matters of men must be resolved by myself. I am not some trash second generation who only knows how to rely on his parents!"

Wang Fei wanted to say something, but he found that Lin Tian had already dialed the number. He could only swallow the words that were about to leave his mouth.

"Hello, the fax number here is …" Lin Tian gave a phone number and not long after, the printer that was connected to the phone began to work.

Squeak squeak squeak!

The mechanical voice of the printer resounded inside Phil's clinic. The surrounding people were all very curious, what kind of documents would Lin Tian, the person who brought them miracles, receive here?

However, when Wang Fei and the others clearly saw what had been printed out on the first piece of paper, what they got instead was deep contempt.

"He really is a pervert! At this time, he still wants to use our fax to receive this kind of picture!" On the side, Xiao Li was full of hostility towards Lin Tian due to Wang Fei's relationship.

Lin Tian looked at the first picture that came over was of a twenty-something year old beauty. His head was also filled with black lines, but he also knew that Zhao Si Er definitely had his own reasons for giving him these pictures.

In Phil's clinic, there were so many people that Lin Tian didn't dare to browse. After printing a copy, he immediately covered it with white paper.

This small action allowed the crowd to confirm that Lin Tian was transferring some sort of bad image. The gaze they looked at him with changed from the initial unfathomable to disappointed …

Lin Tian didn't care what these people thought of him at all. He received more than twenty sheets of printed paper and called Zhao Si Er. After confirming that everything had been sent, he carefully held these documents in his arms and ran towards his store as if he was a thief.

"Sister Fei, please don't let this pervert come here to collect those bad pictures in the future!" Lin Tian had just left when Xiao Li's dissatisfied voice rang out.

"Alright, Little Li, stop talking. Maybe she really does have something to do!" Wang Fei, for the first time, gave Lin Tian an excuse.

With her vast knowledge, she could tell that Lin Tian's calmness was absolutely not an act. She was also very curious, what method could Lin Tian, who could not even afford to eat yesterday, use to deal with the Zhou family, this huge monster.

After arriving home, Lin Tian quickly flipped through the documents in his hands.

Inside the documents, most of them were photos. The last few were descriptions of Young Master Zhou's family.

After reading it, Lin Tian let out a long breath, closed his eyes, and his brain rapidly began to think.

He needed to use the information he had and his own conditions to come up with a meticulous plan, a plan that would protect him from Young Master Zhou's revenge.

Now Lin Tian finally knew that young master Zhou's original name was Zhou Yazhong. His father was actually the chairman of San Cai city's Tianliu Entertainment Group, Zhou Dejun.

The position of the Entertainment Chairman did not appear to be related to that of an ordinary person, but in reality, they were extremely powerful. The television stations, newspapers and magazines were all restricted by them, and they were able to control the local entertainment industry.

After so many years of chaos, the noble circle had become a naked reality in front of Zhou Debing.

One could tell what kind of family education he was receiving from what he had done, and most of the photos Zhao sent over were from his father, Zhou Dejun, with the exception of some of his venting tools.

After obtaining the information on how these people believed, Lin Tian set his gaze on a young model 95 called Hai Mei Er.

Hai Mei Er was only nineteen years old today and she was using a famous Little Wild model of the dating show. With her pretty body and appearance, as well as her bold language, no one would have thought that she had an affair with Zhou Dejun.

Although the picture in Lin Tian's hand was printed out by a fax machine in black and white, the Hai Mei Er on it was still a standard little beauty. Especially the pair of foxy eyes above it, it could even stir up a man's deepest desires.

"This is an animal, not even sparing a girl who's younger than its own son!" Lin Tian fiercely cursed. After confirming that he had memorized the other person's movements and address, he sneakily brought over a bag. After realizing that he hadn't woken Little Shi up, he then deeply fell asleep.

In this one or two days, Lin Tian was not worried about Zhou Yxiong's revenge on him.

He was sure that trash of his father's generation would investigate the background of a man before making a move against him. His relationship with that mysterious uncle Liu was enough to cause Zhou Yxiong to hesitate for two days.

This period of time was the only chance for Lin Tian Jedi to counterattack.

The next day, after walking for a while, Lin Tian got up to prepare food for Little Shi. After seeing that she had finished eating, he reminded her not to open the restaurant.

"Are you going to take revenge on that person? Little Shi can help you as well. Let me go with you!" Little Shi had an excited expression as she was itching to give it a try.

