Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C17 Professor Rong Please Behave Yourself
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C17 Professor Rong Please Behave Yourself
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C17 Professor Rong Please Behave Yourself

Rong Yu's words were still lingering in her ears. Fu Nuan only felt an indescribable sense of suffocation assaulting her, making the position of her left heart beat continuously.

In the next second, under her trembling and downcast eyes, she saw Rong Yu's lips raise into a beautiful arc, and his lower jaw slowly approached.

She could even see Rong Yu's Adam's apple moving. That invisible temptation made her entire body go soft, but reason told her that she could not!

"Please control yourself!"

Fu Nuan suddenly raised her hand and pushed, trying to pull a safe distance away from the man in front of her as much as possible. She quickly wanted to push open the door behind her and take the opportunity to slip away.

But she was still a step too late. Before she could push open the door, her hand was already controlled by Rong Yu. Rong Yu approached her and trapped her in this small world.

Rong Yu still had a soft smile on his face. His voice was hoarse. "Control?"

Rong Yu looked at the blushing woman in his arms and the smile on his lips deepened.

Fu Nuan, on the other hand, was full of grief.

Rong Yu was still a professor? He was simply a beast in sheep's clothing!

Fu Nuan did not care how red her face was at this moment. She just straightened her neck and said righteously, "Let me remind you again. That night was just an accident. It has already passed. We are both adult men and women, there is no need to entangle with each other! From now on, there's only a working relationship between you and me!"

Fu Nuan said each word clearly through gritted teeth. However, Rong Yu, who had been pressing on her, did not think much of it. He listened calmly and did not stop smiling.

"Do you think you can still cut off your relationship with me?"

When she heard this, Fu Nuan's eyes widened even more. She completely did not understand what he was saying. She only touched the door handle in a panic. She was stimulated by that moment of coldness and rushed out without thinking.

Fu Nuan did not even turn her head. She did not even dare to take another look at that tall figure that she could not get rid of. She was afraid that she would be seduced by the "male color" and become delirious.

On the way back, Fu Nuan could not help but increase the speed of the car. After letting the cold wind blow her until her entire body trembled, she finally regained some consciousness.

On the other side, in the Fu family.

Lin Yung and Fu Sirou were accompanying Fu Zhao at the dining table for dinner when Fu Zhao suddenly received a call from Assistant Chen. He thought that there must be some news from President Rong. He quickly got up and went to the study to answer the call.

Fu Sirou, who was at the table, was very nervous. She wondered if it was because she left in a hurry the last time and made President Rong unhappy. Was this phone call to complain about her? What about the company?

Fu Sirou subconsciously looked at her mother beside her and wanted to ask her mother to put in some good words for her later, but she saw Fu Zhao come out of the study with a shocked face.


Fu Sirou was scared stiff when she heard Fu Zhao call her. Even the corners of her mouth could not help but tremble. She quickly sorted out the words that she had thought of earlier in her heart.

Before she could say anything, Fu Zhao said with a joyful tone, "I didn't expect President Rong to be so satisfied with your performance. He actually said that he wants to marry the daughter of Fu family!"

Marry the daughter of Fu family?

Fu Sirou's face instantly stiffened. Even Lin Yung, who was beside her, couldn't believe it. They looked at each other silently but could not say a word.

And Fu Zhao was obviously shocked by this "good news. " He was full of joy.

"I really did not expect that I only wanted to build a relationship, but now it has become a marriage alliance! If this matter is successful, then the company will not only be able to overcome the current crisis. In the future, we will even have the backing of Rong Group, this is great! "

Lin Yung echoed and squeezed out a smile. If her daughter could marry the president of the Rong Group, then she would be able to live a life of luxury and wealth in the future. It was a good thing.

However, when Lin Yung thought about what Sirou said, the president of the Rong's was a fierce looking old man.

Fu Sirou was stunned. After a long while, she unconsciously clenched her fists. She gritted her teeth and endured the overwhelming disgust in her heart.

No, she absolutely can't marry such a man!

What they wanted was the daughter of the Fu family. She wasn't Fu Zhao's biological daughter. She shouldn't be allowed to do such a thing!

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