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Chu Yun anxiously rushed in with red eyes and snatched the child away. The sharp bone marrow scratched her arm and cut out a long line of blood. It hurt so much that it pierced into her bones.

But fortunately, the child was snatched away!

Chu Yunjin tightly held the child in his arms, staring at Han Jinhui and the woman in his arms.

That woman with a similar appearance to Xia Qingya — — Xia Qingya's blood sister, Xia Qingyin!

Yes, Han Jin was crazy enough to find a substitute Xia Qingyin to accompany him after Xia Qingya died.

He doted on her and listened to her every word.

He gave all his gentleness to Xia Qingyin, no, he gave it to Xia Qingyin, who represented the dead Xia Qingya!

Yet this man had left her nothing but a bone-chilling coldness.

However, Chu Yun had never thought that Han Jin would be so cold-blooded that after Xia Qingyin contracted leukemia, he would take out the child in her womb and exchange it for the bone marrow of the woman he loved!

Chu Yun was so scared that his entire body was trembling.

He tightly held the child in his arms, not daring to let go even a bit.

"Han Jin, I don't care if you like Xia Qingya or Xia Qingyin, I don't care if you hate me or hate me!" I don't care about that, but if you dare to touch a single hair on my daughter's head today, I, Chu Yunzhan, will definitely not let you go! "

The way she protected the child in her arms made her seem determined, but in Han Jin's eyes, her determination was worthless!

"Chu Yunjin, leaving this evil seed here is already a gift to you. I advise you to not try to challenge my bottom line."

His cold eyes looked at Chu Yunjin. His eyes were like a blade, slicing her entire body with blood.

Chu Yun was panicking …

She didn't know what to do. Her gaze shifted to Xia Qingyin, then back to Han Jin's hands on her waist.

This was the first time, and in Chu Yunjin's heart, there was only despair.

She admitted it. She wanted to let go.

"I know you hate me, but the child is innocent. I beg you, let the child go!"

For the first time, stubbornly like her, she threw down all her pride and begged him. All for the sake of making this man let go of her flesh and blood!

"Let go? Chu Yunjin, what qualifications does the current you have to talk to me about requirements? " The man chuckled in an unconcerned manner.

Chu Yun was stunned.



Where did she get the qualifications from?

However …

"I'm qualified as Mrs. Han to negotiate with you."

She gritted her teeth and squeezed her thigh with her hands. She was about to pinch out blood as she squeezed out word by word from the gaps between her teeth.

"As long as you let my daughter go, I'm willing to give up my position as Mrs. Han! Divorced you! "

She once regarded Han Jin as the most important person in her life.

Even on the wedding day, everyone was scolding her for being ruthless and forcing her to kill her best friend, but she didn't care.

She asked the man at the other end of the red carpet with a stubborn look on her face.

"Han Jin, do you believe that I didn't force her to her death?"

As long as he said he didn't believe her, she definitely wouldn't marry him!

But how did he get back?

He said, "Trust me, so I will not sue you, I will make you innocent, and I will marry you!"

She thought that her feelings for years had finally received a response. She thought that by suppressing this matter with his thunderous methods, he had truly proven her innocence. However, she did not know that this man only wanted her to marry him, use his marriage to trap her, and punish her personally.

Now that she understood, she was afraid.

She was afraid of this man's cold-bloodedness, and also afraid of exchanging the most precious thing in her life, the marriage between her and Han Jin.

As soon as the words came out, Chu Yunzhen seemed to have used up all of his energy and sat on the ground, but Han Jin still smiled.

Her noble body squatted in front of her, pinched her chin and coldly said: "Divorce? Hehe … Chu Yunshen, didn't you love me to the bones? Don't you want to divorce me no matter what? Didn't you want to marry me to the best of your abilities? What? Have you changed your mind? "

"Yes, I was wrong, I was delusional about Director Han's marriage and love. "Wrong, I want to change it, so, Director Han, I'm willing to divorce, so I'm begging you to let my child go."

Chu Yun let go of his pride and begged him.

She knew that Han Jin couldn't bear to see her straighten her back, so she showed it to him!

Being begged by a woman, Han Jinhui was not as happy as he thought. Instead, he was angry for no reason.

"Stop dreaming! Chu Yunshen, from the moment you married me, you should have known that you shouldn't have any of the elegant awards! You should pay back every bit of pain that Qing Ya has to endure! You still haven't paid your debts and you want to leave?! "In your dreams!"

He coldly snorted. This woman had caused Xia Qingya's death and she wanted to pat her butt before leaving for divorce?

What about her elegant life?

Who's paying?

Han Jin shouted coldly, "What are you waiting for, take my bone marrow! "Fit!"

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