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C1 Take it off!

"Old Master Bai, you are such an incredible person. How could you have such a useless daughter?"

"Tsk tsk, Shi Mai! Others will only see the sky once every thousand years, and that is a genius. But he, Shi Mai, she is a trash that only every thousand years! "

"Tell me, is she even a child of Bai Family!? Could it be some wild child that someone else brought over? I heard that Madame Bai was born long ago! "

The ridicule and laughter, like a wave, stabbed into the ear, striking the brain of the woman who was lying on the ground.

She didn't want to open her eyes.

She had given up everything and reincarnated herself, but in the end, she was actually born into the body of a good-for-nothing!

Shi Mai, no matter how much power he absorbed from the elements, it could not be converted into battle qi to be used!

What about her revenge?

She opened her eyes gloomily and sat up. Immediately, her head began to swell and ache. Following which, various thoughts quickly flashed through her mind. After that, she had already figured out who her successor was.

Bai Ruyue, the eldest miss of the Cloud Sea Island Profound Fortress in the southern territory.

From the moment she was born, her family had placed great hopes on her, believing that she would become the future successor to the Bai Family, and continue to protect and manage it.

But in the end, she was actually Shi Mai.

By chance, she was reincarnated into Bai Ruyue's body, and became the new Bai Ruyue.

Sigh, Steppes Master, from today onwards, I will be you. Go ahead and be at peace, reincarnate, and become a human again. I will care about your Bai Family ?

"Bai Ruyue!"

A shout from behind interrupted Bai Ruyue. She turned around and saw a tall and skinny man quickly walking towards her.

Lu Lang.

Bai Ruyue immediately had information about the man in his mind.

His name was Lu Zhenghai, the eldest son of Thirteen Cities of Clouds, and also Bai Ruyue's fiance. According to the agreement, next spring would be their wedding day.

Bai Ruyue was a little stuffy in her heart. Although the beautiful scene of the original owner and this Lu Lang vowing under the moon had always appeared in her mind, at this moment, her mood was somewhat unexplainable.

That was because someone's devilish face seemed to be gradually covering Lu Lang's face, causing her heart to ache slightly.

No! I can't miss him!

Bai Ruyue shook her head with all her might, restraining her thoughts, just as she got up, she heard the discussions from the people around him.

"Did you see that? It's the young master of the Lu Family, he is of the Earth Spiritual Pulse, and his Dou Qi is already at the seventh stage.

"That's right!" There aren't many people with high level dou qi these days! "Ai, he seems to have been recruited by the Nine Flower Sect as an inner disciple. Tsk tsk, his future will be limitless!"

"What's the use of an unlimited quantity? He and this trash, Bai Family, are betrothed, and in the future, when he marries this piece of trash, he will definitely be laughed to death! "

Hearing these words, Bai Ruyue clenched her fists tightly, the nails of her fingers digging into the palm of her hand unnoticeably, causing her hand to feel the same pain as her heart.

The difference!

It was another difference!

The gap between her and that person was only a single step, yet it was an insurmountable chasm. Even though they had been together for such a long period of time, in the end, he had personally seen her to the road of no return.

Now that she had reincarnated, could it be that she wouldn't be able to escape such a disparity?


A piece of Kernels was thrown onto Bai Ruyue's face, and then fell onto the ground.

There was a picture of a lotus flower embroidered on it. Bai Ruyue could tell with a glance that it was the original owner's hand-embroidered engagement token.

In an instant, both the anger from back then and the resentment from the original owner rushed up together. She raised her head and looked at Lu Zhenghai.

This person's appearance wasn't bad. Although he wasn't as beautiful as Ye Xiao, he was still handsome and fair.

However, a hint of coldness could be seen on his thin lips.

It reminded her of that man's ruthlessness.

"Lu Zhenghai, what do you mean?"

Bai Ruyue gritted her teeth.

"What do you mean? I want to break off the engagement! Bai Ruyue, this kind of trash, isn't worthy of marrying me! "

Lu Zhenghai loudly shouted with an angry face, attracting the gazes of everyone around, and they all shot their gazes towards Bai Ruyue!

Heh ?

Withdrawal of marriage!

Bai Ruyue was so angry that she started laughing instead, "Lu Zhenghai, didn't you say that we would love each other forever? Don't you remember what you said yourself? "

"Of course I remember! But I thought that you would join the Nine Flower Sect just like me, that even if your talent is a bit worse, you would still be able to practice it together, but you are Shi Mai! With conditions like yours, even the lower class commoner would disdain to marry home. How can you be compatible with me? "

Lu Zhenghai said with a disdainful look on his face, "I won't let you ruin my life, and it will affect our Lu Family even more! Withdrawal of marriage! I want to break the engagement with you! "

Bai Ruyue bent down to pick up the Kernels on the ground: "So you're returning the thing I gave you back to me, right?"

"Yes!" Lu Zhenghai said with disgust.

"Not enough." Bai Ruyue looked at Lu Zhenghai and said two words very calmly.


"I said you want to return my things, it's not enough!" Bai Ruyue pointed to his belt: "This is my gift to you!"

Lu Zhenghai was startled, he immediately took off his belt and threw it at Bai Ruyue: "Return it to you!"

"Shoes!" Bai Ruyue kindly reminded him as anger rose up on her face, "Bai Ruyue, you've gone too far!"

If he returned his shoes, wouldn't he be barefoot?

"Not at all! If you want to break it with me, then break it cleanly and thoroughly! " Bai Ruyue said while sneering: "Why don't you dare to take it off?"

"If you want to take it off, take it off!" Seeing that, Lu Zhenghai took off his shoes and threw it at Bai Ruyue's feet. Bai Ruyue then pointed at him and said: "That's right, the undergarments that you are wearing were also made by me, please take them off too!"

"What?" Lu Zhenghai was stunned upon hearing that. He was indeed wearing Bai Ruyue's undergarments, but the problem was that this was in front of everyone!

"Take it off!" What are you waiting for? " Bai Ruyue looked at him seriously: "Don't tell me you're unwilling to take it off!"

"You ?"

"Take it off!"


People always watched the commotion and didn't mind it getting out of hand. Now that they saw someone trying to make a fool of himself, they naturally followed suit.

"Bai Ruyue, are you crazy?" Lu Zhenghai shouted loudly: "You, you dare embarrass me?"

"Why would I not dare? You're the one who didn't do anything, and you're blaming me for beating up a dog? " Bai Ruyue looked straight at Lu Zhenghai: "Scum, listen up clearly, the person who is going to cancel the engagement is me and not you, because trash like you aren't worthy of me!"

"What?" "Trash?" Lu Zhenghai was furious: "I am a Stage Seven Warrior, and you, are a trash of Shi Mai!"

"So what if Shi Mai is trash? You can't beat me! " Bai Ruyue glared at Lu Zhenghai as he spoke: "Why don't you believe it? Do you want to try? "

Lu Zhenghai obviously did not believe Bai Ruyue's words. "Bai Ruyue! You are just a piece of trash with no battle qi. It would be disgraceful if I were to win against you! Everyone can't help but say that I'm bullying you! "

Bai Ruyue sneered: "Don't tell me you aren't bullying me anymore? Keep your pretentious face to yourself! In any case, I can win even without using battle qi! "

Bai Ruyue sneered after she finished speaking: "Scum, see how I'll take care of you today!"

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