Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C63 If he doesn't come to apologize i won't go!
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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C63 If he doesn't come to apologize i won't go!
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C63 If he doesn't come to apologize i won't go!

Hearing that, Yun Yuxiang immediately stood up, "That can't be! Our Yun Family is someone from the Demon Suppressing King! "

Yun Zhongpeng twisted his mouth: "It's exactly because we are the prince's people that we are safe and sound after falling behind for these past few years, but recently that person has been keeping an eye on our prince! If our Cloud Sea Island Division is still at the bottom, do you think we'll be safe? "

Yun Yuxiang scratched his head: "Are you saying that our Yun Family is dangerous?"

"Hit the dog and look at its owner. Heh, look at its owner hitting the dog!" Our Yun Family is the prince's dog, and those people must beat us up to show the duke! " Yun Zhongpeng then sighed: "So this time, even if I have to go all out, I have to get that girl into Pill Sect!"

Yun Yuxiang's face was filled with awkwardness: "That girl only has some potential, no matter how I hear second uncle, it sounds like you're saving her life!"

Yun Zhongpeng glanced at Yun Yuxiang gloomily, "That girl's innate soul power is not below level 7."

Yun Yuxiang's mouth was agape, he did not utter a sound, only a shocked expression!

Level seven!

This was the divide that allowed one to enter the higher levels!

Whether it was dou qi or soul power, from rank 1 to rank 3, they were all low level, from rank 4 to rank 6 were intermediate, and from rank 7 onwards, they were high level.

However, soul power and dou qi were different!

Battle qi could grow by constantly increasing Qi Condensation, and could also rely on consuming large amounts of medicinal pills to forcefully accumulate and improve. Fortunately, there was a good starting point before he officially started cultivating.

In the future, he would be able to rely on the help of elixirs to continuously improve his cultivation.

However, soul power wasn't enough!

A person's soul power was basically innate!

The higher one's potential was, the greater one's future prospects would be. This was because the higher one's potential was, the higher a person's soul power would be.

This was the only way to increase soul power!

As for the Spirit-Returning Pill and the Spirit Concentrating Pill, they were only used to replenish the consumed energy and to heal the wounds.

How could Yun Yuxiang not be shocked at this moment?

When Second Uncle said that the other side had a lot of potential, he only thought that Bai Ruyue was the most amazing at Intermediate Level.

But now, he was actually at the seventh rank! It was still no lower than the seventh rank!

His heart suddenly felt as though it was being tightly tied up by a rope!

"Level 7!" He closed his mouth, then squeezed out the word with a gnashing of teeth, his expression turning ugly.

Seeing that, Yun Zhongpeng's eyes flashed with a look of sympathy, and then he sighed.

He knew that the knot in his Second Bro's heart was truly sad!

Because Yufei, who was ranked second in front of him, had a seventh level soul power, that was why he was accepted as a direct disciple by the Medicinal Valley Elder.

As for Yu Xiang, his soul power was also at the sixth rank. Although his soul power was very high, he was still lacking by a single step and could only be at the intermediate level. He could only be behind someone.

"Bastard!" Yun Yuxiang finally scolded as he grabbed his wine pot and gulped it down.

"Ru Yue, father knows that you have been wronged, so it's necessary for you to find a good situation, but, after all, Thirteen Cities of Clouds is owned by one family, and Pill Sect is held by the Yun Family, so if you do this, it's equivalent to giving Yun Family an embarrassment!"

Bai Changwu consoled his in a low voice, "You, you have to let me go, don't be so hard!"

"Father, if we are looked down by others, we will have to stand up straight! Now that your daughter has straightened her back, did you think it would be appropriate for me to lower my head and bend down? "

"This isn't asking you to lower your head and bend your waist, but rather, we are all from the same alliance, we can't spoil our relationship just like that. Besides, didn't your Beast Raising Token all come from someone else's Yun Family?"

"Father!" Bai Ruyue helplessly reached out and hugged Bai Changwu's arm: "I am not angry at Yun Family, and I won't have any intent to go against you. I am only pursuing a simple principle: Whoever provokes me, they must apologize to me! If he doesn't know his wrongs, then I don't mind bullying him back! "

"Ruyue ?"

"Enough!" Don't talk about daughters! " Lady Baiyan grabbed Bai Ruyue and hugged him half of the way, "Ru Yue, your mother is supporting you! Who told us not to look good! We won't forgive her! "

Bai Ruyue laughed upon hearing this, and immediately hugged Lady Baiyan's waist. "Thank you, your mother.

Lady Baiyan was startled, and then hugged Bai Ruyue tightly, "Silly girl! I'm your mother, if I don't protect you, then who should I protect! You are my mother's flesh and blood! "

With the warm protection of her family, Bai Ruyue slept extremely well that night. Even her two days of exhaustion had finally worn out.

She slept until almost noon, yawned and stretched her waist, only then did the servants tell her that Third Elder, who worked at Pill Sect early in the morning, had brought a cart full of gifts with her!

As for her mother, Lady Baiyan, he emphasized that her daughter was tired and needed rest. She didn't want to disturb her, so Yun Zhongpeng forced Yun Zhongpeng to drink an entire morning's worth of tea on the Bai Mansion!

Bai Ruyue didn't think that Lady Baiyan would actually protect her daughter to such an extent. She hurriedly washed up and changed her clothes, then went to the living room to meet someone.

Yun Zhongpeng held onto a cup of tea in front of him that had almost turned white, while the hoodlums chatted until they ran out.

At this moment, not only was he not in a good mood, but he also felt very ashamed.

However, for the Yun Family, he could only endure.

"Sorry, I overslept!" Bai Ruyue entered the living room apologetically, and after bowing to Bai Changwu and Lady Baiyan, he bowed towards Yun Zhongpeng.

He wasn't estranged from her, nor was there any coldness or arrogance in his eyes, causing Yun Zhongpeng to be unsure if she had purposely left things out for him on purpose until now, and felt that he had returned the face he wanted to give her.

"Miss White, the reason this old man has come today, is to sincerely apologize, and invite you to join our Pill Sect." As Yun Zhongpeng spoke, he took out a gift slip from his bosom and passed it to Bai Ruyue. "This is our apology, and also our sincerity."

Bai Ruyue did not accept the order. Instead, she spoke to Yun Zhongpeng in a neither humble nor haughty manner: "Third Elder has come to apologize to me. I accept it, but I am not allowed to join Pill Sect."

Yun Zhongpeng's face darkened: White Girl, let's take a step each, okay? Look, I've prepared a very good present for you this time! "

As he said this, he hurriedly read the gift slip aloud.

"One Grade Three Violet Gold Cauldron, twenty volumes of Grade Three Pill Formulae, the Ten Scriptures ?"

"Third Elder!" Bai Ruyue spoke up and interrupted him: "If you really want me to enter Pill Sect, you don't need these things at all. Just let Yun Family Second Young Master, the one who said that I was useless and wishful thinking of entering Pill Sect, personally come and apologize to me!"

"What?" Yun Zhongpeng was stunned.

"Third Elder, from the very beginning to the end, I, Bai Ruyue, have only asked for a single breath, to be treated with equal respect!"

Bai Ruyue's gaze was calm yet firm: "So he sincerely apologized, I will go to the Pill Sect Division, and if he doesn't come to apologize, I, no, go!"

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