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C10 I am fair!

In Bai Ruyue's previous life, she had seen many shameless people, but this was still the first time she had shamelessly kneeled down and proposed to marry someone like Bai Ruhua!

And these people from the Bai Family, had actually coerced his father in public. Such a ignorant, shameless, shameless behavior!

Bai Ruhua was startled, immediately asking him: "You? A waste of Shi Mai? How are you going to protect me? "

Bai Ruyue raised her head: "Of course it's the way to manage Bai Family, unlike you who have no sense of shame and would rather sell yourself to someone else's house!"

"You ?"

"No noise!" Right at this moment, a call came from outside, and the Yun Family Great Young Master that had just been carried out was brought in.

"Great Overseer, subordinate of the Demon Suppressing King, has arrived. Everyone, please welcome him!"

With Young Master Yun's words, everyone in the hall who was watching immediately stood up, dressed up as a prince. Even if Bai Ruhua still wanted to argue with Bai Ruyue, he could only shut her mouth and return to standing behind his father.

At this time, Bai Ruyue raised her eyebrows, because Young Master Yun had finally gotten off the palanquin. It was a strong man who carried him on his back and placed him on a wheelchair.

"Sir, this way please!" Outside the hall, City Lord Yun's voice floated over, everyone was respectful.

Bai Ruyue did not forget her etiquette. She lowered her head and obediently stood there. When the two of them entered the room, she immediately felt a strong burst of Dou Qi.

It was as cold as ice, and the wind was cold. Icy frost covered every inch that that that person's black boots had passed.

This guy is at least at the level of a Spirit Master.

Bai Ruyue quickly determined the strength of the Overseer in her heart, and at this time, the person had already sat on the large chair specially prepared for him.

"What is it?"

The first words that came out of his mouth brought with it a freezing chill that made everyone feel as if they were in the middle of winter.

Bai Ruyue's heart skipped a beat and she could not help but raise his head to look. She was stunned for a moment and then quickly lowered his head.

It wasn't him ?

But it sounded like it!

His heart was beating wildly. Even though it had been a false alarm, there was still an indescribable sense of disappointment.

Are you stupid? How could he possibly appear inside the Eighteen States!

"Overseer has questions, why aren't you answering them quickly!" The City Lord Yun asked, and everyone quickly replied back to what had happened.

"What happened to you guys so early?" Why didn't the two families settle it first yesterday? "

City Lord Yun was displeased. Today, with the arrival of the Overseer, before he had even entered the palace, he had already heard the commotion within. He said to him: "Will the city be as noisy as always?"

He didn't even know how to answer for a moment ? add to the mess! These blind people were actually causing trouble for him at this critical juncture!

"We came here on a temporary whim as well. After all, Bai Family is indeed difficult to guard at the moment." Lu Yuan replied respectfully, but there was no respect in his eyes for Overseer at all.

"Go go, these things will happen again in the future ?"

"No!" At this time, the Overseer suddenly interrupted his words, "The city will solve the problem."

As he said that, he looked at City Lord Yun, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He could only turn and ask Bai Ruyue: "Bai Ruyue, you said that you are protecting Bai Family because of the way to manage it, speak!"

Hearing that, Bai Ruyue stood out, and bowed respectfully to everyone before saying: "Everyone, our Bai Family does not plan to grow any more low grade spirit herbs!"

With these words, the crowd went into an uproar. After all, everyone knew that low rank spirit herbs were valuable, and their Bai Family was actually not being planted, wasn't this digging his own grave?

"If you don't plant the low rank spiritual herbs, what are you planning to grow? "Sweet potatoes?" Lu Yuan glared and asked.

To plant ordinary herbs, these herbs will not emit the aura to attract monsters. My Bai Family will not be attacked by monsters again, so naturally, I do not need the power of protection. Then, it is no longer important whether my father and I have the ability to protect the mountain.

"Haha!" Have you gone stupid! If you plant normal herbs, the gold mountain and silver mine will be destroyed! " Lu Yuan said with a look of despise.

"Who says that it's impossible to earn money just by growing ordinary medicinal herbs?" Bai Ruyue said as she raised her head, "The people of this world are all ambitious and do not know that the journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step. They do the most basic and most basic of things and they tend to get even more than those who are dazzled."

After saying that, she reached out her hand to feel the Qi Condensation Pill in her bosom. Unknowingly, Overseer, who was sitting on the large chair, raised his eyebrows, and the light in his eyes completely fell on her body.

"Everyone recognizes this Qi Condensation Pill, right? One pellet would sell for a thousand silvers, which is five low-grade spirit stones. The material used to make it is an ordinary herb! "

Bai Ruyue held up the Qi Condensation Pill and said: "Everyone, as long as they aren't trash like me, Shi Mai, they can rely on eating a large amount of Qi Condensation Pills to raise their Dou Qi aptitude. It's just that the consumption is not small, but it's earning money."

Bai Ruyue then took out a few low rank spiritual herbs, "Although these are all valuable, like this low rank Beran, five hundred gold, and this Snow Gem Grass with the best aptitude in Herb Mountain is also a thousand gold, but they are low rank spiritual herbs, what does it mean to be a low rank?"

"Low quality pills mean that they will be given up on the better quality pills. Those pill refiners will only choose better quality pills with a higher rate of production. High-grade herbs!" So their relative market is actually very small! "

"Also, we have enough time to grow five to ten batches of normal herbs. Those normal herbs would not attract the attacks of the beasts, so why do you think that our Bai Family would need to grow such low quality herbs that would not earn us any money?"

Bai Ruyue once again raised the Spirit Condensation Pill: "We cultivate ordinary herbs, wouldn't it be better to sell Qi Condensation Pills?"

"Qi Condensation Pill?" Can you refine it? Not to mention that you have to invite a pill master to refine pills, the cost would be over ten thousand silvers each furnace. Your Bai Family couldn't even catch up to it! "

"We will refine our own Bai Family!" Bai Ruyue returned the Qi Condensation Pill to her pocket.

"Self-refined Bai Family? Who refines it? "You?" Lu Yuan asked and laughed.

"Yes!" "Me!" Bai Ruyue was neither humble nor arrogant, but the spectators could not help but laugh.

What a joke!

Forget about pill refining, just Bai Ruyue alone was unable to use Dou Qi to control fire to refine pills, and she was still able to refine pills? It was simply the biggest joke in the world!

But just as he was laughing, the high and mighty Overseer opened his mouth: "You will guard the Bai Family!"


Everyone's laughter suddenly stopped, as though choking, they looked at the high and mighty Overseer.

"Thank you, Sir!" Bai Ruyue was also surprised that the Overseer would treat him so well. At this time, Lu Yuan loudly opposed: "Master, Bai Ruyue has not even refined a pellet, with just her few words, you gave her the protection of your Herb Mountain, this is unfair ?"

"Pah!" Lu Yuan was sent flying horizontally, and heavily smashed into the ground. No one could see how he was thrown out!

"Hmph, fair? I am just! " As Overseer spoke, his eyes fell on Bai Ruyue's body.

"As you can see, someone is questioning the Regional Commander's judgement. Now, you have six hours. Take out the Qi Condensation Pill and let him know that he is very stupid!" But if you can't take it out, then go to hell.

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