Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C14 Ceo Rong Likes This Kind of Wretched Style
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C14 Ceo Rong Likes This Kind of Wretched Style
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C14 Ceo Rong Likes This Kind of Wretched Style

The atmosphere at the dining table suddenly became awkward. The mother and daughter who were full of joy just now could not laugh anymore after hearing this.

Lin Yung's expression became even uglier. She looked at Fu Zhao in panic and then heard him say, "Let's eat first. "

Fu Zhao lightly patted his daughter's shoulder and said in a low voice.

"Nuan, don't worry. Auntie Lin is also thinking for you. "

Fu Nuan knew that today was her father's wedding day and she could only endure the bitterness in her heart and did not say anything else.

It was just that she did not have the appetite to eat this meal.

The mother and daughter of the Lin Family were officially staying in the Fu family. Lin Sirou also officially changed her name to Fu Sirou. When the servants of the Fu family saw her, they called her Second Miss Fu.

Three days later, Fu Sirou was picked up by the people Assistant Chen sent to pick her up at the appointed time and arrived outside the Hotel HC.

"Miss Fu, please come in. "

All of this seemed to have been arranged beforehand. Fu Sirou got out of the car and was brought to the presidential suite on the top floor by the waiter.

Although Fu Sirou was prepared, the first time she came, she was brought into the hotel. Furthermore, she had never seen that man before. It was rumored that he was a very disgusting old man. Fu Sirou felt uncomfortable all over.

"Is Miss Fu here?"

Just as she walked into the room, she heard a heavy voice. Fu Sirou endured the disgust in her heart and took a few steps forward. Only then did she see a middle-aged man sitting at the table by the window.

"President Rong?"

Even though the man's back was facing her, Fu Sirou looked at his round and thick body and was very unwilling.

"Miss Fu, hello. "

However, when Fu Sirou saw the face of the man who turned around and held the wine cup and gave her an evil smile, she was even more shocked.

She saw that his face was full of fat and there was a shocking scar on his face!

Fu Sirou could not look at him directly.

"Hello, President Rong. "

"Miss Fu, what are you standing there for? Come and sit. "

Fu Sirou's heart was already beating the drum to retreat but the man in front of her had already stood up and walked forward. His hand was actually hugging her shoulder and not letting go.

"Miss Fu, since you are here, let's have a drink first?"

Fu Sirou who was already frightened struggled to raise her head. Facing the greasy face that was about to approach her face, she immediately turned her head and pushed.

"No need, President Rong. "

"Your little hands are so tender. "

President Rong saw Fu Sirou break free from his embrace, so he took the opportunity to hold her hands and rub them continuously.

Fu Sirou felt the layers of trembling on her skin. She held back the feeling of wanting to vomit, and as she pulled back her hands, she squeezed out a forced smile.

"President Rong, I am not feeling well today. Sorry, then thank you for helping my father's company!"

Fu Sirou said and did not think much about it. She ran out of the hotel anxiously, as if there was an evil ghost chasing after her.

Assistant Chen, who was in the room next door, saw everything clearly through the surveillance camera. After he saw the woman leave the hotel in a hurry, Assistant Chen turned around with a face full of amusement. He saw "President Rong" push open the door and come in.

"Not bad, your acting skills are getting better and better. "

Assistant Chen patted the shoulder of "President Rong" in front of him and touched his chin. He blamed himself for being too young and handsome. Otherwise, he would have had the chance to do such a thing.

"Assistant Chen, don't joke with me. "

President Rong took out his black-rimmed glasses and put them on, smiling honestly. Obviously, he was just pretending to be disgusting and greasy.

He was indeed not President Rong. He was President Rong's driver, Uncle Lee.

Obviously, it was not the first time something like that had happened.

"But, did I act too vulgar just now?"

Uncle Lee felt guilty for tarnishing his boss's image. However, Assistant Chen waved his hand and said, "No, President Rong likes this kind of vulgar style. "

Last time, he scared away those women with a fierce style. This time, he was more suitable to use a vulgar style.

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