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C15 Jinpa in a good mood

"Eating the enemy inside and eating the enemy outside ?"

"Who would dare to insult their own family members like that? You deserve it! "

"Shameless retribution!"

"Tsk tsk, Lu Family is a black-hearted scheme, but this second young miss of the Bai Family is also not a thing!"

listened with a red face and thick neck, while clenching his fists, he looked at Bai Ruyue in shame and anger. "Bai Ruyue, you destroyed my marriage!"

Bai Ruyue rolled her eyes at her words. "Can you be a little more smart?"

"You ?"

"Enough!" What are you all still standing there for? Why aren't you guys going back! Isn't it embarrassing enough? " Bai Changwu cursed in a low voice, and immediately went forward and dragged Bai Ruhua away.

And so, Bai Family Two Room and Three Room, under a wave of laughter, dejectedly left the Residence of Yun.

"Today, I've let everyone see the joke of Bai Family!" Bai Changwu cupped his fists and apologized to the crowd with an embarrassed face.

"Brother Old White, that's not right!" Your daughter has shown her face today! " While speaking, the Ding Family's parents walked up to Bai Changwu, put their arms around his shoulders and said:

"Old Bai, as a brother of many years, you should know that my second brother has good talent, but after entering the Celestial Sect of Wonders, can your daughter refine a Qi Accumulating Pill for him?"

"That's right! That's right! My boss needs one too! Let's go together! I will provide you the herbs! "

"I want one of the pills as well!"


For a moment, everyone gathered around Bai Changwu to make an appointment with a Qi Accumulating Pill, leaving the main person in charge of pill refining, Bai Ruyue, standing there in a daze, then smiling.

These people really had eyes, they wanted their father's face, as long as he was happy, he would agree to anything, as his daughter, she was only a pill refiner, but Qi Accumulating Pill s were not so easy to refine!

She couldn't help but turn her head to look at Young Master Yun when she thought about it. But at this moment, he was actually seeing her looking at him without saying a word.

"My third brother also needs this item every few days. Yufei has booked one from Miss White, and he will send someone to deliver the deposit and pill refining requirements to his residence shortly. I hope that Miss White will not decline."

Bai Ruyue blinked her eyes, she understood that Young Master Yun's words had hinted that she would return the two fire beasts to her, and laughed: "If it wasn't for Young Master Yun borrowing the furnace to help me today, Ru Yue wouldn't have had the chance to refine this Qi Accumulating Pill, I would definitely have helped you."

"That's good!" Young Master Yun said as he extended his hand to hand over a folded brocade handkerchief. "There is a grey color on your face, quickly wipe it!"

Bai Ruyue was startled upon hearing this, and instinctively turned her head to look at the crowd. Seeing that everyone was still enthusiastically surrounding her father, Bai Changwu, and that no one had noticed her, Bai Ruyue quickly reached out to grab the embroidered cloth, and said softly, "Thank you."

The Young Master Yun smiled and did not speak anymore. Bai Ruyue quickly grabbed the Kernels and wiped it off her face.

At this moment, Young Master Yun raised his hand and pointed at his cheek. Bai Ruyue was startled, and then, he rubbed his face where he had pointed, and Young Master Yun's hand once again touched the tip of his nose. Naturally, Bai Ruyue also began to wipe the tip of his nose.

So the Young Master Yun was like a mirror guiding Bai Ruyue and asking him to wipe the place clean. Not far away, a young Shi Shu suspiciously looked at the two of them, and then a hint of joy appeared in his eyes.

Master seems to be in a very good mood!

Without the crisis in Herb Mountain, anything that happened in the city in the future had nothing to do with Bai Ruyue.

Because forcefully using her soul power had exceeded the limits of her body, when Bai Ruyue saw that she was fine, she used the excuse that she was tired from concocting pills as an excuse, and hurriedly left the Residence of Yun to go back and rest, in case she couldn't hold on any longer and collapsed.

When the carriage had left the Residence of Yun less than half a kilometer away, Bai Ruyue had completely fainted. When she woke up, she discovered that she was already sleeping on his bed in her room. Beside his bed sat her concerned mother, Lady Baiyan.

"Father, mother!"

"Ru Yue, you're awake!" The first thing Lady Baiyan did was reach out and touch Bai Ruyue's forehead, "You've finally gotten rid of the heat, you're really scared to death!"

"Daughter is fine." Bai Ruyue sat up with a smile, but she could feel the extreme exhaustion and weakness in her body.

"What exactly is going on? "Last time you fainted from fever, why is it ?"

"Father, didn't I say it already? I am Shi Mai, and I have forcefully used the method that the master had taught me to refine pills.

"Your mysterious master can teach you how to refine pills, but he never said how to help you. Breaking this, Shi Mai?" Lady Baiyan's eyes were filled with hope.

"Mom, don't be too greedy. Being able to meet an expert who can guide me in the path of alchemy is already a blessing!" Bai Ruyue smiled and hugged Lady Baiyan's arms: "Let's be content."

"Yes, indeed." Lady Baiyan's eyes reddened: "It's just that as a mother, I still hope that you can live a good life and not be bullied by others."

"No one will bully us now, will they, Dad?" Bai Ruyue laughed and looked at Bai Changwu, who immediately nodded his head, "Yes, no one will bully our Bai Family anymore. Now that those old fellows have seen that you are able to refine Qi Accumulating Pill s, they have all come to order pills from us!"

He pointed to a small box on the table and said, "Look, even the Young Master Yun has given us the necessary items for concocting pills!"

"Quick, let me take a look!"

Bai Changwu handed over the box, and the moment Bai Ruyue opened it, he saw a completely new one meter wide shell inside.

She quickly grabbed it and looked inside: both the monkey and Gray Chicken were inside. Other than that, there were also the medicinal herbs used to concoct pills as well as a brand-new second grade cauldron.

"There's even a cauldron!" Bai Ruyue sighed lightly at the great Young Master Bai Family for being honest and meticulous. Lady Baiyan, who was at the side, could not help but pout at his daughter: "You! Her Residence of Yun is the top of the thirteen cities, what do you want? "

Bai Ruyue laughed: "Oh right, Mother, what happened to Young Master Yun's leg ?"

Lady Baiyan was startled, and then she let out a sigh. Bai Changwu also let out a long sigh, and after the two of them sighed, Bai Ruyue understood what was going on.

The Young Master Yun, who became a Dou Zhe at the age of fourteen by entering the Profound Gate at the age of eleven with nine Duan Qi, became an air master at the age of twenty, and was accepted as a disciple by the Medicinal Valley Elder. He studied alchemy, and was a rare genius in Cloud Sea Island!

However, when he went to the Shadow Forest Trial two years ago, he met a Rank 5 Barbarian Demonic Beast. In the end ? Although his life was saved, his spirit vein was damaged, his legs had broken tendons, and he was no longer able to stand up, let alone continue cultivating.

So this was how the fallen stars looked ?

Bai Ruyue nodded her head in understanding. She vaguely understood why the Young Master Yun was able to sense his own soul power ? even the soul force of a pill refiner was much stronger than others, so it was natural that he could sense it.

"Ru Yue ah, many people want to choose their Qi Accumulating Pill now, are you able to refine it?" Bai Changwu was worried about the problem at hand.

Bai Ruyue blinked her eyes, "Should be... "Sure!"

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