Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C12 Only a Guilty Person Would Hide.
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C12 Only a Guilty Person Would Hide.
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C12 Only a Guilty Person Would Hide.

The next day.

Fu Nuan had been thinking about picking him up for work the whole night and set up three alarm bells.

However, before the alarm clock woke her up, she had already turned over and over and was unable to sleep. She might as well get up early.

With two dark circles under her eyes, she dilly-dally along the way. When she appeared at the entrance of Jingyuan, she saw a tall and handsome figure outside the apartment.

Rong Yu stood a few steps away and watched the purple crystal car slowly stop in front of him. He raised his eyebrows and said, "You're quite punctual. "

She was very punctual.

"Of course I have to fulfill the superior's request. Didn't you say you wanted me to come at 8: 00?"

Fu Nuan laughed dryly and deliberately emphasized the word "on time at eight. " Fu Nuan looked at the man getting into the car and could not help but mutter in her heart.

Do I need to eat breakfast and chat with you?

From the corner of her eye, she saw that the man had put on his seatbelt and Fu Nuan forced herself not to pay attention to his hands that were too good-looking. She gripped the steering wheel under her palm and drove on.

However, the small movements on her hands were all seen by Rong Yu. She was clearly very nervous, but she pretended to be relaxed. He liked to see her like this.

It was another silent journey. Fu Nuan endured this "long" twenty minutes with great difficulty and stopped half a street away from Heron Gate.

"Chairman Rong, can you get off the car now?"

Fu Nuan guiltily glanced at the silent man beside her. The more she spoke, the more she unconsciously lowered her voice. In her heart, she looked down on her own lack of confidence.

"What do you mean?"

Hearing that, the man did not show any surprise. Instead, he calmly replied with a question.

But in Fu Nuan's heart, she thought, You still have the nerve to ask?

"If I drive the car in directly, this will create a bad influence, right?"

This time, she was a little more confident.

"What impact do you mean?"

Fu Nuan was speechless by this question and thought, Could it be that she was the only one with a guilty conscience? Why did he act as if nothing had happened?

At the end, she could not bear the awkward silence. She simply gritted her teeth and tried to be tough. She said a little bit, "From now on, get off the car from here and walk in. "

The last three words were said by Fu Nuan until she gritted her teeth.

The man's face turned cold and he sneered as he approached her. "You want me to walk?"

Fu Nuan shrank her head because of the heat by her ear. Her panicked eyes were wandering, but in her heart, she thought, Is your foot made of gold? What will happen if you take two steps?

However, she did not have the courage to say those words.

The atmosphere in the car was in a deadlock. It was not until Fu Nuan felt that her nose was sweating did she hear the man beside her laugh.

She subconsciously looked up and saw that the man's expression was full of mockery and his eyes were filled with unfathomable playfulness. He slowly cast a sidelong glance at her and met the woman's gaze.

He said, "Only those who feel guilty must hide. "

She bit her lips and was so depressed that she could not catch her breath.

"Why haven't you driven the car in yet?"

Fu Nuan heard the man beside her say indifferently. She thought, He really treated her like a driver and ordered her around?

Hence, five minutes later.

An explosive news quickly spread in Lu University.

A new professor with a handsome face and high academic qualifications actually came to work in Ms. Fu's car!

When Fu Nuan endured all kinds of gazes and returned to the office with difficulty, the surrounding discussions still did not stop.

Even Ann Zhu also saw her and immediately came over, laughing mockingly. "What is the matter between you and our director?"

Fu Nuan was stunned when she heard that, "director?"

"He looks very powerful. Could it be that he isn't a director?"

At the end, Ann Zhu's coquettish eyes made Fu Nuan speechless in her heart. She helplessly shook her head and said: "We met on the way. He just took a ride. He is director. I can't pretend I didn't see him, right?"

Ann Zhu was obviously not satisfied with such a boring answer. She wanted to ask something more, but the bell rang at this time.

Fu Nuan immediately gave her a look of stopping gossiping and carried the textbooks and teaching plans as she walked towards the teaching block.

In the literature class class, Fu Nuan began her routine roll call before class.

"Yao Shujia. "

Seeing that no one responded, she quickly looked up at the students sitting in the classroom. When Yao Shujia was mentioned, she thought of the threatening letter from last time.

She did not come today. Did something happen?

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