Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C18 I Don't Want to Marry Director Rong
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C18 I Don't Want to Marry Director Rong
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C18 I Don't Want to Marry Director Rong

On Monday, Fu Nuan was about to go to class when she passed by the field and walked to the school building. She inadvertently glanced at the students who were having club activities on the school field. She saw that in front of a row of targets, there were three to five boys practicing archery.

At first, she was just casually looking, but in the next moment, she noticed something. She suddenly frowned, her eyes staring at the red color on the side of the field, and immediately stopped in her tracks.

What was that?

Fu Nuan's heart was filled with doubt and she unconsciously stepped forward and walked closer to take a closer look at the "red thing" on the ground.

Only then did she realize that it was an injured sparrow. There were still a few drops of blood around it. The wing of the sparrow seemed to have been pierced by something and it looked like it was on the verge of death.

She looked at the boys who were practicing shooting. Could it be that they shot this sparrow?

"Why is there a sparrow here?"

After Fu Nuan finished speaking, the surrounding men put down the things in their hands. They looked at each other and for a moment, no one responded.

The sudden silence made Fu Nuan frown. She looked at these boys. She noticed that one of the boys in a black checkered shirt was staring at her with a strange look.

Without waiting for Fu Nuan to ask anything, the organizer of the club went forward and explained, "Teacher, we are from the school shooting club. We are carrying out club activities. This sparrow fell from the tree just now and was injured. We wanted to put it here and send it to the infirmary to be bandaged later. "

After hearing what the club leader said, Fu Nuan slowly nodded her head. But in her heart, she did not think that the sparrow's wound was a fall injury.

Her eyes were still filled with doubt as she glanced at the few students in front of her.

She saw that the boy in the black plaid shirt had a gloomy expression. He suddenly went forward and picked up the sparrow on the ground, turned around and left without a care for her at all. She even felt a trace of inexplicable coldness coming from that boy.


Fu Nuan saw this scene and was about to ask again when she was interrupted by the loud ringing of the class bell.

The few club members saw this and quickly said that they were rushing to class, so they took the books on the field and ran.

Fu Nuan saw that everyone had left and remembered that she also had to rush to class, so she did not care about anything else and just turned around and walked straight towards the teaching building.

However, the black plaid shirt boy suddenly turned his head around. His eyes carried a gloomy coldness as he stared at the woman who was walking away quickly from him. The sparrow in his hand could no longer move, and there was a drop of dark red blood by his feet.

Even in the evening, Fu Nuan was still thinking about this matter after she got off work. It was probably because she thought too much. It was just a club. They were just carrying out club activities. She threw this matter to the back of her mind. When she drove back from the Lu University, the sky was already dark.

When she was about to reach the entrance of the apartment complex, a figure rushed out and was almost knocked over by her.

The ear piercing sound of the brakes rang. Fu Nuan stopped the car and was still in shock.

She almost hit that person just now.

"Sister, help me, I beg you!"

Unexpectedly, the person who jumped onto the window glass was Fu Sirou, who had tears all over her face.

"What are you doing?"

Fu Sirou suddenly stopped her car and suddenly begged her. She was really different every day.

Fu Nuan rolled down the window and looked at Fu Sirou. When she saw that Fu Sirou was still intact, Fu Nuan scolded coldly. "Move aside. "

Fu Nuan was very disgusted with Fu Sirou. She would not treat her as a younger sister just because she changed her surname. Fu Nuan did not forget what Fu Sirou had done before.

But Fu Sirou was lying by the window and refused to leave.

"Sister, I beg you, I cannot marry President Rong, I really cannot marry him!"

Fu Sirou was crying the whole time and her words made Fu Nuan confused.

"Who do you want to marry?"

President Rong, was he the CEO of the Rong Group that her father wanted to build a relationship with?

"It's President Rong. Uncle Fu wants me to marry him. But elder sister, what President Rong wants is the daughter of the Fu family. I'm not Uncle Fu's biological daughter. I can't marry him. "

Fu Sirou bit her lips and tightly held her lower abdomen with both hands. She looked at Fu Nuan with a panicked expression and spoke clearly.

"Elder sister, I am pregnant. It is Jiang Yucheng's child. "

When she finished speaking, Fu Nuan's body stiffened. She was indeed shocked by this news.


Fu Nuan's mind was still a little confused. She subconsciously made a sound and her heart sank. Her eyes also darkened.

"I already have a child, but Uncle Fu married me to President Rong. I know Uncle Fu wants me to replace you, but if I really marry him and President Rong finds out that our family colluded to deceive him, then the situation will be even worse. "

Fu Sirou said, pretending to be pitiful as she squeezed out two drops of tears and said, "Uncle Fu still doesn't know about my pregnancy, because I don't dare to tell him. Sister, I know it was my fault before, but I beg you to help me this time. I can't abandon this child!"

As she spoke, she directly knelt in front of Fu Nuan.

Fu Nuan's pupils suddenly trembled as she sat in the car. She never would have thought that Fu Sirou would lower herself to beg her.

But how could she help her?

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