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Chu Yun was so scared that he wanted to run, but Han Jin grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the car to take him to the hospital.

"No, no, I don't want to go in."

Looking at the entrance of the operation room, Chu Yun was truly afraid.

Han Jin was serious, he really wanted to dissect her child alive.

When she was brought to the operating table and saw the doctor holding the scalpel, Chu Yun was so scared that he begged for mercy, "I beg you, I don't want to come to the hospital, don't take my child away. Han Jin, the child is innocent …"

The man coldly shook off Chu Yunjin's hand, he was extremely disgusted!

"Innocent? All the elegance that were forced to death by you were innocent? "

"Operation now! Take out that vile spawn!"

He turned his head to look at the woman on the operating table, his thin lips slightly parted, "Chu Yunjin, remember, this child suffered because of you, and it was also you who returned Qingya's life!"



Xia Qingya again!

For the past three years, this name had been lingering in her mind like a nightmare, making it impossible for her to break free!

But she clearly didn't do it, why did she have to use her child's life to return it!

Could it be based on that simple handwritten blessing from three years ago, that a corpse had been soaked to the skin?

Just based on her previous love for Han Jin and her selfless love for her, did she really love him so much that she told the world that she wouldn't marry him?

That's why she was certain that it was Xia Qingya who forced him to his death?

Why didn't anyone believe her?

Why did everyone want to force her to pay this meaningless debt!

Even her child!

Could it be that he believed her guilty, so she had to pay him back?!

When the anesthetic pierced Chu Yunjin's body, along with his feelings, it disappeared along with his heart!

— —

Chu Yunjin was pushed awake by the nurse. When she woke up, her first reaction was to touch her stomach, but there was nothing there.

That's right …

How could that heartless Han Jin let her go!

"What are you waiting for? Director Han said to get the hell out of his sight."

The nurse was bullying him, the gaze she used to look at Chu Yunjin was filled with disgust.

It was as if from three years ago, the entire City of G knew of this cruel and merciless Chu Yunshen. They also had this kind of malicious intent towards this Chu Yunshen!

Clenching her fists tightly, she endured the pain on her body and left the operation room step by step. She, Chu Yunxin, had never needed the pity of others!

However, when he returned to the ward through the long corridor, he heard an ear-piercing sound.

"Jin is big brother, can this child really save me? Sorry... I didn't think that you would directly cut out the child from Big Sister Yun Chen's womb, but the doctor also said that if you want to save me, you need to have the same type of body … Jin Zi-ge, I don't want to die … "

"It's fine, I won't take another look at the birth of that evil child. He can save your life and can be considered to have paid back the debt that Chu Yunshen owed your sister."

The man consoled the little girl in his arms. Beside the two of them, a group of white gowns were carrying a newborn baby. The long bone marrow in their hands was pierced into the back of the child …


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