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C15 He Needed a Wife

Late at night, in the Fu family.

Fu Zhao had just returned, and he couldn't wait to ask Fu Sirou about today's situation. He was even more looking forward to her good news.

Seeing this, Fu Sirou twisted uneasily on the sofa and forcefully squeezed out a smiling face.

"President Rong should be quite satisfied with me. I have already performed well. I think President Rong will make an exception. "

After saying that, Fu Sirou looked at Fu Zhao. Seeing that he was relieved, she secretly gave Lin Yung a look.

"That's good. This way, the company can be saved. "

After saying that, Fu Zhao got up and went to the study room.

Fu Sirou saw this and pulled her mother upstairs to the bedroom.

Lin Yung looked at her daughter like this and immediately felt uneasy. The moment she entered, she asked, "What happened between you and President Rong?"

"What else can we do? He makes me very sick!"

Fu Sirou could finally speak the truth in front of her mother.

When Lin Yung heard this, her expression changed drastically. She looked at her daughter's painful expression and could only clench her teeth and comfort her, "But wasn't this what you had to agree to before? Even if it's disgusting, you still have to endure it. "

"How can I endure it? You don't even know how ugly that man is? He keeps touching my hand, I'm going to throw up! "

Fu Sirou loudly retorted and glared at Lin Yung hatefully. It was as if the person in front of her was not her mother.

"Then what do you mean by this?"

"What do I mean?"

A cold smile appeared on Fu Sirou's lips before she restrained her violent temper, "Anyway, I will not give my body to that kind of person. "

"You want to go back on your word?"

Lin Yung had already understood the meaning of her daughter's words and she hurriedly asked, feeling very uneasy.

"Now that you and Uncle Fu have gotten the certificate, I have also changed my surname. He will not divorce you just because I have gone back on my word. You are still carrying Uncle Fu's child. If you give birth to a son, do we still need to be wary of others?"

Lin Yung naturally knew Fu Sirou's words better than anyone else.

But right now, Fu Zhao's company's crisis was the top priority. If Fu family went bankrupt, then whatever she did would be useless!

"Alright. You've said so much. You just want to go back on your word. How should I explain to Fu Zhao?"

" Mom, you're wrong. "

Fu Sirou seemed to have already made up her mind and said with certainty. "President Rong wants Miss Fu. Am I the only Miss Fu in this family? Fu Nuan is also Miss Fu. "

When she finished speaking, Fu Sirou's eyes were filled with scheming. If she pushed Fu Nuan to that disgusting President Rong's side to be his mistress, it would be a good thing for both her and her mother.

At the same time, in Jingyuan apartment.

Rong Yu was in the study reviewing the company documents sent by Assistant Chen. His ears were listening to the reports of his assistants regarding recent company matters.

Finally, the man thought of something and smiled. He asked, "Has the matter with Yuancheng Company been resolved?"

Hearing that, Assistant Chen replied, "Today, Miss Fu and 'you' have been arranged to meet. "

"What happened in the end?"

"Of course, the result was the same as usual," Assistant Chen said.

Assistant Chen did not know what other answer President Rong could expect from him. He looked up at President Rong and waited for his next instruction.

Rong Yu's eyes were filled with playfulness. His slender fingers on the armrest of the chair tapped lightly. He smiled and raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

Assistant Chen was stunned for a moment and then answered honestly, "She is like other women. She did not show any change on the surface. She must have regretted it in her heart. "

Hearing this, The man's face had a few more traces of ridicule. He thought of something and laughed.

"If that's the case, you can go and tell Manager Fu. I don't lack women, I only need a wife. "

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