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"Han Jin, stop right there! Stop right there! Do you know I'm seven months pregnant! "

Just as Chu Yunshen finished washing up and didn't even have time to apply his skin care products, Han Jin, who had barged in, pressed him down in front of the dressing table and rudely took her from behind.

Han Jin's body was filled with the smell of alcohol mixed with the inferior fragrance of a certain woman's body. It invaded her nose, causing her to feel a wave of nausea.

Hearing her words, Han Jin raised her head from behind her. Her pair of scarlet eyes reflected in the mirror, making her look extremely terrifying!

"What does the death of this evil seed have to do with me?"

His words were like a bucket of ice water that poured cold water over Chu Yun's heart from beginning to end.

"Han Jin, are you still f * * king human? This is also your child! "

"Heh …"

The man chuckled, his large hands mercilessly grabbing onto Chu Yunjin's chin, forcing her to look at the mirror in front of her.

"Chu Yunjin, look at your face in the mirror. How disgusting is it? Is a person like you worthy to be a mother? I find every shred of blood that belongs to me dirty! "

As he spoke, the man straightened his body several times, as if he was trying to pierce through her stomach with all his might!

Chu Yun's stomach slammed against the dressing table, the pain made her face turn white.

However, the man's words were like a palm, viciously slapping his own face.

Han Jin returned, he was here to humiliate her!

Gritting her teeth, she struggled fiercely, "Han Jin will return! What the hell are you doing! "If you want to go crazy, go look for the ladies outside. Don't look for me!"

After being married for three years, Han Jin would come and find her crazily every day!

Without exception!

"Not looking for you?" Then who will pay for the debt you owe?! It's been three years, Chu Yunzhen, you've had a guilty conscience! "You caused the death of Qingya and married her to me. On what basis are you able to stay in the Han Family and enjoy everything that belongs to Qingya!"

Three years ago, the one he wanted to marry was Xia Qingya, but on the day of the wedding, the veil covering the bride's head was lifted to reveal Chu Yunzhan's face!

Xia Qingya, on the other hand, was found jumping into a river the next day.

There was also the letter where she jumped into the river and killed herself.

"Jin is big brother, marry big sister Yun. I wish you two happiness."

This ironclad evidence was laid out in front of him. It was clearly this woman who had killed her best friend in order to marry him!

When she thought of Xia Qingya's rotten body in the water, Han Jin couldn't help but want to strangle this wicked woman to death!

This kind of vicious person wanted to conceive his own child?!

Was she even worthy of it?!

Chu Yun's fingers, which were supporting the dressing table, dug deeply into the wood, his nails digging into it.

"Han Jin, you hate me so much? If I say that three years ago, it wasn't me who forced Xia Qingya to death, it was me who wore a wedding dress instead of marriage, what would happen if I agreed to Xia Qingya's request?! "

She turned her head and her clear eyes met his.

For a moment, Han Jin almost believed her.

However, when he thought of Xia Qingya's death, a raging rage arose in his heart.

"Chu Yunjin, even now you are still quibbling! You're asking me if I hate you? Alright, I'll tell you now, I hate you to the point that I want to eat your flesh and drink your blood, and I wish that the one who died that day was you! "

The man ruthlessly charged forward, but Chu Yunjin clenched his teeth and silently endured. The pain from his body couldn't be compared to what he was feeling right now. This man didn't believe her. No matter what she said, he didn't believe her!

Then why did she speak out again, leaving him with the chance to humiliate her?

After a long time, the man finally finished venting and left. Chu Yunjin's body could not bear it any longer and he sat paralyzed on the ground. Her face was terrifyingly pale, her back was covered in cold sweat, and the pain of her lower body was indescribable.

She looked down and saw traces of blood between her thighs. Her eyes were red.


Her child.

Chu Yun was so scared that he shouted, "Han Jin, send me to the hospital, save our child!"

When she raised her head to look at him, what she saw was a man's eyes that were as cold as water.

"Good ~ Good, I've booked a laparotomy for you. Now go, the timing is perfect!"

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