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C19 The problem of young master yun

"Although we have already known each other, we have never had the chance to tell the Miss White our names. I am Yun Yufei, the eldest son of Residence of Yun."

"My daughter is Bai Ruyue. She is the direct daughter of Bai Family."

In the parlour, the two seriously got to know each other.

Because Bai Changwu was still dealing with Second Aunt's war of words, there was only, her, and the youth Shi Shu who was following behind him, as well as the barbarian who was in charge of carrying Yun Yufei.

"Young Master Yun, Ru Yue thanks you for your assistance yesterday. Otherwise, my Bai Family would be in a difficult position today."

"Miss White's words are foreign. I, Yun, have always been willing to help others." Yun Yufei smiled faintly: "I just wonder if Miss White is willing to help others too."

Bai Ruyue blinked her eyes, "If it's within Ruyue's capabilities, she will definitely not hold back in her attacks."

"Since Miss White has said so, then this Yun shall be frank." At this moment, the smile on Yun Yufei's face disappeared, and his expression became serious with a trace of seriousness:

"After I was injured, both my legs were crippled, and I could no longer cultivate battle qi, but I did not give up, and had been looking for a way to recover and become stronger. That day, when I fought with the Miss White in a wager, because I felt a strong soul power, I bet on the Miss White to win, but the Miss White used her soul power to break Lu Zhenghai's power, which gave me hope."

"That method won't be able to cure your leg."

"However, it can allow me to continue to become stronger, and not stop at this stage. It can also prevent me from seeing myself becoming the abandoned master of Residence of Yun!"

Bai Ruyue heard and raised an eyebrow: "The Yun Family wants to give up on you?"

"Those who can't see any hope are naturally given up."

"But you are already an atmospheric master, and your strength isn't low! Even if you fail to cultivate in the future and are unable to level up, no one in the Thirteen Cities of Clouds will underestimate you. "

"The second most talented person in Yun Family is now a 9th level Qi Master, at least ten days or at most a month. At that time, I will definitely be promoted to an Atmospheric Master. At that time, where else would I be?"

When Yun Yufei said till here, his eyes were filled with sorrow, and Bai Ruyue bit her lower lip: "Yun Family number two is ?"

"Miss White, my second master was born like Madam, and is only two years younger than my master."

Bai Ruyue immediately understood. If this Young Master Yun was unable to maintain his position, even the serious Madam Yun would have a difficult time in the future, and not just the Young Master Yun.

But, even if she understood the difficulties of Yun Yufei, she definitely could not teach him the Soul Devour s method, unless she wanted to die!

"Young Master Yun, I am very grateful for the way you trust me so much, but I am truly sorry. I cannot teach you that method because my teacher said that if I tell others about this technique, he will personally execute me. So ?"

The melancholy in Yun Yufei's eyes became stronger, but he laughed: "So that's how it is! Then, you indeed cannot make things difficult for the Miss White, I was the one who was rude! "

"Young Master Yun, please do not say that. You have greatly helped me. My heart is filled with gratitude ?"

"Don't!" Yun Yufei waved his hands, "I am not helping you for the sake of your return, it's just that I feel that your Lu Family is too excessive. Of course, because I also cultivate the Pill Refining Arts, you can consider me traveling together!"

When he finished, he smiled awkwardly, "Miss White should be very busy, so Yufei will not bother you! "Farewell!"

As he spoke, she beckoned the barbarian to carry him and left. Bai Ruyue bit her lips as she watched him leave, looked at the pair of swinging legs, and couldn't help but feel pain in her heart and say, "Wait a moment!"

Yun Yufei turned his head, his eyes blazing with hope.

This caused Bai Ruyue to swallow the words that were about to leave her mouth, and she then took out the white embroidered handkerchief: "This was borrowed from you yesterday, and has already been washed clean, so I'll return it to you."

The hope in Yun Yufei's eyes vanished, he laughed: "No need, you keep it! You can say that we know each other! "

He patted the barbarian's shoulder, and the barbarian immediately carried him away.

The young Shi Shu who was initially following Yun Yufei looked at him angrily, then stomped his feet and left.

Bai Ruyue sighed lightly.

She had wanted to tell him that although she could not teach him that method, she might be able to heal his legs, get him to stand up again, and resume his training.

However, she wasn't completely sure. With her current condition, the pill that could cure her couldn't be made, so she had to think of other ways. She kept her words to herself, afraid that she would be disappointed if she gave him hope.

"Ru Yue, why are you the only one here?"

Bai Changwu quickly finished what he was doing and rushed over, but discovered that there was only Bai Ruyue in the hall.

"Oh, Young Master Yun still has a way to go!" Bai Ruyue said as she walked forward: "Father, how much money have you received for the Containment Pill that I reserved for you?"

"Oh, the market price for the pill is 3000 taels of silver per pill. According to Old Ding and the others, the one you refined is better than the one you refined. You could buy 5000 taels of silver per pill." "Oh, the market price for the pill is 3000 taels of silver per pill.

Bai Ruyue rolled her eyes and said: "Father, give me the eighty thousand first."

"Oh, okay, but what do you need so much money for?"

Bai Ruyue smiled lightly, "I'll repay this favor."

Carrying eighty thousand silver notes, Bai Ruyue once again came to the Dobao.

Not only did Young Master Yun help her hide the fire beast, she also borrowed her furnace to give her a new one foot tall and furnace to use.

She turned her Dobao in a circle, and as expected, the figure of that pellet was not here. However, after roughly calculating the materials needed to refine the pellet, she was stupefied.

One hundred and eighty thousand yuan?

The materials for a single furnace cost one hundred and eighty thousand yuan, but her money ? Only a fraction of it!

What should he do?

Bai Ruyue was at a loss as she sat at the tea stand, sucking on a cup of bitter tea in front of him.

She wanted to repay Young Master Yun's kindness, but she didn't even have enough money to buy the materials. She also wanted to refine out the ten Qi Accumulating Pill s that Overseer wanted within three days, but the problem was ?

If her body continued to mess around like that, she would probably fall apart and become a cripple in the future!

What should he do?

Could it be that he had directly told the Young Master Yun s about the pill formulas, and told them to give him the materials on his Yun Family to get someone to concoct the pills for him?


Thinking about how this pill formula would end up with someone fighting over it in the Nine Realms, she felt that it would be better not to get the fire going.

Otherwise, as long as the fire reached the Yun Family, even if the Yun Family wanted to hide it, under the means of that person, they would definitely call her out.

"Bam!" A sound of someone hitting the table interrupted Bai Ruyue's train of thoughts, she turned to look, only to see a burly craftsman holding onto a teapot and drinking with all his might.

"Big brother, don't be angry. We still have one more family that we haven't gone to!" Beside the man sat a small man, comforting the man in a low voice.

The little man was dressed in coarse, unremarkable clothes, but from head to neck he wore the sort of turban that covered half of his face and left a small scar along the edge.

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