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A few doctors wearing white gowns coldly took the child from Chu Yunjin's hands. Chu Yunjin screamed out in fear, but his neck was still held back by Han Jin.

Chu Yun looked on helplessly as the doctor pierced the bone marrow into the back of the child's waist. The child let out a miserable "wah" sound.

"No — no! Han Jin, that's your daughter! That's your child! "I beg of you, please don't!"

The woman screamed miserably, desperately twisting her body to try and snatch the child away. However, the hands behind her were like steel, tightly locking her in place and preventing her from moving.


The sound of the baby's anguished wail echoed in his ears.

But Chu Yunjin could only helplessly watch as his daughter was roughly whipped out of her bone marrow while he himself was powerless to do anything.

The entire ward fell into a deathly silence.

Han Jin looked at her as if she was a convict, while Xia Qingyin just sat quietly on the chair beside the bed. Her innocent face was blinking her large eyes, and she would occasionally look at Han Jinhui, then at Chu Yunjin, not knowing what to think.

Suddenly …

A doctor ran in from outside the door and passed an identification report to Han Jin.

"Director Han, the match type is very high. It can be used to transplant bone marrow."


Chu Yunjin felt as if a clap of thunder had been thrown out of his brain, exploding her into pieces.

Matching succeeded?

Did her child and Xia Qingyin's bone marrow match successfully?

No —

Chu Yun held the child in his arms and kept on retreating.

However, Han Jin kept pressing on.

"Give me the child!"

"No. Since Han Jin is still young, she wasn't even born at full time. Her body is already in a bad condition, so she won't be able to endure more disasters! "

"Give it to me!" "Don't let me repeat myself a third time!"

"I beg you to let her go …"

Chu Yun screamed in fear.

The child in his arms also seemed to have noticed the danger and started to restlessly cry. It even tore Chu Yun's heart into pieces.

The bone-marrow match had already caused her daughter so much pain. If she were to transplant the bone marrow, it would be even more unimaginable!

She was just a child that had not even reached the age of a full year yet, why was Han Jin so patient?

"Jin is big brother, forget it …" It's not like I've been sick for a day or two … "I won't be dead for a while. Even if I die, it would be great if I could go to the underworld and see elder sister …"

Xia Qingyin stood softly behind Han Jingui and tugged on his sleeve as she advised.

When Chu Yunjin heard this, he was so scared that he shouted, "Xia Qingyin, shut up!"

She reached out her hand to push him away, but before she could do anything, Xia Qingyin gently fell to the ground. Her head just happened to hit the chair, causing her to bleed profusely.

"Chu Yunjin!"

Han Jin was so angry that her face was so cold that water could even drip out of it.

Bending over to hug the unconscious Xia Qingyin, he glared fiercely at Chu Yun, "You wicked woman, killing Qingya, are you still trying to kill Qingya?"

"No …" "I did not …"

She didn't know why Xia Qingyin fell to the ground and knocked against a chair.

However, Han Jin didn't even give her the chance to explain before hurriedly sending Xia Qingyin to the emergency room.

Yes, he had never wanted her explanation. He had only regarded her as a bad person!

As for the bad guys, there was no need to explain!

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