"No, you have to stay at home and wait for me to come back!" Lin Tian firmly said.

"Alright then!" Little Shi seemed to be wronged, but a trace of craftiness flashed in the depths of her eyes, which meant that she would never let it go.

After coming out, Lin Tian took a deep breath and adjusted his mental state. Just as he was about to leave, he bumped into Wang Fei who had just come over.

"I say, Little Lin Tian, why are you going so early?" Is your "clinic" not going to open this year? " When he said the word "clinic," Wang Fei's tone became very strange.

According to her thoughts, she felt that Lin Tian's so-called clinic, even more accurately, should be called the sex products store.

"Hehe, of course I'm going to look for a beauty. The allure of a beauty is extremely great for me!" Lin Tian's eyes were tightly staring at Wang Fei's chest, his eyes shining.


Wang Fei rolled his eyes at Lin Tian. Just as he thought he would care about his sympathy, it instantly dissipated. Like a model, he twisted his slender waist and walked towards his own clinic.

At this moment, Lin Tian was amazed: her figure was indeed very good.

Shaking his head to chase away the messy thoughts, Lin Tian extended his hand to stop a taxi.

"Jinxiu District!" Lin Tian indifferently spat out an address.

Lin Tian had just left when a sneaky little head poked its head out of the Lin Tian clinic. Angel's face revealed a demonic smile. Her white and tender little finger made a pinching motion, and she quickly found the right direction and disappeared.

Right now time was money, Lin Tian didn't care about wasting that money.

Fortunately, the drivers of San Cai city weren't that fond of chatting, and at that time, there wasn't much traffic. At nine o'clock, Lin Tian punctually arrived at the bottom floor of the Jin'ao District.

Lin Tian lowered his head to look at his phone and frowned: "Looks like I just happened to come at the right time. According to the information given to me by my four ears, in another fifteen minutes Hai Mei Er will be on time to practice yoga!"

In the middle of it all, Lin Tian's eyes were unmoving as he stared at the people coming out of Jinxiu District, while his gaze was completely focused on the beautiful young girls around the age of twenty.

The Jinxiu District was originally a high-class residential area. Usually, the pretty girls who lived here would have either a rich dad or a rich godfather.

It had to be said that the information Zhao Si had given Lin Tian did not disappoint him. Only ten minutes later, a girl dressed in a pure and beautiful manner, looking somewhat young and tender, slowly walked out. Especially her pair of fox-like eyes.

"Angel # 1, can you find anything wrong with this girl?" At this moment, Lin Tian's expression became extremely serious as he spoke to the little beauty who was wearing a nurse's short skirt that was as tall as his palm.

Angel 1 wrinkled its small nose and said with dissatisfaction, "My energy is lacking now and I can't tell even from this far away. It would be best if you could make contact with her body before I can make an accurate judgement!"

"Damn, it seems like you're not as magical as I thought!" He complained but didn't stop his footsteps. He immediately put on a fanatical expression and walked straight to Hai Mei Er's side and said emotionally, "Um … You must be Miss Hai Mei Er, I am your loyal fan, I didn't think that I would be able to see you here. Can you shake hands with me? "

Hai Mei Er raised her meticulously modified eyebrows and suppressed the small excitement in her heart. She looked at the standard diaosi who suddenly appeared in front of her.

Someone like her who possessed a dream of being a celebrity but did not have a certain level of fame, being able to be recognized by her 'fans' on the street was enough to make her excited for several days.

"Good, I also didn't expect that you would be able to recognize me here!" Hai Mei Er found it hard to suppress her excitement as she stretched out her soft and white hands.

Lin Tian's large hand had just reached out and felt that Hai Mei Er's small hand didn't seem to have any bones. A soft and comfortable feeling instantly transmitted into his heart. He actually didn't want to let go of her a little.

"This woman has severe dysmenorrhea, accompanied by a cold body, and no sunflowers have appeared yet. If this goes on, she will become infertile!" And she's a virgin! "

At the same time, Angel # 1's pleasant voice appeared in Lin Tian's mind. Lin Tian's brows instantly twisted into knots.

At first, Hai Mei Er had some complaints about the man in front of her not letting go of her hand. However, this man was her first fan after all. She asked with some concern, "Sir, what's wrong? Did something happen?"

Lin Tian shook his head and said with a face full of helplessness: "Miss Hai Mei'er, you may not believe my words, but as for my family's inherited bone feeling and fortune-telling technique, I still want to tell you a piece of bad news!"

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