Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C14 How could this be?
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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C14 How could this be?
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C14 How could this be?

Bai Ruyue was astonished.

Although she had already guessed that this Gray Chicken was the legend mentioned by master, she had never thought that she had guessed correctly and met it!

Furthermore, he never thought that the Gray Chicken would help the Quenching Pill at this critical juncture!

That red flame might only have let out one breath, but at that moment, she could clearly feel the power of the Sky Origin Stage!

Of course, it was only a sliver.

A divine beast!

It really was a divine beast!

Bai Ruyue was very excited: Did this count as the reward from the heavens for this unlucky trash?

She couldn't help but be excited, but ?

A man's wealth was his own fault!

If people knew that she had a divine object ?

She anxiously turned her head to look at Young Master Yun. At that moment, he was looking at the Gray Chicken with a stunned expression, completely stunned.

"Is it ? dead ?" Young Master Yun quietly asked, causing Bai Ruyue to be stunned for a moment. After that, he turned his head, only to see the Gray Chicken lying on the ground, motionless like a dead chicken.

The corner of Bai Ruyue's mouth hooked up: This guy really knows how to pretend to be dead.

She quickly walked over, grabbed the Gray Chicken and fox monkey, and placed them into Young Master Yun's hands. Young Master Yun very clearly and quickly stored them into his hundred feet wide Berry.

"White Girl, it's time!"

Outside the house, City Lord Yun's voice had just sounded when the door was pushed open by the servants.

Bai Ruyue looked at the gazes of the crowd as she went to open the furnace.

The moment the furnace opened, the expected fragrance didn't come out. Bai Ruyue stared at the five pitch black coal within the furnace and was immediately dumbfounded.

How could this be?

"Ruyue!" Have you finished refining the Qi Condensation Pill? " Lu Yuan saw that Bai Ruyue was standing in front of the cauldron without moving, and immediately gave him a look, causing Bai Changyu to stand up and ask.

Bai Ruyue did not speak, and even stood in front of the cauldron without moving an inch.

When Young Master Yun saw this, he extended his hand to greet the servant. Immediately, the sturdy man carried him on his back and moved to the side of the furnace.

"Yufei, how is it?" City Lord Yun asked.

Young Master Yun glanced at Bai Ruyue, and then turned and shook his head slightly at City Lord Yun.

"Hey City Lord, what else do you want to ask?! We've been standing there for a long time.

Lu Yuan, who had a swollen face, saw Young Master Yun's actions and immediately taunted him: "How can a trash like Shi Mai have any expectations? Bai Ruyue, oh Bai Ruyue, you have let down the trust Lord Commander had in you! "

When the City Lord Yun heard him, he immediately turned and glared at Lu Yuan, but Lu Yuan was currently overjoyed, how could he have noticed that glance?

He was busy giving Bai Changyu another look, and Bai Changyu immediately spoke out: "Ru Yue, why are you standing there without moving? Whether it succeeds or not, say something! "

Bai Ruyue reached her hand into the furnace, took out the five pitch black charcoal, and turned around to walk towards the silent Overseer.

"Oh my god! What was this!? Pills? "I take it it's a cinder?"

Lu Yuan looked at the pitch black charcoal in Bai Ruyue's hand and could not help but sneer at it. Many people beside him could not help but shake their heads and sigh, obviously such a thing could not even be called a medicinal pellet.

"Lord Commander, Ru Yue was unable to refine the Qi Condensation Pill, but please take a look at these five pills!" Bai Ruyue respectfully held the finished product, but her face was full of fear.

"Pills?" You actually dare to call this a pill? " Lu Yuan interjected without a trace of politeness: "Your skin is really thick enough!"

Bai Ruyue did not care about Lu Yuan's mockery, she only stood obediently in front of Overseer, holding those pitch-black things.

Overseer stared at Bai Ruyue's face for a good two breaths of time, then extended his hand to pick up one of the stones, and pinched both of her fingers.

