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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C65 Anxiety one breath transformation target!
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C65 Anxiety one breath transformation target!

This seemingly silent walk was so orderly and orderly. It was clear how high these two young misses held in the hearts of the crowd.

Bai Ruyue knew that the Hu family, the Zheng Family and the Lu Family belonged to the first tier of the Thirteen Cities, but if everyone respected the two young misses, they would definitely be extraordinary.

When Bai Ruyue thought about this, two beautiful women walked out of the palanquin.

A red dress with golden threads draped over a goose-yellow silk ribbon, coupled with a head full of golden splendor, was so thick and beautiful that it was like a big red peony, and it was filled with an oppressing and noble aura.

She was dressed in a purple dress with her hair tied up high and flowing like a curtain. Her graceful steps were like a lotus in the rain, causing people to feel sorry for her.

When the two of them stood together, one was filled with a strong sense of nobility, the other was graceful and delicate, and there was also that equally beautiful appearance. Each of them had their own style and style.

Seeing this, Bai Ruyue could not help but smile, she could completely see that the two girls were yelling at each other while they were at loggerheads.

Of course, from the original owner's memories, she also found out that the one with the most noble aura was the young miss of Zheng Family, who was also the niece of his mother.

"Sister Zheng Family looks like a bride today! What, is elder sister anxious to get married? It's too bad that today is Young Master Yun's birthday, not a wedding! "

When Miss Hu spoke, her voice was so soft that it was almost charming.

"Sister's dressing isn't bad either! But did he not choose the right color!? "Recently, I heard that only those ladies from Purple Smoke Pavilion are infatuated with this purple ?"

Purple Smoke Pavilion, the flower house with the largest Cloud Sea Island. These sarcastic remarks were not light, but when Big Miss Hu heard it, she gave a charming roll of her eyes: "Really? Elder sister actually knows what those people from the Purple Smoke Pavilion like? "

They faced each other, the words stabbing and stabbing.

The four beautiful eyes met in this way under the gazes of everyone present, giving off a feeling as if they were made of fire and lightning.

Bai Ruyue crossed her arms as she watched the scene. Could she say that she found the two women very interesting?

Just at this time, there was an uproar coming from the crowd, after that, everyone turned to look, it was Young Master Yun Yun Yufei who came out!

"Everyone! Why are you all waiting at the door? Yun Yufei greeted his with a face full of smiles. Today, he was dressed in a sky blue robe with a jade belt.

"Big brother Yufei!" The gentle and charming young miss of the Hu family opened her mouth and did not say anything. She even extended her hand towards Yun Yufei.

"Cousin!" Seeing that, the young miss of Zheng Family did not say anything, he even lifted his skirt and took a step forward: "You came to pick me up?"

Fighting, one second, one second, one second, these two were both fighting with all their might. Everyone silently watched, waiting to see which one of them would win the first round.

Everyone including Bai Ruyue.

But... Yun Yufei's reaction towards the two of them was unexpectedly to just stand there and laugh, "How rare, both of you actually came! "Then come on in!"

After he finished speaking, he did not go forward to greet any of them. Instead, he turned his body slightly and smiled at Bai Ruyue, "Miss White, you're finally here, my master has already asked about you twice. Come, I'll bring you in to meet my master!"


Bai Ruyue felt that if the eyes of the people here could turn into swords, she would be pierced by the ten thousand swords into a candied fruit!

Sharp gazes fell on her, filled with absolute hostility!

What the heck!

Bai Ruyue thought sorrowfully and could not help but hate Yun Yufei.

Are you doing this on purpose?

These two people are fighting with each other for you. You ignore them, you ignore me, do you want to turn me into a sword target!?

"Young Master Yun is too polite!" Bai Ruyue hurriedly bowed and expressed her stance, "Two young misses, please wait for your greetings. As for Medicinal Valley Elder, I will go and pay my respects to them."

Clean! He had to get rid of everything!

Bai Ruyue stressed about the Medicinal Valley Elder, stressed that she had to pay her respects, and resolutely set herself aside from her enemies, so as to not allow others to misunderstand.

However, Yun Yufei was no longer as considerate as before, and instead grabbed her arm without giving her a chance to retreat:

"Why are you being so courteous!?" Without me to guide you, how can you meet my master? Let's go, I'll bring you there! " After he finished speaking, he did not care about Bai Ruyue's shocked expression and turned to the two beauties who were also dumbfounded.

"Sisters, we are family, please do as you please. I will entertain the honored guests first! You must forgive me! "

However, the gazes of these two beauties both landed on a certain someone's back that was directly pulled by Yun Yufei, and then gathered on a certain someone's wrist that was being held by Yun Yufei.

Ka La!

Silent thunderous sounds exploded in the two women's minds. They looked at each other with awkward expressions.

"Big sister Zheng Family, big brother Yufei is really busy!"

"Yeah, it's her birthday, so there must be an important guest to entertain her. We can only forgive her."

At this moment, the fight between the two of them was still going on, but everyone could see that they were more likely to be united as enemies.

And at that moment, Yun Yuxiang, who was in the Residence of Yun Room, was smiling so hard that his eyes curved into crescents.

Good, this is great!

I haven't even made a move, but this Bai Ruyue has already become a thorn in the eyes of these two.

He excitedly rubbed his hands together and gritted his teeth: Bai Ruyue, you will suffer today!

At the same time, standing at the Residence of Yun entrance, Bai Ruhua watched as the two young misses entered the Residence of Yun and bit her lower lip, with a gaze filled with hatred:

Bai Ruyue! Why are you still in the limelight!

Why? Why!

"Yun Yufei, what is wrong with you?"

Bai Ruyue, who had been dragged into the Inner Palace by Yun Yufei, angrily flung someone's hand away. "Do you want the two of them to eat me?"

Yun Yufei was startled, then laughed: "Why am I crazy? I was clearly very kind to bring you to see my master! "

"Kind? Stop pretending! You are harming me! " Bai Ruyue stared: "Didn't you see that I have become their target in a second?"

"I saw it." Yun Yufei smiled widely: "But you don't have to be afraid of them. They won't bully you with me protecting you."

Bai Ruyue rolled her eyes after hearing what she said, "Forget it! You better not protect me. The more you protect me, the unluckier I'll be! "

Was she a fool?

The two girls were so competitive, if Yun Yufei protected him, wouldn't that be drawing hatred from him, what would it be?

The smile on Yun Yufei's face immediately lightened up greatly. "Since the year before last, when I was injured, the two of them have never come even half a step into my Residence of Yun. Today, when I'm better, both of them have come! When I saw you just now, I really didn't know how to respond. I only had an excuse to bring you to my master to escape. "

He then turned to Bai Ruyue and bowed, "I'm sorry, I've caused you so much trouble!"

Bai Ruyue was startled, her heart suddenly had a bad taste, and then she waved her hand: "So it's like that! "You should have said it earlier, then, there's nothing else. Let's go, we'll meet your master!"

Bai Ruyue turned around and looked at her back, a crafty look flashing past her eyes.

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