Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C11 He Would Send a Fake Daughter to Replace Him
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C11 He Would Send a Fake Daughter to Replace Him
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C11 He Would Send a Fake Daughter to Replace Him

Fu Nuan was sweating all over because of Rong Yu's low and hoarse voice. A hot feeling rushed straight to her brain, and her clear eyes were filled with unknown moisture. Rong Yu narrowed his eyes, and his throat felt dry. He got closer and closer to Fu Nuan.

At this moment, Fu Nuan could feel Rong Yu's warm breath. It was pulling out every nerve in her body, making her feel dizzy in her brain. She did not know what to do.

Rong Yu's thin lips were far away from Fu Nuan's. Fu Nuan subconsciously closed her eyes, thinking that Rong Yu wanted to kiss her.

But in the next second, the weight on Fu Nuan's body and Rong Yu's unique aura disappeared together.

Rong Yu sneered. The door opened and closed, bringing with it a gust of cold wind. Fu Nuan came back to her senses.

Rong Yu, who had already gotten out of the car, had an evil smile on his face. He bent down and said to Fu Nuan through the window.

"Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock. If you are late again. . . "

Rong Yu's "threat" was self-evident. Fu Nuan only woke up from her shock after a long while. She looked at Rong Yu's handsome back from the rearview mirror in a daze and watched him walk away until he disappeared.

Why did Fu Nuan take on such a difficult task?

Fu Nuan rubbed her hair in annoyance and wiped the sweat on her forehead. She did not know why she was nervous just now.

After Fu Nuan's sweat was blown away by the cold wind, Fu Nuan closed the window and stepped on the accelerator to leave.

When Rong Yu returned to the apartment, he sat on the sofa and untied the button on his collar. He was still thinking about the scene just now. He could not stop laughing when he heard the phone on the table suddenly ring.

It was a call from Assistant Chen.

"What's the matter?"

"President Rong, I'm sorry to bother you. Manager Fu from the Yuancheng Company wanted to introduce his daughter to you. What do you think?"

" Daughter? "

The image of Fu Nuan's beautiful face appeared in Rong Yu's mind.

However, Assistant Chen explained again, "She seems to be Manager Fu's stepdaughter, not Manager Fu's biological daughter. "

Manager Fu wanted to give it to President Rong, so Assistant Chen naturally knew about Manager Fu's background.

When Rong Yu heard this, he narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly, thinking, Fu Zhao didn't want to give it to his biological daughter, so he sent a fake one to replace her.

"Is this the first time you've resolved such a matter?"

Assistant Chen could feel Rong Yu's dignity and coldness through the phone, so he quickly answered.

"Yes, I understand. "

Assistant Chen hung up the phone and was silent for a moment. He then cleared his voice and pressed another number.

Fu family, living room.

Lin Sirou sat beside her mother Lin Yung obediently. Lin Yung and Lin Sirou stared at Fu Zhao who was answering the phone.

"Manager Fu, please invite Miss Fu to see CEO Rong alone three days later. There will be a car to pick up Miss Fu. "

"Okay. I have troubled Assistant Chen. Thank you for your hard work. "

Fu Zhao listened to the reply on the phone and smiled coyly. He was very attentive. Fu Zhao waited until the other end hung up the phone before carefully putting down the phone. He looked at Lin Yung and Lin Sirou opposite him and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Finally, there is a good start. If we can really get into this relationship, then the company matters will be easy. "

Lin Yung and Lin Sirou saw how happy Fu Zhao was, but Lin Yung and Lin Sirou put on a fake smile to welcome him. Lin Yung and Lin Sirou gave each other a look.

Lin Sirou understood what her mother meant and immediately put on an obedient expression as she softly said, "Uncle Fu, since there is such a big progress in the matter. Then your wedding with my mother, as well as the matter of me changing the surname of the transfer. Shouldn't it be done earlier?"

Lin Sirou's following words added a bit of urgency and emphasis. Lin Sirou held her palm and waited for Fu Zhao's reply.

When Fu Zhao heard this, Fu Zhao frowned slightly. It was already not easy to get Fu Nuan to agree to the marriage. If Fu Zhao held the wedding grandly again, Fu Nuan would feel even worse in her heart.

"We are all old and we are getting married again. Let's not hold the wedding anymore. "

When Lin Yung heard this, Lin Yung's expression immediately became somewhat ugly. Lin Yung wanted to refute but was looked at by Lin Sirou. Lin Sirou silently reminded Lin Yung of their final goal.

"Then the matter of me transferring over and changing my surname should be done earlier, right? This way, I can go and meet CEO Rong as the daughter of Fu family. "

Fu Zhao paused for a moment. He thought that this matter really could not be delayed. Then, he nodded and agreed, "Let's do it tomorrow. "

Lin Sirou received an affirmative answer and felt relieved in her heart. Even the expression on Lin Yung's face eased up a little.

Lin Sirou and Lin Yung first officially entered the Fu family's main gate. In the future, would Lin Sirou and Lin Yung still be afraid of not being able to defeat Fu Nuan?

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