Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C16 Overseer you can't afford to provoke them
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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C16 Overseer you can't afford to provoke them
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C16 Overseer you can't afford to provoke them

Deep in the night.

The most luxurious Violet Bamboo Garden was filled with the sound of bamboo, melodious music.

The singers and musicians in the hall sang endlessly, the Lord Commander behind the table hummed and drank heartily. The cold atmosphere of the day was completely gone, all that remained was a merry atmosphere, as though they were two different people.

The jug of wine was empty, the Overseer threw the jug of wine and shouted, "Bring the wine over!"

When the wine did not come, City Lord Yun came forward with a cautious face. "Master, you can't drink anymore, you have to rest!"

"What are you resting for? This Regional Commander hasn't had enough to drink!" As Overseer spoke, he slammed the table and stood up, his body swaying as he prepared to fall.

"My lord!" City Lord Yun quickly stepped forward to support him, "Let's rest!" As he said that, he raised his hand to wave away the musician, and personally supported Overseer into the dorms at the back of the hall.


"There is ?"

"We still need to drink!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Still drinking, still drinking ?"

Overseer's vague request and the City Lord's helpless reply were mixed with the sound of things falling along the way.

But when the two of them had completely entered the room and closed the door, the drunk Lord Commander's eyes immediately turned cold, and his entire body reeked of alcohol!

"Well?" he asked coldly.

"Your Highness, everything has been arranged according to your wishes. I promise you, we will lure that Inverse Species out!" City Lord Yun also had a serious face.

Overseer nodded his head: "If we do not get rid of the Inverse Species, the Southern Wilderness would not be at peace.

"This lowly general understands!"

"This king wants to use you as soldiers to convert the citizens, so that we can uncover the Inverse Species. This time, we can even sing about our dirty tricks."

"Prince, you mean ?"

"That Lu Yuan angered me today, if his days were not good, do you think those Inverse Species s would come find him?"

City Lord Yun immediately nodded, "Your Highness is wise!"

Overseer looked at him, "You can go now!"

"Yes sir!"

"Oh, that's right. You're the only one who knows my true identity. Do you understand?"


"Also, send ten batches of Qi Accumulating Pill's materials over to Bai Family. Then, tell that Bai Ruyue, three days later, I want ten!"

City Lord Yun was startled when he heard it: "My prince, there are countless Master s refining pills in your residence, why would this little Qi Accumulating Pill want ?"

"Hmm?" Overseer glanced at Yun Zhonglong: "Talking too much!"

"This lowly general knows his wrongs!" City Lord Yun fell to his knees with a look of fear on his face.

"Bai Ruyue might be a good person, if I don't try, how would I know?"


Overseer waved his sleeves and quickly stood up before silently retreating.

The moment he left, Lord Commander took out the remaining four Qi Accumulating Pill, his expression somewhat playful.

A first rank Qi Accumulating Pill was actually able to produce a pill that had a fifth rank pill on it. There must be a story on this Bai Ruyue.

He blinked his eyes and casually threw Qi Accumulating Pill to the side. Then, he stretched his neck and released his battle qi.

Her eyebrows were like a distant mountain, her eyes were filled with stars, her nose was suspended in mid-air, and her mouth was filled with cherries. These beautiful facial features were all gathered together! Tsk tsk! What an enchanting face!

However, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. Even though his features resembled that of a demon, he still possessed a killing intent that could not be provoked!

He sat on the edge of the bed and fished out a green ribbon from his bosom. After staring and fumbling for a while, he muttered to himself in a faint voice.

"Ah Luan, I met a woman who said something similar to what you said ? I helped her, but I know she's not you ? You've always been... "Unique."

"Do you understand?" Yun Zhonglong looked at his ten trusted aides and asked.

"Understood, Mayor." Everyone said in unison.

"Good, go and do it. Remember, don't alert the enemy!" After Yun Zhonglong ordered everyone to leave, he walked out of the study room. When he saw that the lights in the rooms across the hall were still on, he thought for a moment and walked over.

"Yufei, are you still reading?"

"Yes, Father." The great Young Master of Yun Family, Yun Yufei, put down the book in his hands.

Yun Zhonglong glanced at the Alchemy Book and sat down, "What happened to you today? Why did he think of borrowing a volcano cauldron? That is a treasure that the Prince bestowed to us! "

Yun Yufei blinked his eyes and said: "I heard that she knows how to refine pills, I couldn't help but want to help."

The corner of Yun Zhonglong's mouth pursed as he let out a light sigh: "I know you're suffering in your heart, but Father and Mother has been trying to think of a way. Your mother has already collected ten Break Pellets for you, and you should be back in a few days.

Yun Yufei's calm expression instantly changed to one of excitement: "Father! "The price of the Intermittent Pill is extremely high ?"

"No matter how tall he is, he isn't as important as my son!" Yun Zhonglong patted Yun Yufei's shoulder: "Alright, rest early!"

"Yes, Father."

"Oh, right. How did that White Girl ?" Yun Zhonglong curiously asked, but halfway through, he saw his son's tightly shut lips, and tactfully waved his hand: "Alright, alright, alright, I won't ask."

"Thank you, Father. But Father, what is the background of the Great Overseer? Why must you be so careful in handling it? "

The Great Overseer came all of a sudden. When he received the news in the early hours of the morning, his father ordered his men to make arrangements as if he was facing a great enemy.

However, the position of the City Lord of Thirteen Cities was not low. Strictly speaking, the City Lord of White City was the same as that powerful general from back then!

The difference in grade between a great general and a Overseer was only half a level.

Yun Zhonglong twisted his mouth, thought of the Prince's orders, and immediately said solemnly:

Overseer does not have much background, but he is a popular man in front of the Duke, his personality is also rather weird, it would not be good to serve him, it would be better not to cause trouble with him, it would be better if we did not provoke him, it would be enough to serve him, it is enough now, let's go.

"So it's like that! Your son understands. "

"About that, take care of Bai Family for me!" Yun Zhonglong said cautiously: "As for Lu Family, stay away!"


After Yun Yufei answered, he left.

Shi Shu came out from the back hall with a bowl of medicine and placed it on the table.

"Master, the Old Master's wife is so kind. He actually received ten Breaking Limit Dan Beads for you!" "This Breaking Limit Dan bead is worth ten thousand taels of silver!"

Yun Yufei looked at him, the gentle and refined expression on his face had a tinge of gloom: "The last one, is naturally a gamble."

"A gamble?" Shi Shu tilted his head.

"Yes!" Yun Yufei touched his own leg: "If I can cure it this time, then I will still be the future successor of Bai Family. If I can't, then I will have to consciously pack up my bed and wander in Medicinal Valley and give this opportunity to Second Brother."

Shi Shu's face immediately became ugly, "If Second Master takes the throne, wouldn't Master be suffering?"

Bai Yufei laughed bitterly and said softly, "Therefore, tomorrow, we will have to pay a visit to the Miss White!"

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