Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C61 I refuse to join the pill sect!
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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C61 I refuse to join the pill sect!
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C61 I refuse to join the pill sect!

Back then, Bai Ruyue had lived in the Pill Palace for more than twenty years.

Even though she doesn't know much about the basics of pill refining, but if you want her to identify the herbs and take their portions, then you will definitely make a mistake!

The Cloud Shadow Grass and the Fowl Tail Grass looked exactly the same:

The only difference between them was that one leaf had soft hair, and the other had no soft hair.

It was very distinguishable when it came to harvesting. After drying up, when the soft fur fell off, it was almost exactly the same!

However, the Master s that followed Bai Ruyue had told her that the best way to differentiate these two herbs was through their weight!

The Cock Tail Grass was always slightly heavier than the Cloud Shadow Grass!

Therefore, when Bai Ruyue took out these two difficult to differentiate herbs, she held them in her hands and knew which one was the Cloud Shadow Grass and which was the Cocktail Grass.

Therefore, she pinched the roots and the middle, making them all only worth a single coin!

This kind of splitting method, was definitely something that only an expert would be able to create. With just this method, Second Elder, who had been grinning all this time, couldn't help but clap his hands in excitement. "Well divided!"

This praise caused the Third Elder's heart to almost collapse. He looked at Bai Ruyue and gnashed his teeth, "Are you sure that the alchemist teacher was not among the ingredients? "One less potion, even if you're proficient in potions, you won't be able to pass the test!"

Threats, absolute threats.

These words were telling Bai Ruyue that it was inside the materials, if she couldn't find it, it would be useless!

But Bai Ruyue was not swayed by this kind of threat, she directly shook her head:

"I've already probed it with my soul power. There are no alchemy teachers in there, but there are some that have yet to be refined into alchemy teachers. However, the total amount is only two dollars."

When the Third Elder heard this, the Fifth Elder actually turned around and ran towards the pile of ingredients. After a few breaths of time, he unexpectedly said very excitedly: "What you said is correct.

These words, were equivalent to confirming that Bai Ruyue had passed the second stage without waiting for Third Elder's announcement.

Bai Ruyue immediately giggled and looked at Third Elder: "Dare I ask, have I passed?"

Third Elder was shocked and overwhelmed with shock. He felt that Bai Ruyue, who was standing in front of him, was simply an extraordinary talent ? No, this was simply a monster!

"You passed!"

Even though he was unwilling, under the eyes of everyone, he could not deny Bai Ruyue's success, and could only nod her head: "You can go take the third trial now!"

Bai Ruyue turned and returned to the seat behind Chang Wu. She knew, she had to wait for everyone.

Not long after, someone got up and began to hand in their paper, while some others hurriedly wiped off their sweat, making the ink stick to their faces.

Bai Ruyue's passing had given them too much pressure, so in the end, most of the people who handed in the test wouldn't be able to get everything right, let alone enter the second round of the materials assessment.

After the last person had answered his question, in addition to Bai Ruyue's fact that only three people had passed the examination, this person's so-called five spots had actually missed two.

"Third Elder, you asked very difficult questions, I think these two are not bad!" The Fifth Elder seriously recommended two seeds that were not bad. Third Elder looked at him with dissatisfaction, and just as he was about to speak up, Second Elder opened his mouth:

"To be fair, you have to keep your promises. It's a bit difficult, but who can deny that luck is an integral part of a person's strength?" As he spoke, he waved his hand. "The three of you will participate in the third round. As for the others, do it next time!"

Since the Second Elder had said so, everyone could only resign themselves to their fate and silently leave.

The alchemists and examinees who came to recommend her, all looked at Third Elder with hatred and dissatisfaction in their eyes. It was obvious that they thought it was because this person was making things difficult for them, which resulted in them having such "bad luck" today.

After a while, everyone left. On the second floor, besides a few elders, there were only the three examinees and their respective recommended masters.

At this time, Second Elder stood up.

"The first and second trials have already convinced me that you have a solid foundation, and can be my Pill Sect disciples. Thus, this round's assessment is no longer about whether or not you have the qualifications to be sect disciples, but ?"

Second Elder's smile faded, and his expression turned serious: "I want to see which one of you has the highest potential, and might become the main seedling of my Pill Sect in the future. In other words, if your talent is high enough, you can also become an inner disciple!"

When everyone heard this, they immediately became excited.

The words of the Second Elder meant that they had already announced that they had entered Pill Sect. However, Bai Ruyue did not reveal an excited smile;

"Come! My test is very simple! Let's see if your soul power can resist my connection! "

After Second Elder finished speaking, he closed his eyes and released his surging soul power, attacking the three of them!

His soul power had always belonged to those stronger than him!

They were still young, so their soul power couldn't compare to Second Elder's. Therefore, this so-called confrontation was when Second Elder's soul power was pressing down on them.

Soul power was incomparably heavy, and in just a split-second, everyone felt as though their shoulders were carrying a heavy burden, as though hundreds of kilograms of goods were being loaded on them. They couldn't help but clench their teeth and resist.

Sweat quickly seeped out from his forehead as he strained his knees, afraid that he would fall over.

However, even if they understood the problem, under the constant increasing pressure, their knees still bent down!

Putong, someone involuntarily knelt to the ground. After which, the heavy pressure he felt instantly dissipated. But he knew that among the three of them, he was already the weakest.

Five breaths later, the second person kneeled down. He couldn't hold on any longer.

At this moment, there was only Bai Ruyue standing upright in the room.

There was no sweat on her forehead, not even her entire body.

Second Elder's gaze focused on her body, then immediately increased his soul power. The weight on Bai Ruyue's shoulder immediately changed from one hundred kilograms to one thousand kilograms.

But so what?

Her soul power could withstand the weight of an entire mountain!

A mere thousand Jin was nothing at all!

However, she did not want to display too much in order to not scare people. Thus, she intentionally tightened her body, then squeezed out some sweat. After holding on for another twenty breaths, she kneeled onto the ground, indicating that she had reached her limit.

"Hu!" Second Elder could finally retract his soul power, but at this moment, he couldn't help but gasp for breath, because he was tired and excited at the same time.

The reason he was tired was because he had to control his soul power to hold her down. Otherwise, he might injure a rarely seen good seedling. However, he couldn't help but hope that she would be able to hold on even longer.

Now, this child had finally knelt down, but in his heart, he was extremely excited.

Even under a thousand kilograms, he would be able to hold on for twenty breaths of time. This child's soul power was already at least at the seventh rank. This was absolutely a seed with unparalleled potential!

"Good job!" Bai Ruyue, you have great potential, congratulations on becoming my Pill Sect disciple ? " Second Elder said those excited words, but Bai Ruyue took a step back at this moment:

"Sorry, I refuse to join Pill Sect."

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