"Pa!" A crisp sound rang out. The pitch black pill surface broke and a rich medicinal fragrance instantly wafted out. The originally pitch black lump of charcoal was now a red pill pill!

"Qi Accumulating Pill?" City Lord Yun took a sniff and his eyes widened in shock.

Immediately, everyone burst into an uproar!

Qi Accumulating Pill!

Eating it would allow one's dou qi to contain Qi Sea, thus making one's body's dou qi would become a true disciple of cultivation ? the beginner pill of the Dou Zhe class!

This thing was several times more valuable than the Qi Condensation Pill, okay?

In the midst of everyone's astonishment, Lu Yuan's face instantly flushed red. He stared at the pill in disbelief, and silently began to retreat.

Bai Changyu, Lu Zhenghai and the rest all quickly retreated.

But there was one exception ? ? Bai Ruhua.

She shook her head in disbelief, shaking off the hand that her mother Bai Haoshi was pulling. She took two steps forward and pointed at Bai Ruyue's nose. You can't refine it! This, this must be a fraud! "

"Pah!" A loud and clear slap landed on Bai Ruhua's face. It was the Bai Changfeng who seemed to be afraid of everything.

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Bai Changfeng screamed anxiously: "Young Master Yun is looking at the pill young miss has concocted! The Lord Commander had even examined the pill himself, how could it be fake? Don't speak nonsense, come home with me! "

Bai Changfeng was not stupid. Even though one sentence from Bai Ruhua was a reprimand to Bai Ruyue, she had offended everyone, so naturally, she wanted to protect her daughter and quickly leave.

Unfortunately, he was smart as a father, but his daughter was a fool. Seeing that he had been slapped in front of everyone, she couldn't hear her father's warning, and angrily shouted:

"I'm not spouting nonsense. I just don't believe that she can concoct a pill!" She is Shi Mai, a trash who doesn't even have any dou qi, how could she have concocted a pill! "

At this time, Lu Yuan, who had already retreated to the edge of the group, turned his eyes and quickly asked back, "That's right Bai Ruyue, your sister's words revealed my doubt, what kind of pill are you going to use without any Spirit Qi?"

Bai Ruyue bit her lower lip, raised her head and said: "Uncle Lu, what kind of fat does your family's spirit flower tea forest have?"

Lu Yuan was startled, and resentfully shut his mouth.

"If you don't want to do anything, don't do it. Your family's secret recipe won't be revealed. Why should I tell others about the Bai Family's secret recipe?" Bai Ruyue looked to the Overseer after he finished:

"Milord, I wonder if my daughter's final results have proven that you have a unique eye?"

Overseer, who had been silent all this time, blinked his eyes: "Not bad!" After saying that, he snatched away the remaining four pills, turned around, and left, completely ignoring the people here.

"You will be responsible for Bai Family and Herb Mountain!" The City Lord Yun patted Bai Changwu's shoulders and said, she anxiously chased after Overseer, and the others who saw the situation naturally scattered, but at this time, Bai Ruyue spoke out: "Uncle Lu, have you heard what the City Lord said?"

Lu Yuan frowned: "Bai Ruyue, what do you mean?"

"The meaning is very simple." Bai Ruyue glared at Lu Yuan unrestrainedly, "Don't worry about the food in other people's bowls!"

"Humph!" "Let's go!" Lu Yuan immediately flung his sleeves and was about to leave, but at this time, Lady Baiyan opened his mouth: "Hey, Big Brother Lu, don't forget to bring your future daughter-in-law along.

"There is no betrothal between Lu Family and itself!" Lu Yuan stared wide-eyed as he strode off. Hearing what was said, Bai Ruhua chased after him in astonishment, "What!? What about me? "

"Bai Ruhua, go back and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. With your looks, identity, are you qualified to marry me?" As Lu Zhenghai said this, he turned his head and the servant hurriedly carried him away, leaving Bai Ruhua there, surrounded by everyone's disdainful laughter.

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