Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C12 I'il send you back to the west?
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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C12 I'il send you back to the west?
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C12 I'il send you back to the west?

Bai Ruyue could not be considered a true expert in refining pills.

In her previous life, she was talented, diligent, and under the tutelage of a master teacher.

Then he met that guy, and with just a glance, he had fallen in love with him and accompanied him on both sides.

During the time they were together, he had collected a large pile of pill formulas. Amongst them, there were many that were extremely rare, and although he did not trust anyone, he also needed these so she could only hunt Pill Path.

Her soul force was already stronger than others, and she was also proficient in fire attribute battle qi, so even if she was not proficient in pill refining, she could still concoct pills. She had the best Nine Yang True Fire Cauldron in the world, two Alchemy Master s as well as countless precious herbs to raise her success rate.

But the current her, had to rely on this to find a way for her and her Bai Family to survive!

Unfortunately, he did not have any dou qi, good cauldrons, high grade grass, or even an assistant!

He could only rely on his soul force to "bully" this lemur!

However, he had never eaten pork before and had also seen a pig run. Last night, he had tried practicing his hand movements, so he could feel the sensation.

"Squeak, squeak, squeak ?" The fire of the beast that the fox monkey spoke of had not lasted for a quarter of an hour before it was extinguished. It let out a dissatisfied cry and refused to spit out any more fire, but the medicinal herbs had already been cooked. How could it possibly stop?

Bai Ruyue quickly increased her soul power to suppress it, causing the fox monkey to twist its body unwillingly.

Bai Ruyue clenched her teeth! After releasing her soul power, the little fox finally bent down in fear and spat out flames again. However, she began to feel as if her entire body was being pierced by needles.


This was the limit of what this body could bear. She had only increased her soul force by a tiny bit.

No, I have to think of a way to change this physique, otherwise what can I do in the future!

Bai Ruyue understood the biggest problem she was facing, but at the moment, she still needed to concoct a pill first.

Alright, she didn't want to be killed by that Overseer.

The beast fire burned under the cauldron, and under the constant high temperature, the herbs within the cauldron slowly began to decompose their juice, condensing their essence.

Not long later, the aroma of the medicinal herbs wafted out from the cracks of the cauldron, at the same time, Bai Ruyue's expression became serious. The first stage of the difficulty had appeared!


This required a constant high temperature in order to condense these essences into the initial form of a pill.

There were three main points: the fire had to be stable, it had to be large and small; the fire had to be large and warm, and the essence contained within the furnace had to be intertwined; otherwise, even if the pill was formed, its efficacy would be too poor to be of high quality.

Usually, for alchemists at this stage, the difficulty was the last. Because one's soul power wasn't strong enough and if one didn't have enough experience, it would be difficult to control the time well and produce the pill in the end.

However, to Bai Ruyue, this had never been a problem, because her soul force had always been very strong.

Her current problem, to put it bluntly, was fire!

Bai Ruyue used his soul to force it to continue living. She paid more attention to the package of fire against the cauldron, but low level fire beasts were low level fire beasts, and just as the essences started to fuse together, the flames of the fox monkey suddenly started to decrease ?


Bai Ruyue hurriedly released her soul force to provide energy for the fox monkey. The moment this power came out, her entire body was in pain, as if there were tens of thousands of arrows piercing through it, causing her to almost faint from the pain. Although she managed to hold on in the end, the fire spat out by the fox monkey was severed for a few breaths due to the soul pressure breaking.

It was over!

Bai Ruyue had no choice but to open the cauldron, and just as expected, after a few breaths of time, Xiao Hua immediately failed.

She shook her head as she cleaned the cauldron. After resting for a while, she reached out her hand to touch the lemur. "Let's do it again!"

"Squeak squeak squeak!" The fox monkey shook its head in fear and shrank to the side, unwilling to do so.

"You're the only one who's unhappy. That guy hasn't even opened his eyes up till now." Bai Ruyue said as she carried the Gray Chicken out from Bree, looking as if he was dying with his head hanging low.

"Creak ?" The Fox Monkey returned to the front of the furnace with a bitter face. Bai Ruyue quickly threw the Gray Chicken to the side and released her soul power again.

The Fox Monkey accepted its fate and didn't need Bai Ruyue to use her soul power to whip it. However, it still needed her soul power to communicate with the beast fire that was controlling it, especially during congealing. The Fox Monkey's beast fire needed absolute stability, so Bai Ruyue could only use her soul power to provide the Fox Monkey with the ability to continuously spit fire.

Time passed minute by minute, second by second, until finally, with the cooperation of a man and a beast, the second stage of the Accumulation Pill had begun.

This was a stage where one completely relied on their soul force and experience.

Bai Ruyue released her own soul power and carefully felt along the cauldron, sketching out the appearance of the elementary pill in the furnace in her mind.

The copper walls of the cauldron trembled slightly. At the same time, the Young Master Yun outside the hut raised his eyebrows and stared at the tightly shut door with excitement.

It was this kind of soul force that was as strong as the stars! Absolutely!

"Pah!" A slight cracking sound suddenly sounded in the room, followed by a loud 'bang'. The entire room seemed to tremble!

Young Master Yun was startled, he immediately waved his hand, and the servants beside him immediately rushed forward and knocked on the door: "White Girl?"

"Miss White?"

There was no reply from inside the house, and everyone looked towards Young Master Yun.

"Go in and save them!"

When Young Master Yun brought his men into the room, it was a complete mess. The furnace that was used to refine pills had shattered into many pieces, and a few young pills were still lying on the ground.

Bai Ruyue laid on the ground, her face half black as it was covered in dust. Not far from her was a lemur with his head held in his embrace, and a large amount of fur on his body had been lost due to the explosion, making him look extremely ugly.

However, there was an even uglier bald chicken beside it. It lay motionless on the ground as if it was dead.

A fire beast? Two more!

Young Master Yun was stunned for a moment, but at the same time, he heard the bustling sounds coming from outside. Almost subconsciously, he put the two fire beasts into his own thirty meters of bed, and at this time, Bai Ruyue's eyes opened as well, just in time to see his movements.

"What's going on?" City Lord Yun was the first to rush in, his face full of shock.

"Dad, the furnace exploded." Just as Young Master Yun replied, Lu Yuan, whose face was swollen quite a bit, covered his face and laughed sinisterly.

Ever since he had woken up, he had realized that he could not afford to offend Overseer and could only silently hide at the side. But now that he saw that Bai Ruyue's pill refining had actually exploded, it was simply slapping his face, and even slapping his face loudly!

Bai Ruyue, you're dead this time!

Lu Yuan thought as he glanced at the Overseer.

After Overseer's cold eyes swept across the room, his gaze fell upon the fallen Bai Ruyue. "Do you want me to make a move to send you to hell?"

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