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C2 To my house?

Fu Nuan sent it in front of Lin Sirou.

Lin Sirou's expression instantly changed, "Fu Nuan! You can't do that! You are too despicable! Why should the matter between you and me involve my mother?"

Fu Nuan's expression was somewhat mocking when she heard this. "Why should I? As it pleases me. Lin Sirou, I hope that Jiang Yucheng will love you longer after you are no longer the daughter of the Fu family."

On the way back, Fu Nuan drove the car around for a long time. Her tears had long dried up. She found her phone, then told her best friend Chen Yinyin everything about Jiang Yucheng and Lin Sirou.

Chen Yinyin had a bad temper and she was very angry when she heard it. "Is Jiang Yucheng always pretending? Did he graduate from the Central Acting Academy? And is there something wrong with his eyes? How can that Lin Sirou be compared to you?"

" In men's eyes, there are only women who take off their clothes and don't take off their clothes. Didn't Jiang Yucheng also like that kind of beautiful woman? "

"Fu Nuan, aren't you pretty enough? When you were pure, Jiang Yucheng liked you very much. If you wanted to be sexy, it would not be Jiang Yucheng's turn!"

Chen Yinyin's words were not exaggerated at all.

Fu Nuan was indeed beautiful. She had been taught strictly since she was young and she had always been labeled as a goddess. In the Heron University where she worked, the people who chased after her could line up to the school gate.

At some point in time, the sky started to drizzle, and Fu Nuan's vision became blurry.

Suddenly, a child ran out from the front. When Fu Nuan saw him clearly, he was already very close. Her chest tightened and she suddenly stepped on the brake. At this moment, a blurry figure jumped out and Fu Nuan stopped the car. She was very nervous. When she opened the car door, she saw a man in a shirt fall to the side of the road. He was still holding the child who was obviously scared.

"Sorry, I didn't see the person on the road clearly. How are you?"

The man's body was covered in mud. He frowned slightly and looked at the child in front of him with a profound gaze before looking at the woman beside him.

"Did you only apologize after what happened?"

"I didn't know you before this. Anyway, get up first. The ground is dirty. "

Fu Nuan made an awkward joke and leaned over to help the man up.

When she saw the man's face clearly, Fu Nuan was stunned for a moment.

The man's facial features were exquisite. His nose bridge was high and his thin lips were slightly pursed. The broken hair on his forehead was wet by the rain, and he looked a little embarrassed.

"I want my mother. "

The child seemed to be scared and started to cry. At this time, a middle-aged woman ran over from not far away. The child cried and pounced over. Fu Nuan apologized again. That mother probably saw that Fu Nuan was also frightened and did not blame her too much. That mother expressed her thanks to the man before leaving with the child.

"You are bleeding. Shall I take you to the hospital?" Fu Nuan saw that the man was injured and felt a little annoyed.

The man looked down at the mud on his body and did not say anything, but his brows were slightly locked.

Fu Nuan hesitated for a moment and said, "Shall we go to the nearby hospital to take a look?"

"I don't like hospitals. "

"Where do you live? I'll take you home."

"I don't have a home. "

"Where's your phone? Or do you have relatives and friends?"

"I don't have any relatives. "

"No relatives? Did you jump out of a stone crack?" Fu Nuan was speechless for a moment.

Hearing this, the man squinted his eyes and looked at Fu Nuan and said, "I don't know what it is that makes you grow up to believe that someone jumped out of a rock. "

Fu Nuan suppressed the urge to turn around and leave, "Sir, I just want to make it up to you. You might get infected by the rain like this. And I will pay for your clothes. "

" My clothes are very expensive. "

" Mine is not cheap either. " Fu Nuan frowned. She realized that although this person looked good, his words were very harsh. "Besides, other than keeping your clothes warm, it also covers your body. It is better to not wear clothes when they are wet. "

"Do you want to see me run naked?"

Fu Nuan stared at that person's smiling face and thought to herself that she also know how to play rogue, "Then you run naked. "

"Not here. "

"Go to my house?"

"I think so. "

The man smiled. Even if it was just a faint smile, it was still extremely beautiful on this peerlessly handsome face. Fu Nuan admitted that in that moment, she seemed to fall in love with him. She was very fascinated and wanted to indulge herself.

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