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C9 I'm not dead yet!

"Old He, you got drunk without even drinking!"

Lu Yuan interrupted the He Family elders who were speaking loudly, stroked his beard and said: "If it really was the Demon Suppressing King, we would have had to start preparing three months ago! Can you even just find out that an esteemed guest is coming today? "

Hearing this, the He family's parents nodded their heads: "Brother Lu's words are reasonable!"

"Brother Bai, come over here and take a seat!" At this moment, Lu Yuan took the initiative to invite Bai Changwu over, and even pointed to the seats beside him.

As the Bai Family people walked over one after another, whispers began to rise among the surrounding people.

In the buzzing, everyone's gaze fell on Bai Ruyue.

There were those who felt pity, those who felt sympathy, and even more so those who mocked and despised him.

Bai Ruyue ignored them all and stood behind his father, as if he was an outsider.

"Ru Yue, why didn't you call me?"

Lu Yuan held his teacup and said with a smile.

Bai Ruyue was startled, and immediately saluted: "Hello, Uncle Lu."

"Uncle?" Bai Changyu loudly shouted in shock, "Why are you shouting so much! You have to be called uncle, next year you will be the daughter-in-law of Lu Family, and he will be your future father-in-law! "

Bai Ruyue pursed her lips and did not say a word. However, Lu Yuan sighed, "Sigh, as expected, there's nothing we can't do! Chang Yu! Stop talking, my son has already broken off the engagement with Ru Yue! "

"What?" Chang Yu was shocked, and those around him who did not know of what was happening were all looking at the people from the Bai Family and the people from the Lu Family in shock.

The Lu and Bai Families had always been close, so even though they had set their sights on Bai Family s today, they still wanted to be on guard against them.

After all, these two parents' house girls were already engaged. This Bai Family's benefit, Lu Family would definitely be able to be obtained somewhat.

As a result, he actually...

Everyone looked at each other, they all understood why Bai Ruyue wanted to end the engagement.

"Ruyue!" Uncle Lu, thank you! " Lu Yuan put down the teacup, stood up and cupped his hands towards Bai Ruyue:

"Thank you for being so righteous and not wanting to implicate my little Hai, but this matter was too sudden, that brat of mine actually agreed to it for Lu Family. After I found out, I went back yesterday and heavily punished him ?"

After Lu Yuan said this, he suddenly turned around and said: "Push him in!"

As a result, in everyone's shock, Lu Zhenghai, who was so tangled as to look like a mummy, was pushed out. Pitiful!

"Brother White!" Lu Yuan turned around and spoke to Bai Changwu again:

"I beat this son of a bitch up! Our two families have always been on good terms, our Lu Family will never be abandoned just because we're Shi Mai! Of course, I know that this matter has already happened and is irrevocable, so I apologize to you today! "

"This ?" After all, the situation that Bai Ruyue told him was completely different from what her Lu Family told him.

"Brother Old White, we can't break off our relationship. I've thought about it, since Ru Yue and Little Hai aren't fated to be together, then it's fine as well!"

"What?" Bai Changwu's eyes widened: "Painted?"

"Yes!" Old White, we are brothers, let's not talk about turning the corner! I know that your health is not good, and there must be someone watching over your Bai Family and Herb Mountain. Originally, when my son married Ru Yue, it was natural for our Lu Family to help, but now ? "

Lu Yuan laughed bitterly: "They broke the engagement, so if I help them again, it would be a bit unreasonable. But, since our two families have a good relationship, and Ru Yue is such a righteous child, I have to help, right?"

"Is your help for him to marry as a painting? To marry a child from the second house in Bai Family? " Bai Changwu's face was already sulking, he completely understood why the second brother's family was present today.

"That's right! This is the only way to maintain our friendship! Otherwise, who will defend your Herb Mountain? "

Coercion, the coercion of hypocrisy!

Looking at Lu Yuan who was sitting back down and acting like a good person, Bai Changwu understood that the Lu Family must have gone bad from the very roots!

"Big brother! Brother Lu doesn't care about Shi Mai, you're still willing to protect us with our Bai Family, this is providing timely assistance! " Seeing that Lu Yuan had sat down, Bai Changyu immediately jumped out to reply.

Bai Changwu looked at Bai Changyu, his eyes filled with an unbelieving pain.

This was clearly adding insult to injury!

His own brothers who were not united to protect their Bai Family had actually acted as the scapegoats for others!

"Your surname is Bai!" Bai Changwu gritted his teeth and said these words!

"I know! So that's why I'm thinking about Bai Family! Shi Mai can't even count on Yue Ru Yue, but we can only be like a painting now! " Bai Changyu said and said to Lu Yuan: "Right, Brother Lu!"

"Brother Old White, you should think too much about the bigger picture! As your big brother, I did my best for your Bai Family. You better not vent your anger on Little Hai because he doesn't understand anything, and ignore the benefits of Bai Family! "

"You! "Cough, cough, cough ?" Bai Changwu was so angry that he could not even breathe, and coughed on the spot:

Alright, if he refuses, then it would be because of Little Hai that he's angered. But if he agrees, then wouldn't that be the same as being forced to relinquish his position as the clan head?

The other families had not made their move yet! His own family members had actually teamed up with Lu Family to seize the Herb Mountain!

At this time, Bai Changyu slanted his eyes at the Bai Changfeng who had been silent the entire time and said: "I say, second brother, this Brother Lu wants to marry your daughter as his daughter-in-law, say something!"

Bai Changfeng said with an embarrassed face, "What did you say? It's definitely a good thing for a painting to be able to marry into Lu Family. "

With a word, it meant that his father, who was like a painting, had agreed to it. Now, only Bai Changwu, the Patriarch, was left to nod his head!

"It's good that Zhang Feng thinks this way!" "However ?" Lu Yuan glanced at Bai Changwu, who was still coughing, and said, "My son is the eldest son of Lu Family, and in the future, he will be taking over my Lu Family family's property. "Unless ?"

"Unless I give up my position for Second Brother to become the Patriarch, and have him take over Bai Family and Herb Mountain in the future, is that right?"

Bai Changwu covered his chest with an angry face.

"That's right. It just depends on whether or not Brother Bai can put down the position of Patriarch for the sake of the Bai Family." After Lu Yuan finished speaking, he immediately covered his mouth: "Aiya, I was wrong, this is your Bai Family, I did not say anything!"

Didn't say anything? He clearly wanted to say something!

Bai Changwu's face congealed, when Bai Ruhua suddenly stood out, she dropped to her knees:

"Uncle, the painting is a fifth stage Intermediate Level Dou Qi, although it is not a high level one, but no matter what, it is stronger than sister Shi Mai. The painting is willing to help Bai Family to marry into Lu Family, please grant it! Let me guard the Bai Family! "

"You don't need to protect the Bai Family!" Bai Ruyue stepped out at this moment: "I'm not dead yet!"

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