Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C10 If You Poke Me will You be Responsible?
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C10 If You Poke Me will You be Responsible?
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C10 If You Poke Me will You be Responsible?

This time, Fu Nuan did not miss the fear that flashed across Yao Shujia's eyes. She saw the tears that were about to flow out of Yao Shujia's eyes.

"I don't know. It was placed on my table. "

Yao Shujia gradually raised her head. Her delicate and fair face revealed an uneasy expression. She held Fu Nuan's hand and sobbed.

"Teacher, I'm so scared. "

Fu Nuan could feel the cold and trembling hands holding her. She felt even more pity for Yao Shujia in her heart. She eased her tone and comforted, "Don't be afraid. I will investigate this matter. When you go back, you also have to tell your family. Don't worry, I will definitely not let this kind of school violence happen. "

"Okay. "

Fu Nuan saw the girl in front of her nod slowly and reminded her again worriedly.

"You must be careful and stay with the other students as much as possible. "

"I understand. "

Yao Shujia endured the tears in her eyes and timidly looked at Fu Nuan before nodding her head in agreement.

Fu Nuan personally sent her back to the dormitory apartment building. Seeing that the back view was gradually disappearing, she clenched the threatening letter in her hand and returned to the office with a serious expression.

At this time, most of the teachers had not finished class. Fu Nuan could quietly sit down and think about how to deal with this matter.

She, who was deep in thought, even forgot the time to get off work.


The phone on the table vibrated and startled Fu Nuan. She stared at the line of messages on the screen, "Starting from today," and only after a while did she realize what it meant.

Fu Nuan picked up her phone and packed up her bag and unwillingly walked towards the parking lot with her backpack.

Along the way, she kept looking around like a thief, afraid that someone would see her.

When Fu Nuan arrived at the parking lot, she wished she could become invisible. She stood by the car and waited for Rong Yu to appear.

"Ms Fu, you haven't left yet?"

"Ah? I forgot to take my things. I will leave in a while. "

Fu Nuan gave a dry laugh to the teacher who greeted her. When all the teachers who were familiar with her had left, the only ones left were Fu Nuan and the lone Cayenne in front of her. It was emitting a special purple crystal light.

"Let's go. "

A series of footsteps sounded from behind Fu Nuan. She heard the sound and turned her head. Only then did she see the handsome figure of the man walking over in large strides.

She added in her heart: Fortunately, no one saw him. Fortunately, he knew to avoid arousing suspicion!

"Okay. "

At this point, Fu Nuan naturally obediently accepted this so-called "punishment. " She nodded, opened the car door, and sat in the driver's seat.

After seeing Rong Yu get in the car, she felt inexplicably nervous. Even her voice trembled a little.

"Chairman Rong, where do you live?"

Rong Yu slowly put on his seatbelt. He slowly turned his face to face the beautiful eyes staring at him. He slightly opened his mouth.

"Jingyuan, Block 1. "

Rong Yu was talking about the address of his private apartment, and Fu Nuan also knew about this place.

It was said that those who could live there were either rich or powerful people. In short, they were all elites.

Then, she searched the address on her phone and drove slowly.

There was a moment of silence in the car. Both of them did not speak, but Fu Nuan's heart was in a mess.

She thought about the sex the first time they met, and then she thought about the things that happened today. In short, her mind was in a mess.

After driving for about 20 minutes, Fu Nuan looked at the reminder on the GPS and parked the car at the entrance of the independent apartment.

She really did send him to his house.

The other women were all sent home by men. Why did she send the man home?

The car had already turned off. Fu Nuan let out a sigh of relief in her heart but saw that the man beside her did not move.

She looked carefully and saw that Rong Yu, who was leaning on the seat, seemed to have fallen asleep.

"Chairman Rong, you are home. "

Fu Nuan blinked and reminded him softly, but she thought, Could this person really have fallen asleep?"

At this moment, the surrounding sky had already completely darkened, and the lights in the car were also somewhat dim.

Fu Nuan stared fixedly at the side profile of the man in front of her. His face really did not have a single blemish. Her body could not help but slowly approach him. She stared at his closed eyes for a while before she plucked up the courage to raise her hand. . .

She poked his shoulder!

His shoulder was so hard. Why wasn't he awake yet?

She poked him again!

Before she could retract her index finger, Fu Nuan's wrist was grabbed by someone backhanded in the next moment. She was so scared that she immediately looked up. A unique male aura with a sense of oppression appeared.

Until Fu Nuan's entire body was pressed against the back of the chair, she held her breath. Her body was tightly pressed against the man's chest.

The soft body and the hard body were a perfect combination.

"If you poke again and make me excited, will you be responsible?"

Fu Nuan's charming voice seemed to be deliberately reminding her. At this moment, she was the one being suppressed.

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