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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C67 Do they still want to fight?
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C67 Do they still want to fight?

Because of Bai Ruyue's resolute attitude of being able to protect himself, even though Yun Yufei was feeling a little unspeakably disappointed in his heart, he still cooperated.

Therefore, when the two of them came to the main courtyard to meet up with everyone, they were separated by three steps, completely lacking the previous intimacy.

This scene made many people feel at ease. Especially the two young misses, they looked at Bai Ruyue as if a heavy burden was being lifted off their shoulders and their eyes were no longer sharp.

Feeling that it had eased up a little, Bai Ruyue thought to herself that it was still okay, and decided to pass this period peacefully. In any case, she could not get involved in Yun Yufei's matter, or else she would get caught up in it.

However ?

When Yun Yuxiang, who was quietly peeling peanuts at the side saw this, frowned, then looked at the servant behind him, who immediately left.

"Ru Yue, here!" When Lady Baiyan saw his daughter coming out from such a distance away from Young Master Yun Family, he couldn't help but feel sorry for his daughter.

"Has Medicinal Valley Elder seen it?"

Lady Baiyan had already been a target of hatred for her daughter for a long time, so the only thing she could do now was to emphasize her innocence.

"Yeah, I saw it." After Bai Ruyue said this politely, she stood behind Lady Baiyan and let everyone know that she really had nothing to do with Young Master Yun.

"Wasn't Big Sis quite close to the Young Master Yun earlier and we even held hands? Why is Young Master Yun suddenly ignoring you, could it be that Medicinal Valley Elder doesn't like you? "

Bai Ruhua felt very uncomfortable in her heart. Seeing that she had the opportunity to attack Bai Ruyue, Bai Ruyue did not even think twice before opening her mouth to ridicule her. The moment those words came out, the gazes of everyone in the surroundings shot towards Bai Ruyue, as if they wanted an affirmative answer from her.

Bai Ruyue thought to himself, Bai Ruhua, you big idiot, why do you still not remember to bite randomly? She immediately glared at her: "Whether Medicinal Valley Elder likes me or not has nothing to do with you, you don't need to worry about anything."

This answer, wasn't to sacrifice himself to say that he didn't like it, or to proudly announce that he liked it, it was merely a warning to Bai Ruhua not to talk too much.

But how was Bai Ruhua a smart person?

These days, because she was betrothed to a widower as a new wife, her heart was filled with rage, and she dressed up brilliantly to the point that she wanted to use her Residence of Yun to support herself in front of others.

That's right! That knowing, Bai Ruyue dressed up so easily yet had to watch her beauty grow even more beautiful than before, immediately feeling like the cat's paw had clawed at his bloody heart, wanting to find an opportunity to vent its hatred!

Now that Bai Ruyue actually told him to shut up like this, she immediately sarcastically said:

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll listen to elder sister. Now that elder sister has a backer, who knows why she's so strong now?" It's just that this person is so high and mighty, don't stretch your neck too long, you might end up twisting it later! "

Were these human words?

As she insinuated that Bai Ruyue was beside the Young Master Yun, she reminded Bai Ruyue of the difference in her status, making her feel inferior.

Towards such venomous words, Bai Ruyue's reaction was extremely straightforward: She directly slapped Bai Ruhua in the face!

"Bai Ruhua, as your sister, this slap will teach you one thing: I am not you. I, Bai Ruyue, am not in a hurry to get married, and I don't need anyone! "Who should I rely on?!"

These words were very clear, indicating that Bai Ruyue definitely did not have any thoughts towards the Young Master Yun, and all the people who came to visit could not help but laugh at Bai Ruhua.

Bai Ruyue turned her head and ignored him.

"You ?" Bai Ruhua covered her face, she was extremely angry and embarrassed, but at this time, a few clapping sounds came out, everyone looked for the source of the noise and saw Bai Family second brother Yun Yuxiang seated in front of the table clapping.

"Miss Bai's words are truly sonorous and forceful. However, how do I remember that the Beast Taming Token in your hands was something my big brother went to find the Medicinal Valley Elder for you?"

With a sentence, there were a lot of cold noises in the main yard. Some were surprised with the Beast Raising Token, and some were surprised with the fact that the Young Master Yun had actually come forward to plead for Bai Ruyue.

As a result, many people cast their gaze at Bai Ruyue, but even more people cast their eyes at Young Master Yun, as though they wanted a definite answer.

"Yu Xiang, don't be rude!" Yun Yufei was not an idiot, upon hearing this, he immediately knew that his second brother was pushing Bai Ruyue into a pit of fire!

Although he really wanted Bai Ruyue to have something to do with him, and he could just go along with the flow and develop with her, taking down Bai Ruyue's position right in front of everyone's eyes, was not what he wanted to see happen.

"Brother, how can you say I'm rude? How about Bai Ruyue is rude? She is really arrogant with her words. Doesn't that mean she has failed to live up to your kind intentions? Didn't you go to the Medicinal Valley Elder and ask for the Beast Raising Token for her? "

Yun Yuxiang acted as if he was standing up for his brother, choking on his words until Yun Yufei had no way to reply.

Admit, was to let Bai Ruyue into the pit of fire. However admit, this was an existing fact, and there was no way to deny it!

"Cousin!" Have you really asked for a Beast Raising Order for the Miss White? " The young miss of Zheng Family's eyes were filled with hostility.

"Yeah, big brother Yufei? Is this Bai Ruyue on good terms with you? " The young miss of the Hu family also asked softly.

Yun Yufei really wanted to reply. Bai Ruyue and I were friends, but when I saw the anger in their eyes and remembered that Bai Ruyue repeatedly said that she wanted to retreat and beg for protection, I could only clear my throat and say:

"Um, Miss White's innate talent is very good, my Yun Family has the responsibility of recruiting wise men, so Yufei running for the Miss White's Beast Raising Token is also something that should be done!"

"Oh, cousin cousin originally thought about the matters of Pill Sect. As expected, as a Eldest Young Master, you always put in effort!" Although the words of the young miss of Zheng Family went with the flow, he was already looking at Bai Ruyue with hostility.

"Big Brother Yufei is really warmhearted! Actually, since when did you need to personally take action, Big Brother Yufei! Right? " The young miss of the Hu family also turned to look at Bai Ruyue with hostility.

Bai Ruyue twisted her mouth and ignored him.

He wanted to be clear, but he couldn't. What was he going to do then?

"Cousin said that Miss White's talent is extraordinary, then she must have some exceptional qualities." The young miss of Zheng Family smiled at Bai Ruyue: "I have been playing chess at home for the past few days, so I have little chance of winning. I wonder if young miss Bai Family can accompany me for the next round?"

Bai Ruyue resolutely shook her hand: "I'm sorry, Ru Yue isn't good at chess."

If she didn't want to cause trouble, she would retreat. She didn't plan to fight for it.

"It doesn't matter if the Miss White doesn't play chess, there is always someone who is good at it, no? Bai Family is also one of the famous sects in the thirteen cities, don't say that you don't know anything as the big miss of Bai Family! "

"That's right, I don't believe that the young miss of Bai Family knows nothing either."

At this moment, the Hu family's eldest daughter spoke, clearly showing that she wanted to have a showdown with her.

Hearing this, Bai Ruyue's lips twitched:

NND? You even want to fight for it?

I already gave in, but you guys still insist on raising your Bai Family!

Alright, alright, alright, you guys are asking for trouble, then don't blame me!

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