Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C8 You can let me help you!
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Lovable Good-for-nothing Consort/C8 You can let me help you!
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C8 You can let me help you!

"Let's go in!"

Other people could not argue in front of their doors, so Bai Changwu could only call for everyone to go in first.

Bai Changyu stepped forward and squeezed Bai Ruyue out of the room to support her big brother. Then, he shouted for Bai Changfeng to come over as well, and in the end, they became three brothers who entered Residence of Yun together.

Lady Baiyan and Bai Hu both wore gloomy expressions and did not speak. Since Ol 'Three came alone, Bai Ruyue and Bai Ruhua naturally proceeded forward side by side.

"Big sister, are you really Shi Mai?"

As she stepped through the doorstep, Bai Ruhua had a caring expression on her face, but when she asked that question, who on guard duty could not hear it?

Immediately, many people glanced at him. Not to mention that Lady Baiyan could not help but turn around and gouge him with his eyes.

Bai Ruhua on the other hand, had an innocent look. "Why are you staring at me, Aunt? Is the rumor outside fake? "

"No, it's true, I am indeed Shi Mai. I cannot cultivate." Bai Ruyue calmly replied.

There was no cowardice, no panic, and no inferiority complex. This indifferent reply caused Bai Ruhua to be slightly startled, but she quickly revealed a bitter face: "Then what do we do! Elder sister, you are Shi Mai, how can you be worthy of being the Eldest Young Master! "

Bai Ruyue glanced at her: "No matter how useless I am, I am still a person of Bai Family.

Bai Ruhua heard this and was about to refute. However, there were a few noises coming from the surroundings, as they shouted and stepped aside, a group of servants ran out to clear the way, and then they saw a small palanquin approaching.

"It's Young Master Yun Family!"

"My God! It's actually really the Eldest Young Master of the Yun Family! "

"As the successor of the Patriarch, this is the first time I've seen Young Master Yun Family in three years of gathering in a city!"

The excited voices from around rose and fell. Bai Ruyue curiously looked in that direction and thought, could this Yun Family young master possibly have three heads and six arms? Otherwise, how could he make the people around him so excited?

When he looked, he saw the person in the sedan chair: a snow-white robe with a silver belt, and a long hairpin with an inky black crown.

In addition, his eyebrows were like smoke, his eyes were like stars, and his lips were full of tea. Young Master Ruyu from a noble family was like an immortal exiled from the world, making people unable to look away.

Not bad!

Bai Ruyue sincerely evaluated from the bottom of her heart: Compared to someone's enchanting appearance, he is much cleaner and less seductive.

As she thought of this, her eyes landed on the youth beside the palanquin. She immediately lowered her head and stopped looking, afraid that she would meet his gaze.

But at that moment, Bai Ruhua who was beside her actually knocked her on the arm when he saw that:

"Oh, I thought that someone as beautiful as elder sister would not lower her head and look down! Could it be that elder sister is ashamed of her inferiority? "That's right, if I was a piece of trash like sister, I would have made a fool of myself by not coming here today!"

Bai Ruyue, who had her head lowered, rolled her eyes, and thought about what Feng Fei had slapped to oppose him.

"Miss White!" Just at this time, a voice suddenly came out, Bai Ruyue turned her head and pretended to be deaf. Bai Ruhua who was beside him was startled, and excitedly took a step forward: "Young Master Yun, you, are you calling Ru Shuo?"

"I am calling you Miss White."

"I am Miss Bai Family, Bai Ruhua!" Bai Ruhua said as she proudly raised her head.

"No, I'm calling you Miss Bai Family." Yun Family Young Master looked at Bai Ruyue: "Bai Ruyue."

The voice of rejection was extremely warm and jade-like, yet it made Bai Ruhua's face immediately turn red and white in embarrassment. She didn't know what to say, but Bai Ruyue felt as if her head was splitting apart.

"Bai Ruyue has seen it before ? Young Master Yun. " Bai Ruyue was not at all close to the two girls as she stood there motionlessly.

Seeing that, the Eldest Young Master laughed indifferently, he extended his hand out, and the palanquin turned, flying straight towards Bai Ruyue.

When the palanquin passed by Bai Ruyue, it paused for a moment. Everyone saw the great young master's body slant as she whispered into Bai Ruyue's ear, "Actually, you can ask me to help you!"

After he finished speaking, the sedan chair left. The Yun Family Eldest Young Master was still as noble as an immortal.

Threats! This guy wants me to use the Soul Devour technique to exchange for a safe Bai Family, but this method is not something I can say! Otherwise, if this matter were to be leaked out, he would ? You'll find me!

"What's going on!?" Why is Young Master Bai so close to you? " Bai Ruhua's face was flushed red, she stood in front of Bai Ruyue in a flustered and exasperated manner: "What did he tell you?"

"It's better if you don't know." Bai Ruyue truly did not want to bother with this cousin of her. She took a step away from her and wanted to walk past her.

However, Bai Ruhua stretched out her arm and stopped her, "I just want to know!"

Bai Ruyue looked at Bai Ruhua's ordinary looking face: "Do you really want to know?"


Bai Ruyue leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "He said I'm prettier than you!"

After saying that, Bai Ruyue reached out and patted Bai Ruhua's shoulders a few times, as if she was comforting him, but after that she walked away, leaving Bai Ruhua standing there as if she was petrified.

Hmph, you dare to laugh at me? But unfortunately, I'm not some soft persimmon!

The Bai Family people were led by the servant into the Great Assembly Hall, and just as they entered, Bai Changwu raised his eyebrows.

The furnishings in the hall were beautiful and reserved, there was even a large metal chair with a white tiger skin placed on top of it, which made Bai Changwu feel that something was amiss.

In the previous years, there had never been such a large chair at a city meeting. The city lord had always been sitting on the first floor with them, occupying only the highest seat.

"Screech!" Old Bai is here! "

The parents of the Ding Clan opened their mouth to greet them, causing many people in the hall to immediately look at them.

"Hey, Old Bai, why did you bring all of your family over for a town meeting!?"

"That's right, could it be that your Bai Family has undergone some huge change today, and you need us to bear witness to it!"

was well aware that today would be the Bai Family battle, so he could only smile and respond, nodding along the way without saying a word.

He couldn't say!

"Brother, Master Lu is over there!" Bai Changyu was enthusiastic and welcomed Lu Family.

Master Lu smiled and waved at them, causing Bai Changyu to want to support his brother and go over, but since Bai Changwu already knew about the situation between Bai Ruyue and him, how could he not be satisfied?

Immediately, he started talking to the nearest Ding Family parents, "Old Ding, why is there an extra big chair here? Which master would like to come?"

The Ding Family's parents immediately said, "I don't know who this master is yet, but Young Master Yun Family came over just now to greet him. He said that City Master Bai has personally gone to the Cloud Sea City to welcome him!"

"What?" The City Lord welcomes you personally? " Bai Changwu was the boss of Thirteen Cities, who was it that needed him to welcome?

Could it be ?

"How can the Mayor personally welcome us? Wasn't this mysterious and elusive young master Bai Family showing his face today? If I guessed correctly, the Demon Suppressing King is here! "

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