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Fu Nuan entered the room with complex emotions. She sat on the sofa and thought about what had just happened. She carefully sorted out Fu Sirou's words before she picked up her phone and called Fu Zhao.

"Dad. "

"What's wrong with you?"

Fu Nuan could vaguely hear the relaxed tone in her father's voice. She deliberated and opened her mouth to ask, "It's nothing. Didn't you say earlier that the company was facing difficulties? How's the situation now? "

"It's already resolved. President Rong was very satisfied with Sirou. He also said that he wanted to marry Sirou. "

As Fu Zhao spoke, his tone became higher and higher. " I am relieved. As long as I can protect the family's property, it is worthy of the painstaking efforts I and your grandfather made in the past. . . "

Fu Nuan's heart felt sour and bitter when she heard this. When her grandfather was still alive, the Fu's Group was a company that he and her father founded. This was the painstaking effort of their entire lives. Since there was a way to solve the crisis now, she could not give up easily.

Gradually, Fu Nuan's brows knitted tightly and her heart became even more uneasy. She still interrupted her father's words and continued to ask word by word.

"Father, are you sure Rong always said that she wants to marry Fu Sirou? Or is he going to marry the daughter of Fu family as his wife?"

Fu Zhao, who was on the other side of the phone, was interrupted. After hearing this question, he was stunned for a moment before he remembered Assistant Chen's message. After a few seconds, he explained disapprovingly, "President Rong said that he wants the daughter of Fu family, but Sirou is also the daughter of Fu family now. Moreover, the person President Rong met was her. "

Of course, Fu Zhao did not want his own daughter to be sent to "suffer. " In Bei City, everyone knew that the CEO of Rong Group had a bad temper. Because of this, he couldn't let Fu Nuan suffer.

However, Fu Nuan, who was holding her phone, felt uneasy.

The daughter of the Fu family.

These words were clearly referring to the daughter of the Fu family. Fu Sirou was not the daughter of the Fu family, but her father was actually "deceiving" him.

Fu Nuan's thoughts were constantly rolling in her heart, but she did not want her father to think too much. She only faintly replied: "I know, father. "

After hanging up the phone, she leaned against the sofa and thought about the cause and effect of the matter.

No matter how much she hated Fu Sirou, in the end, the child in her womb was innocent.

No matter what, it was a fresh life that had not been born. No one had the right to kill it.

Moreover, the CEO of Rong Group was not an ordinary person. Others said that he was ugly and cruel. But if he did not have good observation skills, how could he become a leading figure in the business world?

If President Rong found out the truth of the matter in the future and found out that her father lied to him, the Fu family would be the one to suffer in the end.

That night, Fu Nuan was tossing and turning for the sake of this matter. A few days of bad sleep had made her look a little more haggard.

The next day, the morning meeting in the office was carried out as usual. Because of the previous groupings, Fu Nuan sat beside Rong Yu.

But at this moment, her entire body was weak and her mind was in a mess, so she did not know the content of the meeting at all.

She didn't notice that the man beside her would occasionally look at her with a profound gaze.

"Today's meeting ends here. Teachers, please continue to work hard for the next half of the month. "

Rong Yu did not smile. After saying this in a deep voice, the teachers on the conference table all stood up and wanted to leave the conference room.

Fu Nuan, who was half a beat slower, heard the sound of the tables and chairs around her. She forced herself to stand up on the table.

However, that feeling of powerlessness hit her again. Fu Nuan's slanted body had already fallen to the side. Ann Zhu who was the closest to her subconsciously wanted to reach out to help her but she was a step too late. She watched helplessly as Fu Nuan fell into Prof. Rong's embrace.

"Ms. Fu, are you not feeling well?"

Prof. Rong's low and hoarse voice brushed past her chaotic nerves. Fu Nuan's forehead was still covered in sweat. His voice was unusually clear and she could even feel the unique aura of a man when he was close to her. He subtly moved her heartstrings.

Fu Nuan subconsciously wanted to avoid this hug that made her feel very uncomfortable. She lifted her eyes and looked at the man's deep and bottomless black eyes.

The teachers who had yet to walk out of the meeting room saw this scene and had different expressions on their faces.

Chairman Rong and Ms. Fu.

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