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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C4 The sinner of the bai family
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C4 The sinner of the bai family

The large hall was filled with people with different expressions.

Bai Ruyue stood at the entrance of the hall with a respectful posture, looking extremely humble.

There was no way around it, from Lady Baiyan's few cries for help, she had already understood that the Bai Family Room would be very difficult for her today. She was a good-for-nothing with no way to protect the Bai Family Industry that others coveted, and would become a sinner in Bai Family.

"Zhang Wu, what are you going to do?"

Bai Ruyue read through the memories of the original owner and knew that he was the eldest senior of the Bai Family, fifth uncle.

The one who was called out to was Bai Ruyue's father, the boss of Bai Family, and the current Patriarch of Bai Family.

His face was sallow, his expression haggard, but after being questioned, he did not make a sound, and only silently looked at Bai Ruyue. Although there was some disappointment in his eyes, he was more pampered.

"Changwu, I know you're in a difficult situation, but we need to come up with a plan!" Fifth Uncle knocked on the table:

"Ru Yue originally wanted to protect the hope of using Bai Family, but now that she's a Shi Mai, there's no way we can count on her. If we don't think of a way to deal with her, when the thirteen cities open the day after tomorrow, her Herb Mountain will no longer be surnamed Bai!"

"That's right!" The most pressing matter of all, the most important thing is for us to preserve our Herb Mountain! " Third brother Bai Changyu immediately followed up excitedly.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Bai Changwu pressed his hand on the armrest: "Third brother, what plans do you have?"

Ol 'Three immediately stood up and took a step forward, "Big Brother, don't be angry at me for saying these words. It's hard to recover from your current illness, and your niece Ruyue has a crippled pulse. If you're in such a hopeless situation, your Herb Mountain would definitely be snatched away, why not ? Give the position of Patriarch to Second Brother, stop those people's mouths. "

"Hey, you ?" Second brother Bai Changfeng was shocked.

"Bai Changyu!" Lady Baiyan immediately slammed the table and bellowed: Are you still human? It's one thing for outsiders to come and snatch the Herb Mountain, but don't you want to unite your mind to fight them, and you actually want to snatch the position of your big brother as the Patriarch? "

"Sister-in-law!" That's not right! What do you mean by snatch the elder's seat? I'm letting second brother be the Patriarch, not me! Furthermore, if elder brother is well, or if he is as capable as Ruyue is, will I ask for such a thing? "

"You ?"

"Stop fighting, I don't want to be the Clan Chief." Bai Changfeng shrank his neck and waved, while his wife by his side widened her eyes and pinch him, he pouted but did not make a sound.

"Enough!" You have already lost the ability to protect your Herb Mountain, so in this past half a year, the other twelve families have all been keeping an eye on you, and now that Ru Yue is not up to anything, you don't have the ability to protect your Herb Mountain at all, how about ? "

"Fifth Uncle, I cannot give up the position of Patriarch." Bai Changwu said in a deep voice: "If even I am unable to protect the assets of Bai Family, even Changfeng and Chang Yu are of no use.

"This ?" Fifth Uncle was immediately at a loss for words.

"Big brother, those words make me feel uncomfortable!" Yes, Second Brother and I don't have much ability, and we're not stronger than you! But the problem is, can you still protect Herb Mountain right now? Even if second brother and I are crippled, we would still be stronger than the current you and Ru Yue, right? "

Bai Changyu pointed to Bai Ruyue as he spoke, "She is Shi Mai! This old one will be crippled, and this little one will be crippled as well. If the thirteen cities are to open, what will you use to protect your Herb Mountain!? "

"We are trash, but Ruyue and Young Master Lu Family have an arranged marriage." Bai Changwu immediately opened his mouth wide, as though he was choking on something, he bitterly turned his head and sat down!

The overbearing aura in the hall was completely turned around by Bai Changwu's words, but Bai Ruyue's heart was thumped: Damn it!

"His Lu Family is currently ranked second among the thirteen cities. Although I'm a cripple right now, Herb Mountain is a form of wealth, and as long as his Lu Family is in a marriage with our Bai Family, it will be easier for him to obtain benefits than others. He will naturally protect our Bai Family."

No one said anything after hearing his words. No matter how they looked at it, placing their hopes on someone else was a matter of life and death. However, this seemed to be their only choice.

"In that case ?" Fifth Uncle stood up: "I hope you can preserve your Herb Mountain, but if you are unable to preserve your Herb Mountain in the next few days ?"

"Bai Changwu will be ashamed to face the ancestors, and be willing to resign as the Clan Chief, and split all of his assets among his family members, and take his wife and daughter out to wash up."

With these harsh words, Bai Changwu left one by one after they looked at each other.

"Big Brother, I have no intentions of becoming the Patriarch. You must hold on." Bai Changfeng said to his big brother in a hurry. Under his wife's disappointed gaze, he left with his neck tucked in.

In the blink of an eye, only Bai Changwu, Lady Baiyan and Bai Ruyue were left in the hall.

"Yue Er, come here!" "Come to Father."

Bai Ruyue walked over nervously, "Father ? "Sorry ?"

"No, it's not your fault!" Bai Changwu held her daughter's hand: "Bloodline Inherent skill is not something that we can handle. Actually, Father let you down, Father was useless, and couldn't properly protect you, allowing others to belittle you."

"Father ?" Bai Ruyue's heart ached.

She had never felt anything like kinship or parental love, but now that she had it, and it was in a family crisis, neither of her parents blamed her at all.

"Plop!" Bai Ruyue dropped to her knees, "Father, mother, I am sorry, but our daughter's incompetence has caused our master to be wronged ?"

"I already said it's not your fault, hurry up and get up ?"

"But, I, I ?" I have already rescinded the engagement with Lu Zhenghai. "

"What?" Bai Changwu and Lady Baiyan were immediately dumbfounded.

"He loathed the fact that I was Shi Mai, so he publicly proposed to cancel the engagement with me. "I agree."

Bai Ruyue did not bring up the matter of her falling to the ground today. She had no way of explaining to the two elders how she had beaten them.

Lady Baiyan and Bai Changwu looked at each other for a moment, then reached out and hugged Bai Ruyue: "My pitiful daughter! "How did you meet such a person!" Yue'er knows what kind of character Lu Lang is because of this. It's a good thing that the engagement was broken off! "

Hearing her parents comforting him, Bai Ruyue raised her head uneasily and asked, "But what about now? What will happen to the thirteen cities the day after tomorrow?"

Bai Changwu bit his lower lip, "Father will definitely make a decision, so you don't have to worry about it! Go back and rest! "

Bai Ruyue nodded and left. After leaving the great hall, she remembered the sickly look that Bai Changwu had and couldn't help but turn back, but in the end, she heard Bai Changwu's long sigh and his soft words:

"Go and clean up a bit more. Bring Yue Er back to your family tomorrow night ?"

"What?" "What do you mean ?"

"If my Herb Mountain can't protect me, then I am a sinner in Bai Family. I will atone for my sins by dying to comfort my ancestors. Take Yue'er with you!"

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